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1 The Rock vs Stone Cold

Greatest rivalry ever! Stone cold and the rock these both have made it all for WWE and have taken it to the highest peak! The rock was young filled with talent, passion, style and the most electrifying man on the other hand it was austin who's fearless, greatest brawler, toughest SOB, beer drinking machine and who can beat the hell out of anyone and have hammered everyone down and lastly is capable to raise the crowd at their toes! Best rivalry ever!

This is not up for debate. They took the WWE to unseen heights and never gave us a boring match. They could both play the Face and Heel roles as good as the other. While HBK or HHH used politics and bullying to move up the ladder, The Rock and Stone Cold made it with pure skill and character. When they were together, it was must see TV and rhe WWE knew it.

I am a huge fan of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin no doubt. He is a great actor and has been the best Hall of Fame besides Shawn Michaels and more. The Rock or Rocky, I love this guy. He is funny I will always remember the word monkey a-word. I also loved the Rock and John Cena segment. Haha, "You can't see me, of course, we can see you, John!" Lol, this had me dead. Much love for Rock and Stone Cold.

2 Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart

Who could forget the HBK and Bret "Hitman" Hart? I remember the sharpshooter Shawn Michaels pulled off and this was a very entertaining match. You want to know what I find funny in Shawn. His wrestling skills, amazing! He is funny, and I remember him on the turnbuckle and stayed on it, making the best sells.

All you need is to watch the dvd of this rivalry, they both started in hall of fame tag teams, then became some of the greatest IC champs ever and world champs and had a hall of fam singles career, plus there rivalry at wrestlemania 12 with shawn not shaking bret's hand and the montreal scewjob. Arguably the greatest rivarly in history.

A real rivalry That was the most important wrestling rivalry in 90s. A rivalry That create a new era of wrestling: the attitude era and become the finish of monday night Wars.

3 Cena vs Orton

Might be the best rivalry of the generation. Cena and Orton had awesome mathes and it was a shame Cena got injured. Sure the Rock vs Stone Cold was good but this is better and after their falls count anywhere iron man match. Best rivalry ever. Laugh out loud.

Randy Orton was the greatest heel at that time and John Cena was the face, that is all that Raw needed Smackdown had everybody else (Triple H, Edge, Hardy, Undertaker etc. ) and Raw still was more interesting because of the Randy Orton VS John Cena Rivarly

One of the greatest rivalries ever! When these two are in the ring against each other you can feel the electricity in the air! Should be in the top 3 I think!

4 Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon

Whoever made this list is an idiot for not putting this list as number 1! Millions across the world tuned in to Monday Night Raw just to see an employee turns their boss's life into a living hell! There's car property destroyed, vandalism, riots, brawls, interrupting meetings, ruining plans, carnage, ^^ so much more that made it all so damn entertaining and exciting to watch! Who doesn't want to see that? For all who disagrees, get this to your head, "Without Austin vs. McMahon" WWE would never beat WCW in the ratings! EVER!

The best feud EVER.
Even though it wasnt always Austin vs McMahon in the ring, they did wonders with this.
Everyone wanted to see someone step up to the boss, and Austin was the perfect man to do it.
Austin was the reason this feud is so awesome, his persona & Vinces persona play off each other like no other two in the history of the WWE.

Everybody thinks that The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin is the greatest WWE feud. Austin was mainly feuding with Vince MacMahon, The Rock being pretty much the guy Vince went to when he wanted Stone Cold's but kicked. Plus, nobody's put there boss through as much hell as Stone Cold.

5 Shawn Micheals vs Undertaker

Two men who have been in the business for so long, yet still created their best rivalries in their later days. This rivalry stands out among the rest, as an example of a long term rivalry, which isn't built on a couple of months of heated aggression, but one of years of tension, determination and respect. This is a rivalry of the highest class, which produced the single best Wrestlemania Performance.

Two of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. These two created the greatest wrestlemania match of all time. And even whey they were both in their prime they still had unbelievable five star matches like the casket and hell In a cell match, which held great significance to the WWE and have a lot of historical value

This is part of why he is Mr. WrestleMania. I am a huge fan of Shawn as you already know AND the Undertaker. What a match, they deserve a 10/10. The deadman is one of the best wrestlers I watched alongside Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon, and more.

6 Edge vs John Cena

There Rivalry was so good, that WWE basically brought it back in 2009 and made it a Mania Main Event. Edge and Cena have that chemistry of two who after fighting for so long, know each others weaknesses and strengths and they use all they have to counter or be aware of what will happen. Edge knows Cena's weakness is not expecting Spears and Cena knows Edge's ultimate weakness if Cena's STFU's.

This is the best rivalry of all time because they made you feel like they really hated each other and their chemistry was like no other! Whenever people saw these two men in the same ring they knew they were in for a match and it was so charismatic before the match even started.

No pair can have as much charisma and as much chemistry as these two when in the ring. In the ruthless aggresion era, this rivalry is hands down the best.

7 Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

This rivalry saw a Unsanctioned Street Fight at Summerslam 2002, the first ever Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002, a Three Stages of Hell match at Armageddon 2002, another Elimination Chamber match at Summerslam 2003, a match on the December 29th 2003 episode of Raw, a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble 2004, a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 20 and finally, a 47 minute war inside Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood 2004. This is better than Stone Cold vs The Rock!

Lead to the first and I think greatest survivor chamber match. Add the best triple threat match ever at wrestlemania between them and Chris Benoit. Mix in some three stages of hell, hell in the cell and a great last man standing match, and it was the rivalry which saw the return of michaels after his back injury. It is is my favourite of all time

Yes. I loved this match, and this surprised me because I already knew about the DX, and me watching the match had me confused for a second, "I thought HHH, and Shawn Michaels were together." I loved the match and watched it over 5 times.

8 Edge & Christian vs The Hardys vs Dudleys

Yes, I love the Hardy Boys. Team Extreme. Then we have the Rated R Superstar Edge. The dudleys which aka, JBL in it. And I don't know Christian well, I don't really watch his matches, but I got to say. It was a heck of a match.

HBK may have revolutionized the ladder match, but these 3 teams perfected it.

When the triple threat tag team ladder match was announced that was so good.

9 Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels

J2Y and HBK. I loved the match, their gimmicks, and just everything. I know Shawn Michaels well I watch as many of matches as possible, and how could I not watch Chris Jericho? Even though he moved to AEW.

10 Randy Orton vs Triple H

This two have became one of the greatest rivals ever since in 2004 up till early 2009, when Randy Orton was betrayed by Triple H and his group Evolution. But coming up to 2009 when Randy Orton RKO Triple H real life wife, things started to get hetty between Triple H and Randy Orton, as Triple H went to Randy Orton home and attack him. Even with Randy Orton by kissing Triple H wife.

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11 Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

They were actually a tag team either before or after the rivalry but the rivalry was great.

12 Undertaker vs Mankind

How the hell can you forget that HELL IN A CELL MATCH where Mankind was thrown from the top of the ring and all those dangerous pins in the ring. An epic match. Any wrestling fan after watching this match will go crazy. This rivalry should have been at number 1. Show some respect to Undertaker. If you want you can criticize him but remember we cannot ever lift Mark Henry or big show the way he lifts them. We are all too weak compared to that legendary man. We can just say and write things about him but cannot even perform one of his actions in the ring

Who could forget the Hell in a Cell match? When the Undertaker threw Mankind off the cell. I love the deadman.

13 CM Punk vs John Cena

This rivalry brought more to the francise rather than two people having a rivalry and going out against each other, it shaped so many storylines, made wwe so much more entertaining and both played their parts real well.

CM Punk was John Cena's greatest opponent ever. All the matches they had were amazing, and the match they had at Money inthe Bank 2011 still is the best match of the PG era, and it remains as one of the very few 5 star matches.

Even though it's a newer rivalry its still one of the better ones, they had some bad blood and went on for a while and I think it deserves to be higher on the list, maybe not top 5 but it deserves to be up there

14 Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero

They are the best rivale in WWE history and I think rey mysterio is great and so is eddie guerrero but if it comes to rey mysterio vs eddie guerrero I would have to choose rey mysterio by a mile. I remember rey mysterio and eddie guerrero used to be the best of best frends then they became worst frends in WWE history

Dominick Mysterio. Ah, what a great match. Eddie Guerrero, oh bless his soul. I love the 619, and the frog splash from Eddie.

15 CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff hardy is the best.

Funk that hardy better

16 Stone Cold vs Bret Hart
17 Ric Flair vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
18 HHH vs Randy Orton

OMG he punted half of HHH's family and they had a most powerful tag team ever Evolution, THIS IS #!

19 The Rock vs HHH

It's definitely shocking to see how low this rivalry is. The Rock and Triple H had a great rivalry, stretching from their feud over the Intercontinental Championship where The Rock was the leader of the Nation of Domination and Triple H was the leader of DX, all the way to their feud over the WWE Championship during the McMahon-Helmsley Era. They competed in a variety of match types throughout their rivalry such as ladder, strap, and ironman matches. While Stone Cold vs The Rock may be the more popular and mainstream rivalry, I always felt that this one was better since it was more competitive, while the Stone Cold vs The Rock rivalry felt more one-sided towards Austin. The Rock vs Triple H rivalry also felt more personal and bitter due to their backstage issues with both of them trying to become the next big star after Austin had already become the face of the company.

I'm shocked by how low this is. I'm sorry but this should never be below anything with the names Randy Orton, or John Cena in it. Especially Orton... if a sleeping pill were ever put into a human form.

20 Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

Two of the best technical wrestlers of all time. These two are the true definition of true wrestlers.

21 Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon
22 HHH vs Batista
23 Kane vs Undertaker
24 Undertaker vs Triple H

Their wrestlemania series were great and they are two of the most respected wrestlers who always wanted to be the best in the business!

Played each other a lot at wrestle mania and it was always a good fight.

25 Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant

The leg drop, how Hulk Hogan defeated Ande the Giant. I think that's what happened, yea it happened I think. I am a big fan of Hulk Hogan, the full-on American NWO. Oh, bless Andre's soul. Do you know how crazy it is that Hulk Hogan lifted Andre the Giant? Wow, what a strong man.

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