Top 10 Things That Make You Cry

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1 Somebody Dying

Death really is sad. About three years ago my cousins on my Dad's side of the family lost their father which was our uncle. Their father had been sick with Leukemia cancer and was so ill trying all the treatments he could. Eventually closer to the end of summer my family went to visit our cousins and their father to say goodbye to him one last time. I remember he sat there on the couch with his breathing tube in as we all each got turns to talk to him and hold his hand. He was in such pain but still holding on to his life to say goodbye to his loved ones. He would say how much he loved all of us and he knew we would be great in life. Then after we said our goodbyes he told his wife to unplug the breathing tub so he could pass the pain and leave. After we left and got home later, My Mom got a text from their family saying that he had passed. I remember looking up at the clouds and above crying feeling heartbroken. But I knew that he had passed and was in a better place, Heaven he was going to the most peaceful place in the world. His death was beautiful and heartbreaking. Death is very sad and depressing, But death is also beautiful, Not because of how you die, But how you leave the world of struggles knowing you will see your family in heaven one day again. Death is both sad and beautiful knowing where you will go and who you will see again.

2 Losing a Friend

Losing a's hard trust me. You can't picture your life without a best friend. There super strong you admire them. You never forget every ounce of happiness they left in your heart. You will have a special place in your heart for them... but if they move or something happens to them there will be a hole in your heart that will never be filled again. Your heart aches knowing you won't see them... knowing you won't get to laugh at their jokes...knowing you can't skip over a desk in class to ask them for an answer. It's not a goodbye... this is a see you later best friend. I MISS YOU ever!

Most of my friends betrayed me. Most of the the good ones moved away. I had a group who never moved and were nice but teachers split us into different classes because we use to misbehave in class. But after that my already awful friend making skills were damaged. And ever since it's been hard to make friends.

Misbehaving isn't a reason to split friends up. Apparently making fart noises means being split up from your friends, but popular girls doing drugs are allowed to stay together and be influenced by each other to do drugs.

I feel so lonely. I wish I had good friends;Again like I used to.

3 Asking Someone Out and Being Told No

At when the right moment come where I express my feeling and the next day she gave her answer.
It's both happy because she gave her answer so I won't be tortured by the feeling of dread, and sad because of her answer that she doesn't have have the same feeling as me
Never would I though being friendzoned and rejected at the same time will be this painful

And then I sit in the corner and listen to the sound of silence for 40 hours straight.

I remember devoting my heart to someone, for two years, and they didn't give theirs. The feeling of rejection, wasting 2 years waiting for someone, it just tears me down... but remember one thing: You don't need anyone that doesn't need you. That guy, he feels stupid because when he saw me a year later, he thought I was hot, but TOO LATE!

4 Being Bullied or Made Fun Of

My school has really nice people and when they call you this you know it's a joke but this happened.
So everyone's favorite teacher is a jokester. He decided to write on the window above the door 'loser' so whenever anyone stood in front of the door, you'd see that. Even the school secretary accidentally fell for it.

My sis got asked out as a prank she said no but her friend sayed yes and she cryed buckets when she got dumped. She was just like 'why did he doo that I mean I didn't do nothing wrong. Then I got asked out as a prank and I said ye and he dumped me so I battered him!... Laugh out loud he came to my dor the next day and apologized.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa lines:

Old Lady: Come in Tokyo!
*twists Alex's nipple*
Alex: *screams*

This is so nasty and painful, yet funny.

5 Seeing the One You Love, Loving Someone Else

Whether they are cheating on you, or they are an ex that you still have feelings for, seeing them love someone else is one of the most heart wrenching feelings ever. Sometimes, you have a huge crush on someone, and you fall in love. When you think you are over them, don't be so sure. If you see them devoting their heart to someone else, you realize that a small bit of you, still belongs to them. I just broke down that day.

I know that hurts. To see your crush with someone else. Sometimes that's just how things are. You love them but that person makes them happy. If anyone feels this way,then go tell the one you love that you care. Don't let anything get in the way. Hurry while you still have a chance. The more time you waste the less of a chance you'll have to ever be with them.

YEP! This guy that was my only true crush dated me then broke up with me for this other girl. While we were still dating he asked me if she liked him and had told me that he liked her while we were still dating. Now she's all he talks about.

6 Physical Pain

You don't even realize how PAINFUL those ants are, I read they feel like a gunshot wound, and you will cry for days, the pain lasts up to 24 hours.

I once got stung by those big helicopter wasps and I didn't cry. Bee stings are nothing.

It's actually true, bee stings are so painful you will actually cry for a long time.

7 Losing a Pet

My dog's name was Pogui (weird, right? ), and he was the best dog any person could've had. I always let him get up on my bed... until that day... he was 13 years old... I found on his bed, I thought he was sleeping... but he wasn't. His heart stopped beating. When they took him away, I cried all day. I tried to when he was being burned, but I just couldn't. I still keep his ashes, and every time I remember him, I cry. Just like I'm doing right now. Pogui, I MISS YOUU!

A pet is like a loyal friend that is always at your side they don't see all the flaws that you may see when you look in a mirror they love you for your personality so it is very hard to get over the fact the best friend is now gone.

My dad's Maltese, Duke and Akita, Queen died and I was torn up about it. I only cried twice about it. My only regret is that I never hung out with Queen. I still miss them.

8 Your Parents Getting a Divorce

Happened when I was 2. My dad hurt my mom. Not me tho. Then my mom married my step dad at the end of the year.
7 years later...
My mom is going through Divorce again. With my step dad. It's gonna be finalized next week.

This also happened to me. I finally understood how soul-crushing it was. I'm glad they're still together and they're even thinking about marriage.

It is really hard when you have seen your parents together for so long and now they are going their own paths.

9 Bad Grades

Sometimes I'll deny it, but I'm a big nerd so this is my nightmare.
I, an unathletic, out of shape girl from theater class, played in a soccer game against some of the best in our town, just to get a better grade in gym
I, the laziest of all people, decided to do a team project by myself after I my project sucked.
I, a girl who is the opposite of pain tolerant, accidentally stabbed myself 3 times trying to finish my final project for theater.
I, the emotionless, rock hard girl, break down at the thought of getting anything below 85% grade.

Bad grades can't always be sad sometimes you work hard to get those grades so it really all depends on you. But it can be a little stressful to have strict parents that always expects more from you.

My parents are super strict and whenever I got a bad test grade, I imagined how disappointed and mad my parents would be and I'd start sobbing.

10 Failure

I always somehow feel as if I failed someone or something and it tears me apart.

You eat yourself alive.

People will judge

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11 Missing someone

It really hurts, especially when you can;t do anything about it. It also hurts a lot when someone leaves and you miss them but they're doing just fine without you. You wish you could move on but you just can't seem too. Like seriously I'm sorry if this is happening to you

12 Movies

I didn't cry to this. It's not even the saddest movie from Pixar in my opinion.

Why did it have to be Kylo? He's a loser. And I didn't cry at this. I rarely cry.

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast ending actually got me choked up!

13 Breaking Up

I can't think of anything worse.
& seriously getting turned down by someone you asked out is worse than your parents getting a divorce or someone being really sick seriously? & I know someone dying is bad but everyone has to die, right? but some people are lucky enough to never have to face the d word.

It's like a death. It's hard to deal with and takes time.

I broke up with Julia because she cheated on me with dumbass Paul

14 Being Proud of Someone

My friend got a main role in a play and I cried watching her oops and it was during funny scenes

You guys are weird.

15 Stress

Stress makes me cry out of nowhere, when I get stressed, ai immediately burst out crying, that's how fragile I am.

School stresses you out

16 TV Shows

ICarly ending with super emotional episode iGoodbye
Big Time Rush ending with the most emotional episode Big Time Dreams
A. N. T. Farm ending with the episode I was never watched

I get SO mad when K.C. Undercover does not show up. I feel like the television is tricking me!

Damn who would have known that animated characters would make a person so sad.

17 Regret

Regret is hard because you know you can't change the past. But you must still understand that you cannot change it, so instead, move on.

There's way too many things that I regret.

Oh, you mean everything I've ever done?

18 Losing Something Valuable

I have this one stuffed animal that I have had since I was about 3, and I literally cannot sleep without it. This stuffed animal is about the size between my elbow and the tips of my fingers, so about a foot long. As a person with insomnia, it's already hard to sleep, so when my mom takes this stuffed animal away and says, "Just grow up, you don't need this old thing," and throws it away, I will get up at midnight and try to find it. But for all the people thinking that's gross, I just can't sleep without it, and I need sleep like any other human.

Years ago I used to sleep with my baby blanket and when it would get lost in my bed somewhere I would wake up and panic and frantically search for it until I could find it.

I really don't want to lose anything, especially things that mean a lot to me.

19 Illness

My great grandpa died of cancer.

20 Music

Happier by Marshmello the video makes me cry because the dog dies and even if she gets a new dog its not the same.

I saw the music video flor dare you to move by switchfoot and just felt like crying... But I'm not a cry-er-person ;p

Ariana Grande's song One Last Time makes me cry. All this because of what happened in 2017

21 Hunger

Today I took the hardest gym test of my life involving too much running, I shook my leg for 1 to 2 hours straight, typed for two hours straight, and played in a soccer game only running on
A chocolate bar
a lemon bar
0 glasses of water
1 cup of coffee.
And I didn't cry at all.

I don't what takes family's my size a month to eat it takes me a week to eat I'm surprise I'm skinny

22 Terrorism
23 Disappointment

My crush was sad and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. It wasn't like them to be sad or show that they were sad

Sometimes I feel like I am a disappointment to my family and friends.

24 Genocide
25 Anxiety

I have a severe anxiety disorder. Like really bad and nobody understands at its like. All of a sudden whatever you were thinking of before completely is blacked out and gone. All you see and imagine is the worst possible things going through your mind and the worst feeling. You feel like you might die. And after you attacks over, all you can do is cry.

I voted for anxiety because sometimes when my mom goes out somewhere I get scared.

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