Top Ten Weirdest Times and Places to Start Laughing Hysterically

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1 At a funeral

This would probably happen to me. I start laughing at the most random times. I would think of the most random thing and start laughing and wheezing

Sometimes if a person who is suffering really hard and old... Then dies then its not bad to smile a bit as that man has at last cured from it... And yeah many make last wishes like not having anyone crying... (I'm gonna tell this same when time comes)

It is a moment of sadness and if someone laughs it really looks likes its making jokes about it.

Its like your making fun of the person who died.

2 While your teacher is yelling at you

Me and my friends were caught bunking our classes and were taken to headmasters office. My head was bowed down most of the time, but after some time I looked at my friend and saw that he was smiling, that was the trigger and I burst into laughter. I was nearly expelled from the school but one of my teachers saved me. It was so bad that even when I was kicked out of the headmasters office I was laughing.

Happens all the time with kids. I saw this one video. It went:
Teacher: Anyone with goo sense outta be threatened, worried of a stranger, okay?
Kid: *replies*
But maybe YOU don't have good sense, because you're sittin' here arguin' with me, and you're makin' me mad... and I'm gonna send you to the office if you don't SHUT UP!
Kid: straight up dies
Teacher: THAT does it!

I relate to this on a personal level. Once my teacher yelled at my friend and I, and for the rest of the day we couldn't look at each other without crying laughing.

I did, then I said something really stupid: what did I do?

3 In hospital

I started to laugh once in a hospital but that was because they had giving me some morphine and I was in a intense state of euphoria. The doctors and nurses knew that this was normal and treated me very kindly. I was certainly not kicked out.

Getting drugs while having to deal with something you're nervous about would be AWESOME!

There are chances that you'll get kicked out.

4 Library

Well if you find a funny book... No harm laughing

What a funny book!

5 In church

This happens to me all the time, but I try and hold it in, because I wanted to pay attention, but it was so hard, because I literally laugh over almost anything. Some little kid this one day was scream-singing This Little Light Of Mine, and our row almost completely LOST it. The choir went: I won't let no one put it out and the kid goes NO! Very loudly. I nearly lost it. And the funniest thing is, no one really knows who did it either.

Ummm cousin. Dave & I who often giggled uncontrolably had a hard time with this. Once, after calming ourselves, an odd voice from an elderly man set off a burst from us at communion while kneeling directly in front of the catholic priest, who then loudly scolded us, shaking the stained glass, and embarrassing us and my parents as well... "Sorry, Father"... And Father, and father and mother... and all...

If I laughed sometime at church, all those old women were gonna jump on me, telling me that I was disrespecting Jesus, and it could hurt so that's a reason I'll never do it.

Well it's fine of the preacher says something funny that was meant to laugh at but also can relate to the sermon. Happens at my church all the time.

6 While your boss is firing you

First of all, it's your employer and not your "boss". Second, it's only a job (even if it's important). It's not the only existing job in the world! There are other jobs and even better than the one you lost (it always is). Why would you cry if in reality you get a chance or a opportunity to look for a better job? Even if he's firing you unfairly or for a wrong reason (it would make YOU angry) you should be laughing at him (show him that you have dignity and that you really don't care without saying it).

This is only going to make your boss even angrier.

7 In a school assembly

Oh that's obvious..

8 In a school test

What should I do?! It's hard to control

9 In the middle of nowhere

This is my problem. I'm a bit bipolar and it's so weird. I start laughing out of nowhere and my laugh is super ugly.

I always do that

10 When you're walking on stairs

Ha ha! Just picture it in your brain and it's actually too weird!

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11 In the houses of parliament

You can see in Pickles' face that he's holding it in.

12 Right now
13 While watching a gory movie

These movies don't even come close to scaring me... laughter is my only reaction to these and I have a bizarre, disturbing, evil psycho laugh. And on top of that, my laughing only makes me laugh harder. Trying to stop, forget about it! I'll end up losing it and blowing raspberries and probably spit unintentionally.

14 When someone is crying or telling you something very sad
15 At the dentist

This would be pretty hard to do, considering people are poking tools in your mouth.

Sometimes they give you laughing gas as an anasthesic. So, why not?

16 During a police interrogation

It's no laughing matter, you're gonna go to court!

17 In the toilet

Someone might open the door to make sure you're okay.

18 At a concert
19 While you're getting robbed
20 When you are next to your arguing parents
21 While dying
22 When lifting at the gym
23 While listening to Kim by Eminem

Haha, this song is hilarious!

24 At a party

This is actually normal

25 At McDonald's

I'd laugh at all that fat people there, since this is American food after all.

Some of the stuff there is a joke, meaning it's not real food.

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