Top Ten Reasons Why Summer is Better Than Winter

A list that states why summer is better than winter.
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1 Summer is warm

I like warm weather more than cold, I rather sweat than to tremble and freeze. I live in a really hot place, so yeah I am used to it. People think I am weird for actually liking warm weather more than cold, at least in summers, it is easier to get cooler than to get warm. My body temperature is very weird then. I hate winter, I freeze to death and cannot stand the cold at all, thank god it does not go below 0° where I am from, I keep shaking from cold, which annoys me. Plus it is hard for me to get warm, and I cannot eat cold foods. And less vacations too, that stinks.

I think when it is summer you can do more stuff like play outside or like go swimming or like go to the beach you can go to the beach on winter but it won't be as fun as summer is. And the reason I like winter is because you can stay inside and play video games a lot and on summer you should go outside

True but here summer gets way to hot and for me it's unbearable. Of course I'm not saying summer is a bad season and there are good aspects. But I don't like it when it gets too hot.

2 You can swim in summer

I like swimming more than snow. It is dope, I want to go swim in a pool now, I always liked getting wet and cool in the water. But snow is also great, very fun to play in. Actually, I like both, so yeah.

What about swimming in winter? It's still fun and very refreshing if you are in your local swimming pool.

I love swimming because it's fun, very good exercise & at least you'll know how to swim!

3 No school

I've never liked school, so summer is my time to really enjoy life. It's a darn shame summer vacation is only 2 1/2 months long. As a warm weather lover, heat is second on my list too!

In Australia my birthday is in January, which is in Summer & I'm very lucky!

I'm doing a writing and this is one of the reasons I'm using!

4 It's more fun to go outside in the summer

Well, yes, naturally! Although yesterday I went to watch an open-air show, which was lovely; I wore my prettiest lace dress because it's light and airy. I didn't realise until I got home and undressed just how much my fair skin had caught the sun...I now have little flower-shaped, sun-baked marks all over my chest, belly, and thighs. I look wild!

Yes, it is, I get to go on my bike, or run around, or play soccer in my backyard, even go on my scooter. In winter, it is too cold to go outside. Plus, I hate cloudy and rainy days, I like sunny days, the days are more nostalgic to me than winter days. But I like snow though, but it does not snow where I live.

Yeah, maybe if it's at night, but during the day, I stay indoors.

5 In winter you get numb

It also happens to me as well, getting numb from the cold is really annoying to me.

Cold hands are the worst.

6 You can relax almost everyday in summer

Which is good

Yeah me too I don't like school but a thing I do like is go and relax outside in summer

7 More things to do

I agree, you get to go to the beach or mountains and the roads are safe. In winter, those places might have snow, making it dangerous to drive on and you can't go there.

Nah I would have to disagree, winter has more stuff to do! But even though I'm a Australian, it's still pretty fun in the winter!

I agree. Their are way more things to do like swim, go to the beach, play volleyball and much more. Summer beats Winter by a longshot

8 BBQs
9 Going to the beach

I just don't like the beach, In Australia, it's just way too hot!

I can get to have fun at the beach!

The boardwalks in NJ are fun!

10 You get chapped hands in winter

Me too. Because in Winter you can get a Frostbite.

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11 Eat cold food

Ice cream is better in the summer than in the winter.

I like scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!

Icecream! Heck yeah! My favorite icecream flavor by the way is Oreo Cookies N Cream. Though I am more of a fan of savory and spicy food than sweet, I am a huge chocolate fan, I want everything to be chocolate flavor.

12 Go on more vacations

My parents are boring. They rarely go on vacation during the summer. I usually have to beg for my vacations

I prefer going on vacation during the fall or winter.

13 You get more advantages

One example is doing things that you can't do in winter.

14 You can get tan in summer

It makes my skin darker which is fun because I can swim a lot more.

I hate having tan skin

15 Most people who have summer birthdays don't have to go to school.

My birthday is not in the summer, my birthday is in November, in the autumn. On my birthday I skip school, and I don't care if it's a weekday.

This is the only thing I like about summer (besides summer vacation). Other than that, summer can go jump off a cliff.

Summer is awesome. Summer is like having a two month birthday even if you birthday isn't in the summer! that's how fun I think summer is!

16 More fun
17 Better weather

What's makes me jealous is that you guys have Blizzards and I would love that but since I'm a Australian, that weather doesn't happen near me, but I can tell you right now, Australia is a pretty good place for winter, but Summer in Australia is just awfully disgusting! Even though my birthday is in the Summer!

The weather during the summer sucks because it gets too hot and it's hard to cool down. Also, I hate the sun because it burns me and it's way too bright. Sunshine makes me angry.

18 You don't get sick that often

What about late August/early - mid September when you go back to school?

Winter and Fall are the seasons were people get sick most.

Most only suffer from mild allergies in summer.

19 More time with family

Um my parent work?
So this dose not amply tome

How? My mom and dad both work

20 Sports

Summer is a more adequate way to enjoy the sports you love.

The good sports!

21 Get to go camping with family
22 No snow

I hate snow it is one of the worst things in my life. The only good thing about winter is Christmas. Other than that winter is just a horrible season. Winter is not my thing and I dislike the change of seasons. Too bad my birthday is in the winter. I wish I was born in Florida and not New Jersey.

Snow is cold and putrid

So much car crashes

23 Longer days
24 Easier to get comfortable

In winter it's too cold outside to not wear a coat and inside it's as hot as hell.

25 You get shocked by things a lot more often in the winter
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