Top 10 Things You Would Want to Do If You Were Immortal

Being immortal is both seen as a curse and a blessing. One upside is that you'll obviously live forever; you would spend time pursuing your passions without the concern of time running out. The opportunities of experiencing lifetime moments is at an all-time high, but the downside is that you will face a slew of obstacles - such as seeing your loved ones die, a risk of being tracked by the government, facing lifetime prison, or even witnessing the end of the universe if you were also invincible. But let's ignore the cons and consider the opportunities first, what would you do if you had the chance to become immortal? This list demonstrates 10 common things people would want to choose doing if they were to be granted by immortality.
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1 Be fluent in every language

Only if you had a quantum hyper intellect with an IQ of infinity to match your life span.

2 Build a utopia

I might do that...

3 Record history

There's something intriguing behind the fact you could at least try to record history at a certain place and attempt to correct every bias as possible. Or even bolder, attempt to write every large-scale event that has happened around the world.

4 Invent something

Maybe it would take tenacious effort to invent something that could be revolutionary, but hey you got "lots" of time to think about what exactly you want to invent. Ideally a time machine is what people would come up first.

I would invent a LOT of things.

5 Try not to get caught by the government

Assuming if you're the only person to stay immortal. Eventually one way or another somebody else might find you as an immortal being, so better stay off the grid without any human interaction and sustain yourself, and probably going on a rough road finding ways to entertain or enlighten yourself before you eventually become insane.

6 Read every book

The speed of how many books gets published would definitely surpass how much books would you read per year. Of course there needs to be a standard. Why not narrow this to one thing that is reading every "good" book?

7 Conquer the world

Assuming you're both invincible and immortal. Some clever nefarious inventions would help you reach your goal. There must be one way or another to achieve this, but this comes with the risk of consequences such as a lifetime in prison. If conquering the earth doesn't seem satisfying to you perhaps you can conquer the entire galaxy or something.

There are lots of stories that involve characters who are immortal, but not many about ones who are also invincible.

If I was invincible, yes.

8 Find out how you became immortal
9 Try acquiring every skill

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to master a skill in average? The average life expectancy for an average human being is 79 years. That is approximately 692,514 hours. Consider we sleep 8 hours an average, so subtract 692,514 by 230,838 then you get 461,676 hours. Another third fraction of your life is spent working 8 hours a day (assuming we don't count retirement). So in total that is 2/3 hours used so you are left with approximately 230,838 hours. Let's say you spend 4 more hours doing household, self-care, and relationship necessities before spending your time on lesiure, so divide 230,838 hours by 2 and you get 115,419 hours. Finally, let's assume you spend an hour of commuting from work to home, so deduct 28855 hours then you are left with only 86564 hours; that is 21 hours used in priorities, so you are basically left with 3 hours doing leisure time if we throw out other variables out of the way. Ignoring genetic factors and talent let's assume it would take an ...more

Wow you are good math

10 Dive into the ocean

Assuming you're not affected by the pressure of the water the more you dive down deep, it would be an interesting journey considering most of the oceans are yet to be explored. The only disadvantage is that you could be eaten by a large sea creature, and/or there would be no light the further you dive down.

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11 Slack off

Person 1: Hey! Let's go to the movie theater some day.
Person 2: Nah, maybe tomorrow, there's always another century (repeat over 500,000 times)

I slack off all the time, I would love this!

12 Travel around the world

Try circumnavigating all over the world first, then visiting every famous location you want to see on earth, then filling out other gaps on your enormous travel lists. What would be more adventurous? Consider how many unexplored places there are, including small islands. Ideally this is what many people would prefer to do if they were to be immortal

The first thing I would do.

13 Play every video game

Or try to play every video game, or just play those hundreds of unused games in your steam library. This is probably what would be the very first choice many people would do, but obviously in the long course this would lead to burn out.

14 Cover every song
15 Steal everyone’s shoes

Yup, definitely would do that. Would count for my shoe collection for sure.

16 Try to break the laws of physics
17 Rob a bank

Just don't get caught, or face the risk of 20 years in prison. That's all

18 Sleep in until noon

Realistically we'd do this everyday procrastinating decades to decades

19 Jump into a volcano

I would try and die so many ways, assuming I can't feel the pain of death.

20 Insult every person that has existed
21 Buy a rocket ship
22 Learn how to bend reality
23 Watch every movie
24 Watch every TV show
25 Listen to every song
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