Top 10 Best "Yes" or "No" Questions

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1 Do you believe in God?

Yes, if their's human, why can't anything exist. People believe their's rocks, sun, and planets, grass and much more... Without God, nothing exists except nothing since it's nothing that can exist.

Not necessarily, I'm agnostic. For those who do not know what that is, it is a person who doesn't accept faith or disbelief in God.

I kinda wish there was a God so our life would have an ultimate purpose, but I don't think there is, unfortunately.

2 Do you believe in reincarnation?

It depends on what your religion is because some religions believe in reincarnation. I think it's interesting to talk about.

No, while there is scientific beliefs of this type converting you can't force everybody to do this.

No, because I do see why you would be brought back to life in a different form for no reason.

3 Are Ebooks better than the real thing?

As much as I love the experience of reading a physical book, the convenience and cost of ebooks are hard to beat when one reads as much as I do.

Definitely not. Books are nostalgic, interesting, and don't require charging after your device runs out of energy.

You mean the new way to study? No, just keep it vintage like old modern English dictionary.

4 Are you gay?

Generally pretty happy, but definitely not gay.

I'm Christian and straight, definitely not.

No, I'm as straight as a non-bendable ruler.

5 Are you Hispanic who speaks Spanish and English?
6 Should the punishment fit the crime?

Definitely. If somebody kills someone else without a REALLY GOOD reason( and even then, I think) he should also be killed and not just sit in jail for a few years.

Yes, because there needs to be a balance in this universe. We all hate it when a criminal gets away with something.

It depends. If they aren't capable of giving logical contradictions, the punishment is deserved.

7 Does Rule 34 suck?

Yes they do. Internet died because of this abomination! I might cut my wrists!

Of course! If you found out what this is, you'll regret it.

Yes. Do yourself a favor and don't go there

8 Do you like raisins?

Hell yeah. Raisins are one of my favorite snacks.

I used to, but overtime, I started to dislike it.

9 Should TheTopTens be more popular?

Unpopular opinion, but yes if somehow we got a more increase in users, and more of a understanding than maybe the site can update itself more and more as the weeks go on in the vain of Twitter, Facebook etc.

Yes and no.
Yes because that can give this site more variety and maybe more creativity/originality.
No because it can cause even more trolls and other types of toxic/annoying people to come in.

Yes and No. TTT deserves a lot of recognition but it would be to crowded and there would be an increase of trolls.

10 Do horror movies suck?

No. Horror movies are my favorite. By the way, I ironically typed this comment on Friday the 13th... help me

I do like some horror films, but it's not really my favourite.

Yes. I far prefer horror books over horror movies.

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11 Are you a girl who likes floral prints?

No. I am a WOMAN who likes floral prints. I have several summer dresses, all with floral print. What I really dislike is animal print - unless it's on the animal. Especially leopard print; it makes the wearer look cheap.

I think floral prints are hideous! I like wearing dull grey sweatshirts.

Depends, but I'm definitely not fond of the "granny's couch" kind.

12 Are you bored right now?

Why do you think I'm on this list?

13 Should we be allowed to choose how and when we die?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. On one hand, I would like to choose when I die, so that I am able to expect it. I would like to live a long and purposeful life before I die, and I would like to die peacefully and painlessly. On the other hand, I don't want suicidal people who can truly get better and have a good life eventually to be able to end it all easily.

It depends. Even if you are in serious pain, it may pass and you will get better. But by that time, some people chose to end it, and thus, screwed the rest of their life up.

14 Do you like TheTopTens?

It used to be my favorite website.
It still is, but by now, I've found multiple flaws in terms of both the site itself and the community, which I'm hoping can be fixed.

Kind of, but not as much as I used to. But retirement is still not planned so I'll still be here for a long time. But I'll come on less often,so I won't be as active.

It's fun because of the content you can contribute to the site and the people you can meet.

15 Do you hate toddlers?

I don't necessarily hate them but I've always been very sensitive to their loudness.

16 Is music better now than 50 years ago?

In my opinion, yes, but hear me out. Music technology and production is obviously far better and more advanced than it was 50 years ago. Many musicians nowadays know how to use these newer technologies and production techniques to their advantage to make better and newer types of music. From a producer's standpoint, music is definitely better now in my opinion. I don't really think there is a definitive answer to this question when talking about the talent of artists nowadays. I think there was just as much good and bad music 50 years ago as there is now. It's just that sometimes, you have to look for music you like.

17 Do you watch anime?

Does Britgirl watch anime? Well, I do and I love it. Britgirl should watch Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Can I recommend Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan to Britgirl as well? How about Blue Exorcist and Gurren Lagann as well?

Can PositronWildhawk just find a good anime? He's tried so many times and he failed. Can he watch Angel Beats!?

18 Do you think this is a good list?

Of course! Why do you think I'm commenting?

Seeing you are a pioneer yourself yes.

19 Are you stupid enough to carry phones and tablets to school?

For the most part no, but its wasn't until my final year I started taking my phone more when my time came.

Someone ran into my locker staring at their phone and made me fall on my saxophone case.

Nothing bad has happened to my phone when bringing it to school.

20 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the opposite sex?

Yeah, I have. I would want to try it for a day and that's it. I'm a male and most females are so uptight and stressed that it would just make my life harder being a female.

Kirito from Sword Art Online experimented on this question. How? By coincidentally getting a female avatar in Gun Gale Online!

Yes. I'm straight as an arrow, but I'm curious about everything--even tried cross-dressing once just for the hell of it.

21 Do you believe in magic?

Yes. Ever since I made a few thunderstorms end abruptly by telling the sky to shut up. And when I floated in midair above stairs for 3 seconds. I'm not kidding.

2022 edit (original likely 2020): Yes, I'm kidding.

If I was a musician on America's Got Talent and seeing that unfold I'd say yeah it exists I takes great skill to pull off.

Yes, but they're so rare one blink of your eye will miss it.

22 Do you like Frozen?

Update: To be honest, I don't actually hate it. I just posted Frozen hate comments in the past mainly because I saw other people doing it. Now I kind of feel bad for jumping on the bandwagon for Frozen hate. I just want to let people know that all the Frozen hate I've made in the past was just to be cool and that now I want to actually give it a chance. If anyone does still hate Frozen, I understand. However, I'm just tired of hating something just because everyone else seems to do so, which is why I'll try to watch Frozen sometime in the future and try to formulate my own genuine opinion on the movie, not an opinion based around other people's opinions.

23 Should the UK leave the EU?

Well, that means Germany would have greater influence over EU, then! Cool!

No, I'm not even gonna say why, but that doesn't sound good for the country.

No. I think the outcome would be bad, so please stay in the EU.

24 Is home tuition better than being taught in school?

You mean homeschooled, no however I've rarely met anyone who has been homeschooled. Just getting into school for 12 grades for free is just fine, but going for tuition in college is a nightmare.

Generally, yes. Shorter school times, sleeping in, but it does take work.

No, because at school you learn to socialise and work as a team.

25 Do you love My Chemical Romance?

Not romantically, but yes I do love listening to their music when I'm in the mood for it.

I'm actually not a fan of My Chemical Romance. I only like some songs.

They are alright but to emo to be my favorite band.

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