Top Ten Qualities of a Badass

We have seen plenty of badasses in movies, shows, anime, novels, story books and in real life. This list outlines the some of the common qualities we find in them that differentiates them from others.
The Top Ten
1 A Badass perfectly knows their abilities and their limitations

Knowing their limitations is what gives them confidence in their abilities. They perfectly know what they can do and what they can't.

2 A Badass knows what he does

Well, this is self-explanatory. A badass perfectly realizes whatever he or she does, there is neither luck nor extreme effort in all their works. They never take a job which they know nothing about.

3 A Badass doesn't tolerate nonsense of any kind

Anything that acts as a deterrent in his or her job is what a badass can't really tolerate.

Badass: Screw you. *kills* Haha, no nonsense.

4 A Badass always adheres to their beliefs

For a badass, there is no right and no wrong. Whatever falls within his or her set of beliefs is correct in his or her eyes. Anything that doesn't, he or she either doesn't really care about or opposes if necessary.

I think a badass is more likely to have an adamant and relentless force to convince others of what right and wrong are. They don't ignore the rules. They bend them.

5 A Badass always completes his job

Giving their best is not what matters for them. Completing the job no matter what is what really matters to them.

6 A Badass never slacks off while doing their job
7 A Badass never plays foul but is not afraid to do it in case of a "fighting fire with fire" situation

Heroes never play foul, even if their enemies do, because they believe that doing so would make them no different from their enemies. That's not the case for badasses. They are not reluctant to fight fire with fire if required.

Fighting fire with fire. I love that quote.

8 A Badass never seeks attention

But they get attention nevertheless. They just never actively seek it. They don't care about their popularity.

9 A Badass never breaks a promise

More than not giving up on what they set out to do, which may break some promises made to others because nobody can keep promises to two people that would have contradictions.

Well, including SHD's definition, I guess I'm a badass. The kind that doesn't say the a-word, of course.

Never. Instead, they break bones.

10 A Badass never lets their emotions get the better of them

A badass never lets their anger or fear take over. They always try to be calm in all kinds of situations.

I could never do this one. I'm like 9/10, but how am I supposed to be calm when I see a spider? I fail at this.

I thought that they do. And then be badass about it.

The Contenders
11 A Badass won't let anyone walk over them
12 Has a huge/powerful arsenal
13 A Badass has a wide smile
14 A Badass takes risks
15 A Badass wears sunglasses
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