Top Ten Gene Kelly Dances

This man is the role-model of triple-threats! Here are some examples:
The Top Ten
1 Singin in the Rain

The most iconic dance number in all cinematic history! The dancing isn't his best, but the mixture of the dance, song, and atmosphere make this scene memorable.

2 I Like Myself
3 Babbit and the Bromide

A number with Gene Kelly AND Fred Astaire needs to be high on this list. Their chemistry, class and dancing ability makes it obvious they had a fun time.

4 You Wonderful You (instrumental)

Reprising the "wonderful" song, Gene Kelly dances with a crack in the floor, a table and a newspaper.

5 The Worry Song

While Gene Kelly's dancing in this song is great, the amazing part of this number is his genuine interactions with a fictional cartoon character. We never thought Gene would dance with Jerry the Mouse, but it turned out to be a brilliant cartoon overlapping live-action.

6 Alter-Ego

Like The Worry Song, the dancing is cool but an even cooler part is him dancing... With himself. They overlap the background with another Gene Kelly a little more faded, representing his alter-ego. Together they share an intense dance.

7 I Got Rhythm

A classic Gershwin song which in this case Gene Kelly teaches a bunch of French kids English words. There is a break where he teaches them dance moves. It is a ton of fun.

8 Living in a Big Way (stunt scene)

An underrated one, this scene doesn't feature too much dancing but has Gene Kelly having fun with kids in a hanging place. Watch this scene for incredible stunts.

9 Tango/Tap Dance (Anchors Aweigh)

An unnamed dance Gene Kelly does in a fantasy where he tries to rescue his captured damsel in distress. First he taps while doing the tango by himself with some cool spins. At the end he does some cool stunts to get her.

10 Let Me Call You Sweetheart (mop dance)

A fun dance with classic Gene Kelly hoofing.

The Contenders
11 Moses Supposes

I think this is hands down GKs greatest number - shows his athletic dynamism at the height of his career. Donald is great but the eye always drifts back to GK - you can freeze frame this number at any point and Gene will look more open, higher, more extended just more balanced - when you do that with Babbit and Bromide with GK and FA - you literally can't tell - they are both equally fantastic in their respective styles.

One final comment - according to GKs wife Patricia - Gene said that Moses Supposes was the best work he ever did on film! So the man himself would have voted this numero uno!

I would have voted for this had my eager eyes not been so, well, eager. I love this duet dance from Singin' In The Rain with Donald O'Connor who plays Cosmo Brown. They're just so connected! The synchronicity between the pair is outstanding. Whenever I watch this musical, I always go back to the beginning of the dance and watch it all over again and not just for the dance; I love the song too.

12 Dream Sequence from an American in Paris
13 Summer Stock

One of the best. It starts out with him dancing to no music so you can clearly hear the tapping.

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