Top 10 Things that Cause Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a condition where there's confusion between perceived motion & the body's sense of motion. The effects are usually nausea, dizziness, vomiting & headaches. Many triggers are from vehicles & amusement/theme park rides as well as things as simple as watching movies, videos or playing games.
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1 Rocket Ships

Ever wanted to go to space? Well that might do a mighty number on you. To go to space requires traveling by rocket based on our current technology. Rocketships go really fast & pull gravitational (G) forces on riders when accelerating (averaging 3g or 3x what we feel standing on Earth), making them feel heavier & messing the vestibular system & stomach, leading to aggravated motion sickness. Yet the change in angles the rockets make also trigger such motion sickness. Plus the deceleration of reentry is yet another major motion sickness trigger. Space travel has been known for ages to be NOTORIOUS for motion sickness that it prohibits astronauts with health conditions from going to space. Space travel is NOT for the faint of inner ears or stomach.

2 Airplanes

Air travel has been known to be a motion sickness trigger. Aircraft such as airplanes have been known for their motion sickness capabilities such as air sickness. They move around & to make matters worse is when they hit rough air unexpectedly & riders have no control over it, making it both a motion sickness & thrill factor. Similar to a roller coaster, the motion includes sudden turns & drops & is uncontrollable, making it bad for those with pre-existing high blood pressure, heart, back, neck problems as well as those who are pregnant.

3 Simulators

Simulators are common in malls as well as fairs, carnivals & amusement/theme parks & are amongst the top rides that trigger motion sickness. Many simulators have been known for that as the brain confuses motion on the screen & the motion on the seats also adds to the effect. The Simpsons Ride at Universal's a huge example of such simulators that trigger motion sickness. The Flight of Passage at Walt Disney World has been known to be highly realistic & be a severe example of simulators that trigger motion sickness, leaving many people sick & don't EVER forget about Mission: SPACE at Epcot, which is so realistic at simulating space travel that it sent 194 people to the paramedics over a 1 year span in June, from 2005 to 2006, which no other ride at any amusement/theme park ever led to.

4 Amusement Park Rides

Amusement/theme park rides are known for their crazy elements of theming along with high speed motion, dramatic angles, heights & climbs & drops. Roller coasters are the staple of amusement/theme parks for their thrill, in which scares Chernabog out of the riders by giving them a false but realistic sense of danger & lack of control in the given environment. Yet they're also a major trigger for motion sickness with their sharp turns, upside down maneuvers (on some roller coasters), sudden drops & stops. Yet some have sudden acceleration with their launches, which usually pack such a punch. Drop towers are the alternative for thrills with their climbs & then major drops. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios (& formerly Disney California Adventure Park) is the most famous example of drop towers for its highly immersive theming. Don't forget about fair/carnival rides especially those that spin you around & stick you to the wall or the zippers. Yet simulators are ESPECIALLY notorious for motion sickness as the brain & vestibular system confuses image motion on a screen with reality & rides like Star Tours, the Flight of Passage & Mission: SPACE are amongst the top triggers of motion sickness in amusement/theme parks.

5 Boats

Boats float on water & the waves lead to up & down as well as tilting motion, making them bad for people prone to motion sickness. For boat travel they call it sea sickness. Small boats are the worst for motion sickness when it comes to boats. Thankfully many cruise ships have been designed to be stable even in fairly rough conditions, making the voyages smoother & suitable for a larger group of people unless they get capsized.

6 Cars

Cars are amongst the most popular forms of transportation & the top example of road transportation. You're moving & there are turns & even hills & they may trigger motion sickness called car sickness. Yet to make matters worse, try reading a book while sitting in the car. Yet when about going down a sudden hill without seeing it coming? Pretty ironic right?

7 Video Games

Video games are really popular & many players use them & what you expect, some are prone to motion sickness & the movements in them can trigger them. Yet High FPS games are especially notorious for that & so are 1st person games.

Main reason why I quit video games.

I never got motion sickness playing video games, it would suck if that did happen

8 VR Headsets

VR (virtual reality) is among the most popular things going on right now. The brain is definitely confused with it & many players experience motion sickness & have a hard time playing the games as they're immersed in the scenery & motion involved.

9 IMAX Movies

IMAX involves making a screen that fills your field of vision for immersion (despite the fact that such screens only take up 180° & our vision's past 210°), so they're a recipe for motion sickness. Many guests get motion sickness during & after watching the movies on the big screen. They deserve warnings about motion sickness.

10 Videos With Handheld Camera Work

Many home videos are filmed handheld & since the human body's unsteady, the footage becomes shaky & especially when viewed on a large screen, they may trigger motion sickness. Have you seen videos you made at home by yourself or with your family/friends, or those on YouTube? Twitter? Facebook? Snapchat? Instagram or TikTok? Well they're examples of such videos & vlogs are especially in particular. Have you seen vlogs from your favorite YouTubers & they were filmed shaky & moving around? Well that's what makes vlogs notorious for motion sickness & some vlogs are downright shaky, yet some people are prone to it. Yet some movies were even filmed that way. The best examples are the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, Cannibal Holocaust, Project Almanac, the Jason Bourne movies, Battle LA, Saving Private Ryan, Earth to Echo & Man of Steel, the Hunger Games movies, Rogue One & Solo: A Star Wars Story. Many such movies have gotten many theater guests sick & had to leave the theaters & even vomit. Shaky camera work has been used in such movies to convey the mood & story though on videos it's a common normal given.

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11 Smartphones

More like smartphones or phones in general, there's lots of scrolling involved & videos are very shaky, all resulting in triggered motion sickness.

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