Best Things Associated With the Color Blue

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1 Calm

You could think of the color blue when you're trying to be calm. You could also think of the colors green, yellow, or orange when you're trying to be calm.

I have heard that blue is a calming colour.

2 Blue Whale The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal and a baleen whale. Reaching a maximum confirmed length of 29.9 meters (98 ft) and weighing up to 199 metric tons (196 long tons; 219 short tons), it is the largest animal known to have ever existed. The blue whale's long and slender body can be of various shades of greyish-blue dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath. Four subspecies are recognized: B. m. musculus in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, B. m. intermedia in the Southern Ocean, B. m. brevicauda (the pygmy blue whale) in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean, B. m. indica in the Northern Indian Ocean. There is also a population in the waters off Chile that may constitute more.

Keep swimming, big dude.

A beautiful giant.

3 Sky

Look at it when you're trying to be calm.

4 Blueberries

As yummy as they are pretty.

Give me a bunch of these.

5 Loyalty

For some reason I am obsessed with loyalty.

6 Water

One of the things essential to life.

I like to swim in water.

7 Blue Jay The Blue Jay (Latin name 'Cyanocitta Cristata') is a passerine bird in the Corvidae family . It's also known as a 'Jaybird' and it's name comes from it's noisy nature . It is native to North America and is in most of eastern and central US although some go to to other countries . Breeding populations can be found in southern Canada and resident populations can be found in Newfoundland as well as the US . The Blue Jay measures 22-30cm from it's bill to it's tail and weights 70-100g . It's wingspan is 34-43cm . They have a crest on their heads, a crown of feathers that can be raised and lowered according to the bird's mood . When excited or aggressive, the crest will be fully raised . When frightened, more.
8 Bluebonnet

The flower of my state.

9 Flame

Fire that is blue is some of the hottest fire around, like stars (blue stars are the hottest temperature).

Yeah, Blue flames exist! Also, blue giant superstar, ever heard of it?

There can be blue flames.

10 Moon

Has anyone else heard of the term 'blue moon'?

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11 Ocean

The Ocean, lots of blue

12 Sapphire

One of the world's most beautiful gemstones.

13 Eyes

Mine are blue, but under certain lighting, they appear grey.

Siberian husky eyes

I have blue eyes.

14 Blue Diamond

The Heart of Eternity. That's the name of the Diamond in that picture.

That looks like something I currently can't afford.

Such a beautiful picture.

Wow! What is that?

15 Jeans
16 Berry

Several colors are associated with berries.

17 Peacock The peafowl include two Asiatic bird species (the blue or Indian peafowl originally of India and Sri Lanka and the green peafowl of Myanmar, Indochina, and Java) and one African species (the Congo peafowl native only to the Congo Basin) of bird in the genera Pavo and Afropavo of the Phasianidae family, the pheasants and their allies, known for the male's piercing call and, among the Asiatic species, his extravagant eye-spotted tail covert feathers which he displays as part of a courtship ritual.

One of the world's most beautiful birds.

18 Benitoite

The Sapphire isn't the only blue gemstone.

Another beautiful blue gemstone.

19 Lapis Lazuli
20 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

This blue dude was cool in the first 3 games and the cd game. Only his obsessed fans thought he was cool after that, since he became a blue dummy that pretended to be cool.

21 Blueberry Muffins

These are the best muffins. No one can question that.

22 Cheese

Nobody even likes this rotten cheese.

23 Goodness
24 Coelacanth Coelacanths are lobe-fin fish that have lived more than 70 million years ago. Two kinds are still around today, swimming in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.
25 Tom the Cat

He's not blue, is he?

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