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1 Ghosts

There is no evidence of them! We may as well believe in a little green fish on a planet far away eating the souls of the unfortunate. That is just as possible and has just as much evidence.

Only if you choose to believe in them, they're real. I think they are real since science can't explain them. It's all a matter of your opinion.

I have seen them. It ain't like believing in God. Many people have seen ghost's. It's not one of those thing you can just explain away!

I have never detected them with any of my senses, therefore they do not exist.

2 A Teleporter
3 Vampires

After reading all those weird vampire novels, people have the most TWISTED opinions on these things.
(Hotel Transylvania 3 had a better love story than Twilight, change my mimd)

Vampires rule! Marceline from adventure time is a cuddly vampire baby

If vamps were real, we would totally be besties! Vampires forever!

And not the ones from twilight no...

4 Aliens

People who say that aliens don't exist know nothing about the universe. Our universe isn't even a dot in the observable universe. Many of our elements on Earth may come from meteorites that crashed on Earth a few billion years ago. It's only logical to say that there IS life out there. We may never reach it, at least not for a few hundred years, but you can't deny that there is a big chance we are not alone in this universe. We can't even imagine what life on other planets may be like, it may be something we've never seen before but life can come in different forms. We are not the center of the universe. If you do not believe people like me, at least ead the page on wikipedia about the observable universe and reach your own conclusion. Look up how big the universe really is and only then you can decide if you believe in aliens or not.

People have discovered about 100 habitable planets by surveying a tiny part of the night sky. About 5 of those are earth sized. And that was just a tiny part of the night sky. Which is in turn almost nothing to the entire galaxy. And there are over 100 billion galaxies in our observable universe. And the observable universe isn't even all of the universe. So you're saying out of those probably QUADRILLIONS of habitable planets in the universe, there is only one with life?

First of all whoever put aliens on this list has no knowledge of anything related to aliens or you just know about the Fermi paradox without even thinking why.the reason we haven't had contact or radio contact with aliens is because we have just started looking for the past 50 years,because radio signals from distant worlds may have reached us very long ago when people never heard of electricity or whatsoever,and if your saying in a universe of billions of trillions of stars and billions of billions of galaxies life is only on earth,then you must be joking.

Murphy's law states that if something is possible, it will eventually happen, otherwise we don't know it's possible. Science has confirmed that there are habitable planets besides earth, even if they aren't habitable to us. Therefore, life can and will happen.

5 Fairies
6 Free Store

These exist for teachers. They should be open to the general public, though.

Say that entry again, but slowly.

7 Demons

I agree demons are lame

Demons are real

8 Superheroes
9 God

Nobody knows if a God doesn't exist. But I for one know that the Abrahamic God doesn't exist, for he's an illogical concept that's known for committing genocide and destruction (ruining Job's life, destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, flooding the earth, etc.).

And honestly, I couldn't care less if you tried to debate me right now because you can't deny the fact that some of the things God has done in the bible are very questionable and messed up. Everyone has the right to believe what they want but they should really think about how illogical the God in the bible really is and how he's done a lot of seriously screwed up things in the stories.

It's so sad how some people have no faith whatsoever! It's far more better to die believing in God, than to die not believing in him to find out there has been a God all along! I strongly believe there is a God. Open your eyes 👀! Look around you God is in everything you got came from God! Even you! God is the reason you're still breathing.. You can't always see something that is very true, because that's where your faith comes in. It's called having a soul. (Believing what cannot see or is not known) tells us that there is one God... Having " FAITH" is the answer... Look up Faith in the dictionary stay focused on the meaning of the word..

2000 years, and still no proof that he exist. Only took science 200 years after they weren't persecuted for the truth by the church. There is so much evidence that he doesn't exist, it ain't even funny. I feel like the whole world is brainwashed into believing in God. That's all I have to say about that!

I don't believe in God (I'm Hindu/part Buddhist), though I respect those who do and those who don't. Though I am well aware of science and incorporate it into my own beliefs too.

10 Medusa
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11 Mermaids A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish.

You can stick fish scales on your legs.

12 A Sharknado

The people who do think this will happen have watched a certain scifi movie to many times.

Let's hope it never does.

13 Killer Bunnies

You didn't specify what they kill. A bunny stepping on an ant would technically be considered a killer bunny.

This is pointless, how cute bunny kill the person?

They have big nasty pointy teeth!

14 $500 Bills

There used to be 500$ bills as denomination, they had these in the U.S. but I think they've been decommissioned.

15 Time Travel
16 Timemachine

Hello people of the future! I am here to tell you that, in fact, time machines do exist! I have invented one and have time travelled from the year 1965 to 2015! I am writing this message from an apple store computer. Although I do not see what the store has to do with apples. I have also travelled into the year 2065 and am here to tell you that aliens do exist after all! I must go now. Hope to see you when I reach the year 2015. Unfortunately by then I will be 76 years old...

Time machines and time travel just have me fascinated. I've pondered the concept of "time" more than I've ever pondered anything else.

Maybe it doesn't exist, but it's fascinating to think about.

Timemachine exists and I am writing this from future...

17 Satan

I don't believe in him or hell, but other people do so I can't ruin it for them.

I think its okay people think satan is real but he does not exist

He does exist

18 Unicorns

Thank God they don't exist. I hate them so much.

Too happy. Too colorful. Possibly dangerous.

19 World Peace

If world peace existed, we would all have to be under one ruler. Someone doesn't like that ruler then people start to revolt. Eventually that revolt leads to a war, small at first but then people see a reason to join the rebels. (I feel like I'm talking about the rebel Aes Seadi the way this is going) Then it goes all Hunger Games Mockingjay and there's a world war caused by one person who is probably long dead with all the killing. It wouldn't work.

World peace won't happen until the united nations conquer all the communists (China, North Korea, Russia) and defeat Isis, ku klux clan, and other terrorist groups. That will be a few hundred years if ever.

It is desirable - but people don't agree - I think the Islamic version of 'world peace' is hell -a Totalitarian state, oppression and blind faith.

It will never happen, maybe the world can become a good place but world peace is impossible.

20 The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Some people take it very serious like it's a real religion nowadays. Just get some spaghetti and meatballs, have some beer, under age? choose something else I dunno.

How dare you insult the flying spaghetti monster! You will burn in a hot boil!

21 Dragons

I wish Dragons do exist, they are my favorite mythical creature.

It would be cool if they were to exist.

I believe in dragons

22 Santa Claus

He once exists as someone named st Nicholas, but his modern interpretation where he lives in the north pole and rides a sled with flying reindeers does not exist

23 A Good School
24 Zombies

Might exist in the future.

25 The Tooth Fairy
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