Most Hilarious Conspiracy Theories

Here’s some absolutely hilarious conspiracy theories that people actually believe in. It just requires one person to say something and someone will be convinced, therefore a conspiracy theory is born. And the most hilarious thing is that the people who believe in them don’t even believe in the same thing! It just would be fun doing an interview with someone who believes in one of these theories (or multiple).
The Top Ten
1 Trees do not exist/they are a decorative hologram

Is this even a conspiracy theory or just plain old stupidity. So look around you there are trees everywhere in whatever country you are in, and if they were a hologram you could walk right through them.
Hillarioussness rating 11/10

2 The world began in 1900 (or 1901)

This theory is funny but the lack of medicine, technology or knowledge does prove a point to this theory as we can't live without them but all in all even with those points what about all the history, we can't be this advanced in just 120 years!
Hilarioussness rating: 9/10

3 The Earth is flat (or hollow)

Probably the most well known of the conspiracy theories. This theory does have a point to we only see a flat surface (or mountains) it doesn't curve like a ball. But if you go in a plane you can see it's round and that's why we have time zones and seasons, if it were flat it would be the same everywhere and where's the edges?
Hillarioussness rating: 9/10

4 The holocaust did not happen

Denying a historical event is common but the holocaust caused millions of Jews to die and suffer in concentration camps. It may sound like too unethical now in the world we live in but back in the 1930s governments had a lot more power get away with a lot more than they do today.
Hillarioussness rating: 7/10

5 Birds are spy drones

So if birds are spy drones why do they poop? And wouldn't they come into our houses and watch every single thing we do? If birds were spy drones then they would probably not even make the noises they do.
Hillarioussness rating: 8/10

6 Coronavirus is fake

If COVID-19 or coronavirus is fake then why would we be in lockdown all over the world? Why would there be millions of people dying from it. Maybe it's not as bad as they say it is but it is very much real and bad.
Hillarioussness rating: 6/10

7 The Earth was once chopped in half with a chainsaw

So one day you get a chainsaw and start chopping, ok? But go through the whole planet would never happen (well it would take 10 trillion years and cost a fortune) and if it did happen then we would have massive disruption all over both halves and we would be extinct. Also how do people travel from one half to the other?

Hilariousness rating: 10/10

8 Politicians are highly intelligent lizards

How could a lizard look exactly like a human, speak and understand human languages and rule over humans? If a lizard does somehow dress like a human it would probably be a lot smaller than us and would topple over very quickly and no animal can understand any language, even cockatoos just repeat what we say they don't understand what anything means, they can be taught to say something but won't understand it.
Hillarioussness rating: 8/10

9 Space isn’t real

If we look into the night sky why do we see thousands, millions or even billions of stars what about the moon? that's space and wherever you are in the world you can see it!
Hillarioussness rating: 7/10

10 The Queen is immortal

No person is immortal. It's just as simple as that, the Queen is still a human who has feelings, goes to the toilet and will one day unfortunately die. The Queen has done an amazing job though
Hillarioussness rating: 5/10