Top 10 Best Random Sentences

Put in Random sentences that you made up. They don't have to make sense.
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1 I am so blue I'm greener than purple.

Oh my God, it's so funny but confusing. Just think about it really hard. But here's one: How's your youngest hair? Mine's doing mighty fine today!

Makes sense because of the EM Spectrum. A physicist would say that his/her wavelength is between 400 and 550 nm, but so definitely 500 nm that I'm a lower frequency than violet.

Yes, I am a geek.

You are the wisest man in the world... NOT. Haha, I was just kidding. You are cool... NOT. Okay, I am going to tell the truth. You are awesome.

2 I stepped on a Corn Flake, now I'm a Cereal Killer.

This is as good as the zebra who was purple but got eaten by the orange spoon, which was more of a purpler orange than a triangle.

This literally made me and my friend burst out laughing. This is the funniest thing ever. It definitely deserves to be number 1.

Ha! Actually, for Halloween, my friend didn't want to dress up, so she brought a cereal box that was 'stabbed' and called herself a cereal killer.

3 On a scale from one to ten, what is your favourite colour of the alphabet?

What the heck? First, you're starting off by asking them to rank something on a scale from 1 through 10. Then you're asking them their favorite of something. Those two things don't go together because the answer to what your favorite is requires you to say something in that category, not rank it from 1 through 10. To top it off, the thing you're asking them - their favorite color of the alphabet - are two categories that don't fit together. It's either "what's your favorite letter of the alphabet" or "what's your favorite color of the rainbow." So yeah, this got my vote.

My favorite color in the alphabet dictionary is a triangular Obi-Wan Kenobi who likes the color square on a scale of Nutella to 16 1/4, plus 2 Yodas.

I say that all the time. It's one of my favorite sentences. But I say, On a scale from one to ten, what's your favorite color of the alphabet? Please answer using vegetables.

4 Llamas eat sexy paper clips.

Captain Caveman rides in on his sabertooth camel called Wilf, shooting pegs at a little Asian woman.

How about this?
I'm going to be lurking in those bushes.
--You: WHAT?!--
Those bushes look mighty fine.

I said this to my friends at lunch. One of them laughed so hard that milk came out of her nose.

5 Everyday a grape licks a friendly cow.

If a cow likes the grape, and the grape lets the cow lick it, then basically it shows that the grape and the cow are gay.

An erection shoots through my woodstove and eats 20 grandpas before landing on Pluto.

This one is really funny. It makes no sense, and it's random, which makes it funny.

6 If your canoe is stuck in a tree with the headlights on, how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon?

Pancakes are 7, so it must be 42 of them to reach life, multiplied by Saturn. So, 7/Saturn must equal the moon. Using this theory, we can calculate that the meaning of life is not 42, but blue. Using this new information and applying the unicorn theorem, we find that the number of pancakes needed to get to the moon is exactly 1.462423847927948372947234 headlights.

If the headlights are on, that most likely means there's a potato in your bathtub. And if there are exactly 16 Lego bricks in the potato, that means there are two spatulas in your pillow. If these spatulas are the same color as your pants, then it would take about 10,000 pancakes. If not, then 10,001.

With the headlights on? I'd approximate as many grains of salt as it takes to change a light bulb on a month of Sundays, although I can't get an exact number because the tree did NOT fall in the woods.

7 A demonic Starbucks napkin stole my goldfish crackers.

One question and one question only: WHY?

I'll translate that.

8 Banana error.

Short and sweet! Love it! Two words that are completely random and had me laughing for 2 minutes straight. There is also nothing that would offend anyone.

Now, whenever I get tongue-twisted or forget my words in front of a big crowd, I can just say banana error. It'll certainly take all the attention off the mistake.

I am going to yell this in class, and everyone will be laughing and crying because it was so beautiful!

9 Cloth is yum like paper.

This is so true.

10 Thank you for noticing this list, your noticing has been noticed.

We thank you for thanking us for thanking you for participating in this test. The results say that thanking the results for the information they provided will yield a result that says the same thing.

How many pineapples can a pineapple pineapple if a pineapple pineapples a pineapple's pineapple?
It can pineapple as many pineapples as a pineapple can pineapple if a pineapple can pineapple with a pineapple and pineapples.

And I noticed that you noticed my notice. It's very noticeable. I hope that I can notice if you notice a list I made. I notice you like making noticeable lists. I'm kind of a novice.

The Contenders
11 Screw world peace, I want a pony.

I love this one! One time I was in the store with my mom, and I was like, "Screw world peace! I WANT A PONY!" because there was a pony right there, and she was like, "um..." and I started laughing!

You are a strong upper-teens kind of guy who has been in a couple of noble causes of deaths and marriages, and a survivor of timely manners and fashion. Good morning. Please let me know what you want from me.

"HAHA." Is it me, or shouldn't this be a vine? "HAHA." I could imagine my friend saying this when she was into ponies.

12 Don't touch my crayons, they can smell glue.

Two things about the other comments:

- Why were you reading it during a math test?
- Now your crayons can smell Gatorade.

Oh no, now it's on your shirt. Cursed crayons haunt you with a sulfur stench.

Jeez, why do people always touch my bologna whales? I mean, they're mine for a reason!

13 There's a purple mushroom in my backyard, screaming Tacos!

Chica ate a purple, sexy llama eating coleslaw and pineapples on a Wednesday while partying on a deranged Jeff the Killer car that was wearing Rainbow Dash underpants and magical pink cats. Meanwhile, Foxy was eating exploding dirt, Bonnie was singing "Let It Go" while pooping, and Freddy was dancing on Mary Sues. Also, Mangle and Toy Chica were partying on a rainbow goat that farted little cupcakes.

There's actually a taco in my front garden screaming purple mushrooms. Love it.

I randomly said this to my friends, and they said I needed mental help.

14 My nose is a communist.

You're lucky. I have a capitalist one.

My rationality can be considered communist (psychologically).

Dude, wow. You must have a big, funny family. Nine parents.

15 Metallica ate a hairy gorilla with purple nipples then swapped a red tyre with a fire breathing goat last Tuesday at breakfast.

I think the purple nipples were never on the bodies of Metallica because they were enjoying the death scene of a strawberry in the shadow of a cactus that knows when the apocalypse is going to happen. (It'll happen on the day that oranges decide not to hang on spoons anymore.)

Did he put 55 farts in his fro? Or did John Legend wipe his rear with a California quarter in Roswell, New Mexico, while he binge-watched Cotton Weed, his favorite congressman?

Well, I disagree. It is true that snakes don't have armpits or purple nipples. This is corroborated by the source dint, which also states that we will all be a dead species at the age of -2a. Thank you.

16 Look, a distraction!

Ok, here's a story: One day at school, my best friend came up to me and literally said while pointing to a bird on the ground, "LOOK, A DISTRACTION!" I looked behind me, and he kicked me. I was like, "Ow! Where did you get that from?" So he told me to come here, and I found this hilarious joke. I thought, "He wasn't kidding. Lol." So I tried it on my brother. Don't EVER try it on your brother if he's mean to you.

This is a perfect way to change the subject. It is a distraction saying this phrase and would probably engage your conversation in talking about distractions.

The yard duties at our school forgot their whistles, so they told my friend group to whistle and round everyone up. We didn't know how to whistle, so we just shouted, "WHISTLE NOISE!"

17 I mean, Tree!

Yeah, people, it's tree! Not three!

Oh, you said bee?

18 The China connects the Furby and the toilet.

It makes sense if you remove "The" from the beginning of the sentence.

Japan connects Profit and Sumo.

19 What do you think about the magical yellow unicorn who dances on the rainbow with a spoonful of blue cheese dressing?

I believe it's a serious matter, as the blue cheese dressing is made by a purple penguin smiling at the green clouds, even though they are redder than green. It is of utmost importance.

I think it's a piano because the sweater with fog on it screamed at 2 AM that Richie Sambora was his anime, and that pigs ate the cloth with smoke inside.

Have you ever tried eating lamb with a hint of lemon peels and toenails, and then grilling it and adding hot dogs on top? Yummy!

20 I said don't enter the rabbit hole. Now you have the salad.

Yeah, Lucy, now how about the cookie?

Can I add rabbit meat to the salad?

You, young Saladwan, are our last hope.
I find your lack of Caesar dressing... disturbing.
I am your lettuce.

21 The sparkly lamp ate a pillow then punched Larry.

Next time I see my friend at school, I'm going to walk up to her and strike up a random conversation like, "Don't you like lamps and punching and the name Larry?" Then when she answers, I will respond with this hilarious joke! It's super funny!

The sparkly lamp ate the pillow to make other people think that he smelled like a penny that had just oiled a frog. However, it ended up causing a floor tile to grow in his left arm, persuading him to punch Larry.

Why Larry? Why couldn't it be Joe? Poor, poor Larry. *sniffle sniffle* Sparkly lamp, you despicable monster!

22 I'm touching Toadette's toes.
23 Hi, that duck over there!

Hi, my name is That Duck Over There. How can I help you?

What! What's wrong with ducks?

Hi, that goose over there!

24 Gurklebob is eating eyes with Schadenfreude.

Aw, fictional eating eyes of a comic strip? Well, splendid, I guess.

I don't even know.

What the heck?

25 Bobby Brown yawned in Hitler's face during a meeting, that's why he was yelling in his bunker.
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