Top 10 Socially Acceptable Things That Should Be Considered Unacceptable

We live in a world full of unwritten rules and social norms that guide our daily interactions. Most of these norms have a purpose - they keep society running smoothly and ensure we're not stepping on each other's toes too much. But what about those norms that seem to do more harm than good? Or the ones that have stuck around for way too long, refusing to evolve with the times?

We're talking about the things that people do every day, the things that no one blinks an eye at but maybe should cause a collective pause. Why do we just accept them? Maybe because it's easier, or perhaps we've just never really stopped to think about it. Either way, this list is all about challenging the status quo.
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1 Parents Not Calming Their Kids Down in Public

This will also reflect on how they perform in schools, since they'll be the ones getting all the referrals, detentions, reports, and such. The sad thing is, school systems nowadays are hard on both teachers and parents, causing the level of entitlement to rise and the kids to become increasingly out of control.

Discipline is important. It's crucial for teachers to establish discipline before they can effectively teach. If they can't establish discipline, it's also on the parent for not having done it sooner.

I know, right? Like, you need to discipline your children so they will understand the appropriate reaction later in life. What will people think if they have a meltdown when they're like 22 just because they didn't get something that they wanted?

2 Distracted Driving

This should be #1 because if you're too busy looking at your phone and not keeping your eyes on the road, you'll get into an accident. Who knows, you might have killed somebody, and now you could be going to jail. At least screaming and crying children aren't deadly (they're pretty annoying, though). According to some websites, 82% of people are killed by drivers who are either very drunk or too careless to even look at the road. So how, just HOW, are screaming babies worse than drunk/distracted drivers? The latter can basically kill you, while the former just annoys you.

KelseyPower out!

3 Using Speakerphone in Public

Why do people do this? Have you ever heard of headphones? I can promise you that nobody wants to hear the conversation you're having on the phone. If you have to take a phone call in public, call back later when you're in a quieter place to have more privacy. Or even better, just text the person and have the conversation that way. The same thing applies to people who listen to music or videos too loudly without earbuds. Be considerate of everyone else.

I hate when people use TikTok in public places and on public transport and don't put their headphones on.

4 Asking Couples When They Are Going to Have Kids

First of all, this is a rude question to ask, and it's very invasive. It's not anyone else's business whether or not a couple has kids. On top of that, unless you're family, why would you even care in the first place? Even if you are family, it's still a rude question to ask.

There's no reason why you should be trying to influence or nudge people into having kids. It's a big decision to make and a massive commitment in multiple ways. Plus, you don't know if it's a sensitive topic, such as if they have suffered a miscarriage in the past or are incapable of conceiving children.

I mean, you're essentially asking someone if they have been intimate with their partner, and it's creepy and awkward. It makes you come off as very nosy about other people's relationships and things that are none of your business.

5 Entry-Level Positions Requiring Several Years of Experience

Why is it that companies list their entry-level jobs and then say you need like 6 years of experience? This defeats the whole purpose. An entry-level job is one where pretty much anyone could walk in and get trained on-site for what they need to do. It's meant for high school students who need some cash, like working at McDonald's for example. It's also for those who have just graduated from college and are looking for the first job they can land with their degree.

The point of an entry-level job is to build up work experience for higher-level positions. And let's not even talk about unpaid internships. They are useless. Nobody wants to be hired to do office chores without gaining any meaningful experience. It's frustrating trying to find jobs that have requirements that are impossible to meet. If you're looking for an entry-level job, you're obviously seeking experience that you don't currently have. Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking for an entry-level job.

6 Forcing Religion on Others

There was someone online who tried to force Christianity on me (I'm non-religious). That's the reason why I still can't really accept that religion. I accept everything else, though.

I don't remember having religion forced upon me in person. However, I think some parents force religion down their kids' throats - even in America, which literally has the First Amendment protecting freedom of religion. While I don't have first-hand experience with this, it must be extremely annoying to have religion shoved down your throat.

7 Going to Work While Sick

I feel like a lot of employers give employees a hard time about taking time off for being sick. This is mainly because they think people are lying and faking illness. Consequently, I feel like people try to tough it out and go to work just to avoid their manager getting onto them about it. The problem is that they end up exposing everyone else around them to illness.

COVID has somewhat changed this dynamic, thankfully. However, it seems like many managers are still very strict about this issue. As a result, a lot of people are "encouraged" to go into work and risk spreading disease, just so the company can function and upper management doesn't get upset. It's as if you have to prove to the company that you're genuinely sick. Yet, if you do go to work sick, they will still ridicule you and ask why you didn't call in. It's essentially a lose-lose situation. On one end, yes, companies need their employees to function, but if people are sick, they need to rest and heal rather than continue to work and stress their already unhealthy condition.

8 Documenting Daily Life on Social Media

It's no surprise that people feel the need to let the entire world know what they're doing at every moment of the day. I don't care if you got Starbucks this morning. I don't care if you got a fancy-looking dish at a restaurant. You're just begging for attention. Personally, I only post something if it's a special occasion, like traveling to a famous landmark.

Worse yet are parents who like to post pictures of their kids on their Facebook page without their permission. They really try to embarrass you in front of their friends for no reason. Sometimes it's okay if it's a family photo or something like an achievement of some kind. But after you're old enough to have social media, parents need to stop posting your pictures on their accounts without permission from you.

9 Smoking in Front of Children

Not only does it set a bad example for kids, inadvertently teaching them that it's okay to smoke when really it's not, but it also exposes children to secondhand smoke from a very young age, which can have consequences on their health. Please, if you're a smoker and you have kids, don't do it in front of your kids, or at least let them know as early as possible that it's bad for their health and, most importantly, it's one of the hardest things to quit.

It's not good for a child's development. It has already been established that smoking is bad, so why would you do it in front of your kids? Especially if you have an addiction gene in your family, it's a bad influence on younger minds.

10 Silencing Questions

Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but why did California pass that law banning misinformation? Patients have the right to know the risks of vaccines. All vaccines have risks. They're not perfect.

The truth fears no investigation.

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11 Loud Motorbikes

In countries such as Switzerland, two-wheelers that make noises above 80 dB will be fined. During the lockdowns in 2020, many people complained about the noises made by these vehicles, which led to the passing of this law and stricter controls. Who really needs a loud motorbike anyway?

Like, we know that your bike can go vroom vroom. You don't have to flex on it.

12 Girls Hitting Boys

This is overlooked sexism. People usually ignore when a girl hits a boy, but when it's the other way around, the police are called.

The fact that girls can hit boys and get away with it, but boys aren't allowed to fight back, is feminism at its core.

I'm a woman saying this because I agree that domestic abuse, or anything like it, is wrong no matter the gender.

13 Babies Crying in Public Places

Please stop discriminating against little children! Babies can't help it. It's their way of communicating. If you're annoyed, just go to a different area.

14 Bringing Little Kids to R-Rated Movies

Seriously, find a sitter or someone to watch your kid. If a movie is rated R, it could contain any combination of violence, horror, blood, death, and strong language - you get the idea. The point is, kids generally don't like that kind of stuff. It can be traumatic for them and a nightmare for you and everyone else in the theater. I'll even go as far as to say, don't bring your kids to movies in general unless it's a film specifically targeted for children. I can speak on behalf of the rest of the theater - nobody wants to hear a screaming child.

Some kids might like horror and gory stuff, but some doesn't equal all.

15 Toddlers Breaking Other People's Things
16 Beauty Pageants for Kids

While I generally don't like pageants in general, as I feel that people's physical beauty shouldn't be an industry, it's more of an issue to me when it involves kids. Their self-image is very vulnerable and can be shaped to be either quite prideful or self-hating based on these events.

I firmly agree on this. France was apparently the first Western country to ban child beauty pageants in 2013. It's a pity other countries didn't follow their example.

Stop forcing labels on others. It's unfair and makes people feel bad about themselves. So just stop.

17 Speculating Over People's Sexuality

Admittedly, this does get some backlash, but still, there are people obsessed with the thought that some people (especially celebrities) are hiding their sexuality and sometimes relationships.

You realize that even if it's true, it's not any of your business, right?

I hate when people do that. Also, you have the right to experiment and be undecided about your sexuality before knowing to whom you're really attracted.

18 Working on Off-Days

Has anyone else received a call, text, or email from your employer asking you to come in? Or asking for something at 9:00 PM that can wait until tomorrow? Now, yes, sometimes things come up and it's an urgent matter. But nine times out of ten, I'm not checking my email outside of office hours because I'm paid to work during my scheduled hours. I'm not paid to check my emails every single second of the day.

Honestly, I consider responding to work emails as part of working. If I'm not scheduled to be at work, I'm not doing anything work-related until I'm back at work. You only get so much time off, and I'm not wasting any of it. And if anyone asks, it's none of your business why I'm not responding. If the manager needs me to come in but I'm not scheduled, they need to find somebody to cover for me. That's not my problem. You didn't do your job correctly. The company needs to respect that employees need days off. No company should mandate you into saying yes in that situation.

19 Saying Someone Needs to Get Laid

You can't pressure someone, whether a friend or a relative, into getting laid - or even losing their virginity when it comes to teens and college students. It's their bodies. It's their choice if they want to get laid. Period. End of discussion.

I'd much rather be a virgin for life than risk being forced to pay child support for life to someone who won't use it to help the child.

Telling someone else to get laid doesn't affect whether the person saying it does or not. Nobody cares.

20 Drinking Alcohol

More like "getting drunk." I think society needs to stop glorifying this because it can have huge consequences on your body and your mental health.

This is literally a drug. Getting drunk should NOT be glorified. It has lots of negative effects and can hurt other people around you.

More like getting drunk. You might as well say drinking alcohol before driving.

21 Wearing Too Much Perfume or Cologne

We all know people who drench themselves in perfume or cologne just to smell nice. The problem is that the scent becomes so strong that the person reeks of it. It's so overpowering that everyone else around them can't handle it. If you can taste the scent of the product, then the person is wearing way too much. A little goes a long way. No more than two sprays are all you need. The product isn't designed for massive sprays at once. Wearing too much is honestly just as bad, if not worse, than body odor.

I hate it when I'm on public transport and there's an overwhelming smell of cologne from the person next to me.

22 Swearing in Front of Children

Swearing needs to stop. I know they are just words, but they can be very damaging. When I was a kid, I was exposed to a lot of swearing. I used to get upset when I heard swear words, and it made life harder for me. I'm still bothered by it. People are swearing a lot more these days than ever before. Even kids are swearing now, and it's getting out of control.

At a playground, I saw a young man swearing even though there were many children present.

This is why more and more children are using adult language.

23 Using "Gay" to Mean Stupid

There are other words to use as a synonym for "stupid." I've never understood why the word "gay" is used. It doesn't even make sense, as it means something totally different.

The literal definition of "gay" is someone attracted to other people of their same gender, usually male. Since when did it mean "stupid"? Did some popular celebrity use it to mean "stupid," and by sheer luck, everyone started using it to mean "stupid" instead of getting canceled?

24 Killing People's Fun with Facts

The point of a joke is not taking it seriously.

I'm playing Monopoly. I don't care if the Twin Towers don't exist anymore.

25 Asking a Girl Why She Is So Skinny

Simply put, body shaming needs to stop because you never know what someone may be going through. For example, I knew a kid who had cancer (he died of it, RIP) and gained a lot of weight because of the medication he had to take. This made him look very chubby, whereas he was usually thin. It's too easy to judge when you don't know, so please be compassionate and respectful towards people regardless of their appearance.

Just like asking anyone why they are fat. People have different body types and morphologies, so stop asking such questions already.

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