Worst Insults Ever

These are some stupid things to say in a fight. Consider yourself stupid if you use them. Some of these are okay, but it really depends on whose saying it.
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1 I know you are but what am I?

I have a little cousin who annoys me. Whenever I burn him with an insult, he says this. About ten insults later, I say this because it's the only insult he knows and he replies with "that doesn't make any sense! What a retard.

Damn this joke is horrifyingly bad. No need to explain anything really. I mean, you read and you already what all the others think. If makes any sense...

I saying that when I was 4 years old,
Its annoying and if someone said that to me I would hit them in the face with a brick..

2 You're dumb!

This is disrespectful, even if you say that to your friend.

When people say this to you, just stare and walk away.

Just... Why?
At least its to the point...

3 I don't like your pencil.

Does this even classify as an insult? Only somebody in a psychiatric hospital would be offended by this.

This is really stupid and weird I mean why would you see this it doesn't even hurt the other person DUH!

That is the stupidest thing I ever heard as a insult.

4 (Has the same shirt as you) Your shirt's stupid!

It is just dumb! My sister said that to me once when I was wearing one of her shirts and she didn't even realise what she had done!

Okay, its either their just playing around or they have some serious mental problems.

5 You don't like school. Ha Ha!

Why is that a bad thing? Most of the population in school doesn't like it. I'm yet to discover someone who does.

That's just dumb
It's not even a proper insult. It's something a three-year-old would say.

How is this even an insult? It's just dumb. Like, I don't even like school and there's nothing wrong with that.

6 You're a nerd.

In the old days 20th century. Nerd/Geek was an insult. Maybe things like T.V. shows Freaks and Geeks made the words a compliment and its not an insult anymore.

Calling someone a nerd is actually complimenting them, because the guy calling him a nerd is calling himself stupid and the other guy smart.

Again, how is this an insult? The word nerd just points out you're more intelligent than normal.

7 I'm better than you! I can find the spacebar!

You can't find the space between your ass and your brain, though.

Wow... And I can find the keyboard!

It is not that bad of an insult, depending on how you're saying.

8 A hobo calls you poor.

All this one needs is a little improvement and it will be a good insult.

This is so easy to make a comeback.

Um…Who's living in a house, and who's living in a box? That's a pretty easy choice, if you ask me.

9 Your dad told me you should have been a wank
10 After they saw your face, they signed Quasimodo as a model
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11 You're such a pain in the gluteus maximus

The only people who say gluteus maximus are people who want to sound smart. It doesn't work.

This is just something you say to make you look smart. Who says gluteus maximus anyway?

Funny definition:Gluteus Maximus is the strongest (or was it biggest? ) muscle in you body,on your buttock.

12 Yo momma!

Me:Why don't you just shut up, after all your so ugly when your mom dropped you off at school she got a fine for littering! Someone call 911 because you just got burned!
DerpyFriend:Yo mamma!
Me:... Are you joking around or is that your comeback?
Beacause I bet I can eat a whole bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a smarter comeback that what you just said!
DerpyFriend:Yo mamma!
Me:What are you in elementary school? That makes no sence!

I hate these jokes because I love my Mam! We should all appreciate our mothers and what they do for us! We would not exist if it weren't for them! In conclusion, mothers are awesome and should not be used like this.

This is from a 12 year old by the way.

13 Buttface
14 Loser

This essentially is admitting defeat when said.

The worst insult, you should put this on #1, when people say that as a comeback, Beck should be disappointed of him

15 You're Gay

The most overused insult that idiots fling at people without even knowing that "gay" is a sexual orientation, not an insult.

Its annoying how people use a sexual orientation and a word which means happy as a stupid insult to mean lame.

Well this used to mean happy, then it meant lame and now it means homosexual.

16 You play like a girl

Weird because girls can be very athletic... If sports are what the insult is for at least...

This ain't an insult. If you play a little better I'm sure you'll run like a girl too.

17 Well at least I'm better than you.
18 Remembering you is like throwing up

Then I hope you don't remember me. You must inflict a lot of extra labor on your family by remembering me.

19 Did the short bus drop you off?
20 Your a self-obsessed weasel!
21 You're a tenth of 1% as gross as Justin Bieber

That's rude JB worked hard for his music only to be made fun of and forced to do these things. Everyone was hating on JB after as long as you love me do to the "sexual content" JB had enough and gave up and that's why everyone hates him. Put your self in his shoes before you make something like this again

"Worked hard? " He doesn't even write his own songs. Did you even read the guy above's comment?

Tenth of 1% goes a long way. JB is a far right nutjob, an abusive boyfriend, a terrible singer, an all around douche. There are hundreds of douchey things he has done.

22 I'd Rather Listen to Nicki Minaj Than Look at You
23 You're so ugly you have to wear makeup

Girls can look good with and without makeup. There is a thing called natural beauty which many girls have. Makeup doesn't always help, sometimes a natural appearance looks better and no, I have nothing against girls who wear occasionally makeup

It's so stupid, it made me laugh. How is it not in the top ten? It's the best worst joke ever.

24 You suck

When people say this, you can tell They didn't take the time to think up a good insult.

At what? Truly, there's a lot that I suck at. What are you implying I suck at?

It's like they don't even bother to come up with something good.

25 Poop thinks you stink
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