Top Ten Most Dangerous Pieces of Playground Equipment

Some playground equipment is a lot more dangerous than one would be led to believe. This covers all the pieces that are dangerous.
The Top Ten
1 Merry-Go-Round

Not talking about the carousel ones of course, but the playground ones that have metal bars (that get really hot in summer), plus they spin all around a lot and kids go flying with injuries.

2 Metal Slide

On a summer day, these things absorb a ton of heat and can burn. The better alternative are of course plastic slides but back in the day these things hurt.

3 Giant Strides

I have never even seen these because they were a thing of the past and were eventually banned, but imagine bars you hold with both hands strapped to a high pole where you jump up and down with them. From a picture I seen they are usually grouped too, so the risk of hitting someone else at a high speed is high.

You can slip and fall off and possibly hurt yourself since there's no safe place to land.

4 Tether Ball

Fun for competition, but then again, the rope can choke kids and the ball can hit people in the face.

5 Tire Swing

Saw like one or two but these things are worse than regular swings, especially if you impact someone in the face with them.

6 Trampoline

Usually in indoor playgrounds, or in someone's backyard. The bouncy feeling is wonderful but at the same time it's easy to hurt yourself on the rim, launch yourself over, or rip the trampoline.

7 Wobbly Wooden Bridge

Chains can be nasty, and there is a risk of splinters and falling off.

8 Seesaw

The classic. Some kids would be dumb enough to actually go underneath a seesaw and get hurt from them, plus the rough kids will try to knock others off.

9 Sandbox

One probably wouldn't think of it as dangerous, but there's usually some germs, bacteria, and even poop in them. Plus outdoor sandboxes get hot in the summer.

10 Ball Pit

Basically the same thing as sandboxes, except indoors of course. You wouldn't think they are dangerous but they basically have to be sanitized as much as possible to have any use. Again, germs, bacteria, trash, poop, anything could be somehow lurking in a ball pit.

They're rare nowadays for a reason. Plus, the adult ones at bars are even worse. Since they're now filled with adults, expect alcohol, keys, phones, glass, and stuff that I can't explain in the pit.

The Contenders
11 Witch's Hat

An old one from the UK, the Witch's Hat is kinda like the Merry-Go-Round, you hang onto this thing that spins around and it's above the air more or less. But like the Merry-Go-Round it spins like crazy and believe it or not, children have died to it.

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