Top Ten Things that Require Patience

There are things we want to do in life & they require patience.
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1 Achieving Goals

Reaching your goals takes the most patience of all. There's so much involved in it, planning, luck & trust. Yet some goals take years to even decades to achieve, such as meeting your favorite idols/celebrities, jobs, making millions of dollars, marriage, or having children. There's nothing harder in patience than achieving goals & some goals including having children involve stress, anxiety, torture & misery & the results overcome everything. Plus goals also takes luck & not everyone's lucky enough to fulfill their dreams. Plus we can't guarantee everything in life & some things never happen. Some people even want to achieve a marathon & never fulfill it, some want to meet their favorite stars & they never fulfill that either. There are people who wanted a child/children & never had any. This is the peak of all & hasn't been eclipsed by anything since the beginning of time.

2 Having a Child

Having children takes unbelievable amounts of patience. You think about having children, but you wait many years to even decades to have it, much of your whole life. It takes relationships, friendship, decisions, trust & marriage, & then you have to get pregnant & go through 9 months of unimaginable torture & misery that you never experienced before & then the results come. Yet even having another child or multiple children is another step in patience. It's known that despite all the hassle, stress, anxiety & misery it involves, it's worth everything & the biggest goal in life.

3 Space Travel

Going to space is a big dream many have, but it isn't easy. You have to have more knowledge than imaginable & spend years & decades in classes & college studying about the science, math & work involved in space travel. Not to mention the stresses it puts on your body, such as liftoff g-forces, 0-g, motion sickness, dizziness, vertigo, other sicknesses & a sense of impending doom. You also have to be completely competent about your mission because if you mess up, nobody will ever save you. It's like getting lost in the jungle or desert with no one else able to find you. You have to have full responsibility for such a mission as well. Yet it takes a whole lot of luck as not everyone can make it to/back from space alive. Space isn't built for the body & it's a huge risk to take & a huge example of patience. You have to be extremely patient & go through all the courses to achieve the dream of going to space.

4 Marriage

Marriage involves relationships, love, trust & of course patience. You have to trust & relate well & agree what the other says & wait years to decades for it to come true. People wanted to be married for years & eventually after tons of patience & even guilt trips along with having a boyfriend/girlfriend, they eventually engage & after more trust & patience, they finally marry. It's one thing in life never to be forgotten & remarriage to another after one's divorce also takes such patience.

5 Meeting Your Favorite Idol/Celebrity

Meeting your favorite idol/celebrity is not as easy as you think. You have to wait for your favorite idol/celebrity to follow you on any platforms. Then you have to wait many years, & not just that, but even decades, like much of your life, 1st of all, for the star to be announced, yet being unexpected, makes it a huge surprise & a thrill that makes your heart jump out. You also have to plan accordingly in advance & remember your favorite idol/celebrity. Yet it costs lots of money to go to wherever the star goes & that includes travel to & there's a lottery system where many will click on their favorite stars & few will win that chance, meaning it takes whole lots of luck to plan on meeting & you have to wait for the moment whether or not you'll win the lottery, which places huge anxiety on you. There's so much stress & anxiety involved in planning to meet your star. Then at the event you'd have to be with the rest of the crowds (triggering crowd-related agoraphobia & claustrophobia) ...more

6 Art

Artwork is not easy like you think. It involves skill & some things aren't meant for us. For example, drawing involves lots of patience to think of the idea & repetitiveness, leading to overuse injuries & animation's the biggest example of repetitive drawings & their injuries. Yet other arts include performance arts, which involve years of endurance & torturously disciplining activities to achieve, yet that's something the body wasn't built for & other examples of that are gymnastics & acrobatics, which can even be dangerous (yet some people died in circus accidents) & some cheer leading moves are artistic & definitely tough & so is skating. Yet ballet is especially hard & involves moves that make you prone to multiple injuries. Art involves skill & patience more than what the mind initially thinks.

Art, one of the best things about this world in my opinion. I draw stuff on my computer in my freetime sometimes. It definitely requires patience

7 Passing Your Driver's Test

Driving isn't as easy as you'd initially think, as you have to concentrate & try multiple times to pass. Taking a driver's test opens you to that world & even involves the unknowns which make you nervous & anxious, such as the fear of getting into an accident or simply failing. You also take studies & classes to get the tests & driving on the move. You have to be extremely patient for this as it's not all fun & games as it looks. Not to mention driving means not much leg motion & that combined with the pressure leads to overuse injuries that make it harder to walk afterwards & that especially makes more sense after a really long continuous drive.

8 Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is the most stressful time of the year for shopping. Huge crowds form & there are long lines & some even camp out at night. Plus many customers fight through begging for a new deal.

9 Conventions

Conventions are extremely crowded & expensive, yet planning has to be done accordingly in advance. Yet you have to wait in long, seemingly endless, lines to the center & the things inside them, such as panels, meet & greets, some merch. There's also many people to deal with & it even takes patience to wait to tell them what you're taking about. Even planning takes patience as you have to make so much money & spend it & all the travelfare involved, yet planning is done long in advance. Yet the prices for badges & stuff can also be high & lots of stuff there can be overpriced. Now it also takes patience to wait for lottery results & even to go to the restrooms, as they're filled with people. Not to mention some people waited so long & missed out on other things including panels they wanted to go to or some meetups & merch. There's so much to do at those things & whole lots of patience too.

I Have a Religious Convention I Have to go Every Year. Allow me to Explain. Friday is a Meh day when it Comes to Patience But, It is NOTHING Compared to Saturday. Saturday is a Claustrophobic's Worst Nightmare. Mainly Because Lots of More People are there and It Requires Lots of Patience Because of one Section: Baptism. Though You Get Used to it When Sunday Arrives.

10 A Ride at Disneyland

This should be changed to amusement/theme park rides/attractions as those are known for long lines & many people have to stand in line, which puts physical stress on the body as well as mental stress. It's boring & miserable at the same time not to mention physically exhausting & even painful from standing so long, yet unhealthy & increases risk of pre-existing conditions aggravated by the nature of the said ride. Yet some lines are outside & depending on the weather, it can be either hot or rainy, though waiting outside for so long increases the risk of sun damage (& cancer so wear sunscreen). The longest wait time ever for a roller coaster though was 14.5 hours for Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal Fl on opening day, making that ride a record for the openings. Disneyland's not the only place for long lines as many parks have them.

Every amusement park.

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11 Becoming a PHD or MD

They spend years in college and classes earning degrees and going through all the obstacles and even disciplines to achieve that. Plus the work it takes really wrecks one's physical and mental health.

12 Having Sex

Well just like love and relationships you have to spend years of knowing each other and trusting one another to fulfill that.

13 College

College requires patience to earn degrees 4 to 6 years doing work. Yet it's stressful enough to take a toll on your health as the pressure takes over.

You usually have to spend 4 long years or 6 depending on your degree.

14 Making a Top 10 List

For me, it often takes weeks for me to get a new list idea. Even though when I made more than 100 lists, most of them required patience for me to make them. I think this is with lots of users.

It basically takes thinking of ideas of what to post on there. But for me that's easy-peasy compared to the other things on this list.

15 Political Rallies

Just like conventions, political rallies are extremely crowded & involve long lines & wait times. Lines can be over the top & crowds are often packed. Yet many take place outside, making it physically & mentally stressful especially in hot weather. They take lots of planning in advance to attend & money as well.

16 An 80-Hour RPG

Looking at you Final Fantasy!

17 Experiments

Experiments take dedication & skill, & many tries of hard work to achieve. Failures are inevitable & many have to keep trying to succeed. Science experiments are a major example. It took Thomas Edison years of hard work & over 10,000 experiments to invent the lightbulb. 10,000! That means he tried every few minutes to hours over the course of years to invent the lightbulb. EXTREME patience. There will NEVER be another scientist with the patience like That to invent anything EVER again. He's remembered as the man who never gave up on 1 thing. Cheers to Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park.

18 Photographing Wildlife

I just saw a wildlife photography exhibition there were photo's that had been planned literally years in advance.

19 Positive Political Change

The world is thinking too much about the negatives including violence & fear, so we need to focus more on the positives. So should politics.

20 Learning to Juggle
21 Slow Internet
22 Modeling

It takes lots of practice to become a model & takes such obstacles which means lots of time & effort put into it & that's lots of patience. It takes a big deal & hard work to get the certain appearances of being such & when it comes to photoshoots, you do many poses throughout your day & when it comes to walking on runways have to have perfection & skills on their walks. Models put their lives & their health into their job & they sure make a lot of money out of it.

23 Watching TV
24 Cleaning the House
25 Concerts

Some concerts are so big and crowded that people have to wait in lines. Some like 5SOS and other modern concerts have people waiting much of their day or more in line to get a seat. It's crazy & torturous but another example of patience. Yet talk about waiting in your seats for the show to begin as well.

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