Top 10 Worst LGBT Stereotypes

As a member of the LGBT community, I'd like to confirm that these stereotypes are dumb and pointless. I've seen them online and heard them on the street and oop-
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1 Transgender people are predators

Just because one transgender is a child predator that doesn't mean all of them are. I don't even think that person's transgender. Probably just an act just to see underage girls in the bathroom.

It's an awful and untrue stereotype as well as unfair to all the good transgender people I know

2 Gay men are feminine

In some cases it is true (I.e. Jeffree Star and especially James Charles, who I hate). I usually imagine men who happen to be gay to be more masculine that some straight people.

Honestly, I thought this when I was a little girl. Forgive me.

Not always the case. A lot of gays are masculine too.

3 Asexuals are childish

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm ace and I'm pretty mature for my age. I really don't like the stereotype that Aces are being "childish". Being told "you're too childish" as an Ace is really hurtful because we grow up under the assumption that there's something wrong with us (and of course, there isn't) or that we're just late bloomers because, according to society, everyone should feel sexual attraction right? No. It is hard to come to terms with being Ace because how can we understand not feeling sexual attraction when we don't know what it feels like in the first place? We're not being childish. And some of us are old people too

I used to think this too but it's not really the case. Some people just don't feel sexual attraction to others.

Some people just don't feel sexual attraction to others, that's how it is. It's childish to think anything else

I call bull on this stereotype.
I'm a proud ace and I don't consider myself childish.

4 Lesbians cut their hair short

I dress look and dress up like a stereotypical lesbian (short hair, flannel, suits over dresses at formal events) but I am heterosexual.

That applies to me, my hair is short. But it doesn't have anything to do with me being les.

Some keep it long.

This is ridiculous, having short hair doesn't have anything to do with being lesbian

5 Bisexuals are sluts

That's so rude. Just because someone likes both genders doesn't mean they're a slut. I'm bisexual myself and confirm it's false.

That's... I don't know what to say.

Where did this come from?

6 Aromantics are pimps

Basically, aromantic is feeling little to no romantic attraction but can feel sexual attraction. Some people are just not capable of romantic feelings. No need to put em down for it.

I'm aromantic as well as asexual. I know a bit about what pimps are and I (and possibly other aro's) aren't pimps.

7 Polyromantics are cheaters

False. A polyromantic relationship is consented through all partners.

8 Transgender people flash their privates in public

Whoever came up with this...

9 The community shoves LGBT down straight people's throats

Not everyone does this. Only a few self entitled morons. Once again, a small amount in a community doesn't determine an entire community.

More than a few and they make sure they ram their views down people's throats via the media et al.

A few bad apples in the community or most communities in general don't rot up the entire orchard

Well, homophobes shove their beliefs down LGBT people's throats

10 Bisexuals are cheaters

I've never understood the logic behind this. How in the world does being attracted to more people = being more likely to cheat?

In all honesty, this has got to be one of the most ignorant and biased LGBT stereotypes I've ever heard.

Liking both genders =/ cheating on your partner.

I would never cheat

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11 Gay people are pedophiles

You know, cause when a guy has a crush on another guy, it logically follows that he is a pedophile. (this is sarcasm)

Huh? People actually think this?

Most of them aren't

12 Asexuals are straight people looking for attention

I never understand why people call Aces "straight". Straight literally means someone who is heterosexual heteromantic. Straight people are Allosexual. Aces are literally the opposite of Allo. Aces are not straight (but some of them are heteromantic. Still doesn't mean they're straight)

13 Pansexuals are sluts
14 Bisexuals are confused

No we are not. We don't have to "PiCk A sIdE! 1! " We are still bi no matter what gender our partner is.

15 Non-binary people are just boys or girls

Like what? The entire point on "nonbinary" is that their gender identity is neither boy nor girl. Just as there are intersex people who in terms of biological sex are neither 100% biologically male nor 100% biologically female, there are also people who in terms of gender identity are neither 100% identify as a boy nor 100% identify as a girl their gender identity is either somewhere in between or none at all.

16 Demisexuals haven't met the right person

I'm demisexual (a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone) and I hate it.

17 Lesbians are not feminine
18 Transgender become transgender for a fetish
19 Gay men wear makeup

False. It's just preference. I know plenty of gay men. Some wear makeup, some don't.

20 Gay men dress like girls
21 Lesbians dress like boys
22 Pansexuals are cheaters
23 Non-binary people are difficult
24 Asexuals are virgins
25 Trans women are just gay men
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