Best Airbus Aircraft

We all know that Airbus creates the safest, most advanced aircraft. We also know that they consistently better their competitors in new breakthroughs. But which of their aircraft is best?

The Top Ten
1 Airbus A380

This jet does not look as "pretty" as the 747 but is proving a quick seller. The 747 was a success because it was the only player as a jumbo but now the a380 is here and is can seat more and is more fuel efficient. The 747-8 passenger does not seem to be topping sales and it is likely that the a380 will eventually replace the 747. The 747 is however a legend and was iconic for aviation. It will live on for a while though as you do see the odd a300.

Many aircraft look like dwarves near this beast. Too bad that it is discontinued.
It is always fascinating to just watch the A380 landing or taking off at your home airport. On my home airport, a fully loaded A380 tends to have a shorter take off roll than most 737s or A330/A350s (although it depends on how packed the aircraft is). That's why I started plane spotting as a hobby.

The king of the skies and a new efficient way for people to travel in supreme comfort. Over 100 now in operation.

Really impressive but not the best for marketing purposes.

2 Airbus A320

The very first commercial aircraft to use Fly-By-Wire and a very worthy competitor to the 737. The NEO is certainly proof of this with it massively outselling the Max.

It's the perfect combination not too big not too small.

Neo is the best

The a320 plane should be number 1 because the a380 is bigger and small ones need to be the best

3 Airbus A350

The A350 is a quiet aircraft that has 5 variants. It is in some major airlines' fleets and plays a major role on many transpacific routes by Delta and later, United. It has the widest seats of any jetliner in the skies and has never had a crash. It is far better than anything Boeing has made and it promises to be a success.

Graceful when it starts and lands, beautiful and relatively quiet. Plus the most modern technology on board.
And the ULR version makes ultra-long non stop flights possible and affordable for any airline.

Will be super efficient and super comfortable.

Still not Boeing, but okay.

4 Airbus A330

A huge seller with over 1000 in service/on order. A comfortable and efficient replacement for the 767.

Airbus' best plane in terms of Medium to Long Haul.

Very good aircraft

5 Airbus A321

Recently became a good option for LCC to offer long-haul flights with the A321LR and the upcoming XLR version with even greater range.
Else... a trusty work horse like the whole A320 family. Perfect for hopping around the continent.

The A320's bigger brother and a perfect replacement for those tired 757's.

6 Airbus A319

A shorter version of the A320, but certainly a significant aircraft for Airbus.

It is very safe... Safe plane... It is a hero...

7 Airbus A318

The largest aircraft to operate out of London City, but can still make it across the pond.

8 Airbus A340

Not Airbus' best, but certainly better than a flight on a 727.

9 Airbus A300

Airbus' first aircraft, what a shame it was discriminated against. Now used as Belugas and still in operation with some airlines (Monarch, Thai... )

10 Airbus A310

A shortened version of the A300.

The Contenders
11 Airbus A320neo

I've once been on a Frontier A320neo, and it was pretty comfortable for an economy class plane, also pretty fuel efficient.

Beautiful and fuel efficient

The pinnacle of short/medium haul aviation. Amazing aircraft!

12 Boeing 737 Max

Never flying on one

13 Airbus A220

Delta owns this one!

14 Airbus A330-800neo
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