Top Ten Greek Gods With the Best Powers

The Top Ten
1 Poseidon

Poseidon not only has control over the waves of the ocean but also over storms and earthquakes. He is the Earth Shaker, King of the Sea, and God of the Ocean. He is the father of Percy, the greatest demigod of all time.

No one is better than Poseidon in the Greek god world!

His name means the earth shaker. He can create earthquakes. I'm not sure why the Greeks gave him that power. Not sure what it has to do with the ocean.

He controls a vast area of the world, not to mention his other abilities.

2 Hades

My favorite god. Compared to the other gods, he is the only one who does not mess with mortal lives and is the only married god who is loyal to his spouse. Hades has the power to make people fear him so much that they lose their sanity.

He controls the riches that basically run our world. He controls the dead and anything or anyone living in his domain. I'm pretty sure he controls the earth as well, and many more things.

The other gods could kill you, but Hades can doom you for eternity. He controls where you go and can send monsters after you!

3 Zeus

The god I like the most is definitely Hades. The powers I want most? Zeus. He pretty much has the whole doomsday explosion down pat, plus he has more charm than every politician combined, if his list of consorts is anything to go by.

The only reason Poseidon is number one on every god list is because of Percy Jackson. Zeus could wipe out humanity and destroy the world.

If you had a master bolt and saw someone you didn't like? Bye-bye!

Lightning is awesome, need I say more? Not just as a thing, but also as a Metallica album, Ride the Lightning.

4 Athena

Clever and creative, she can destroy anyone with her brain. She's my favorite goddess because she's the wisest. However, she is arrogant.

She's a total badass whose intelligence could kill you on the spot.

She is so awesome, and she loves owls! Also, she never got married!

5 Apollo

God of music and the sun. Music is awesome, but with the sun, you could make it summer all year long, aside from Demeter getting in the way.

Music and the sun are so cool, especially the music part. I love music.

6 Artemis

Artemis is like Katniss Everdeen. She is the goddess of archery and the moon, much better than the sun.

This woman can turn into animals, so yeah, enough said. The moon is also super cool.

7 Ares

Ares can ruin you in a war and mess up your swing no matter what. He is the god of war and decides who wins.

Strength and power. The ability to win any war is the best.

8 Hermes

God of a lot of things, Hermes is the messenger god and anything that travels, basically.

9 Hephaestus

Fire, one of the most dangerous elements on earth. Not to mention that all the weapons wielded by the gods are created by him, which is beyond amazing.

10 Aphrodite

Love goddess. She may not seem too powerful, but love can control people a lot. For example, if your loved one was captured, you might go to great lengths to save them.

The Contenders
11 Hera

The strongest one compared to the other goddesses. No matter how much pain and betrayal her husband causes through his infidelities, she has always remained strong and graceful.

She protects families, marriages, and much more. She is also the Queen of the gods and goddesses.

She is awesome, my favorite goddess. She keeps family bonds strong. Who wouldn't want her power?

12 Demetre

Greek mythology says she makes the seasons based on her daughter's visits, so she can control the weather. She can also control what grows.

13 Hecate
14 Nike
15 Dionysus
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