Top 10 Worst Times to Have a School Lockdown

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1 When using the bathroom

This was the reason why I never used the bathroom during class time. When I did, I made sure to return to class as quickly as possible.

Yes, that happened to me, and let me tell you, people came in to help me.

This never happened to me. It would suck if I was in this situation.

2 At hometime

This actually happened to me. It was during freshman year at high school. It only lasted 30 minutes, and it wasn't a severe lockdown. We just stayed in the class and had conversations. The threat was near us, but not in the school.

This would stink... getting extra school.

Once we did when a guy came in with a gun. He never shot anyone, luckily.

3 At lunch

Once we did. Our principal still let us have lunch when it was over.

That would suck if it happened at lunch. Then you would have to hide somewhere.

4 During recess

I had a real lockdown at recess time once. We were outside, and we had to go somewhere safe.

5 During an assembly

I had a lockdown during an assembly when some gunman came inside the school.

6 During break time

Once in high school, we had a real lockdown at break time. It was scary.

That would suck. Then you would have to stop doing your free time.

7 At class change time

In this situation, you would run to your next class or to the nearest teacher for help.

8 During a movie

Wouldn't you just close the door and continue watching the movie?

9 In the morning before school
10 When in the computer lab
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11 During a fire alarm

I would hate for this to happen to me. But, this never happened to me.

12 During your favorite class

That would suck to have a lockdown during photography class or something.

13 When you are in the hallways

Imagine that you're doing this when suddenly, a lockdown happens. There would be barely, if not any, place to go as the classes are mostly locked and you're in the hallways with a dangerous person who's here for who knows what. Now THAT'S terrifying.

I would not like this situation. I don't like to join classes I don't have or classes where I don't know anyone.

14 While in shop class

In grade 9, I would have had to hide in an uncomfortable place if I had a lockdown in shop class.

15 While in foods class
16 When you are in the field and don't hear the alarm

The football field is away from the building usually, so I wonder what they'd do? I guess leave campus to a secure spot pre-planned?

17 When you are having a good day

A lockdown would definitely ruin my good day.

18 At lesson time

That would be the worst to have a lockdown at lesson time. That would suck.

19 At dismissal
20 When you arrive at school in the morning
21 During P. E.
22 At club time
23 When you have to use the bathroom
24 When leaving school on a Friday
25 During math class
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