Top 10 Things That Are Not for the Faint of Heart

There are many things out there that are too tough and even downright scary for those who are faint of heart.
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1 Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the moment a baby develops inside a female, who then becomes a mother. It's also the top thing here that isn't suitable for the faint of heart as while it varies from woman to woman, in many cases there's incomprehensible & relentless suffering that's indescribable & full of pain that lasts for 9 months (0.75 years). Along with that are injuries that keep on building & don't go away til the end, at childbirth. Plus hunger & thirst is increased & blood pressure's diluted, leading to chance of fainting spells & blackouts. Plus body temperature is increased & so is sweat rate & likelihood of dehydration, making one have to drink much more than usual & many are more tired than ever & want to sleep but have to keep waking up to go to the restrooms. Yet headaches & body aches aside, many uncontrollable cramps or contractions occur & keep on building & speeding up as time goes on til the birth. Heartburn & the heart in your throat feeling (like on a roller coaster but stronger) from acid reflux takes place. Near the end, the baby presses against the lungs & rib cages, causing further internal pain & make breathing nearly impossible (yet we need to breathe in order to live) & good sleep becomes tough to near impossible, leaving the expectant mothers sleep deprived. Muscle tears & severe back pain are inevitable too. Childbirth is the grand finale of pregnancy & arguably the most extreme & painful part, where the baby comes out, leading to a most likely permanent injury in the area that the baby caused for the mother. And this is after 9 whole months of all that unimaginably excruciating & miserable torture. It's said to be the #1 thing worth any amount of suffering as the baby brings the most joy you'll ever get on Earth. I haven't been pregnant before, but I've learned at school & the doctor what it is & how it occurs & I know everyone's pregnancies are different, so this is a generalized comment, but for one thing, it's absolutely NOT for the faint of heart.

2 Space Travel

Elon Musk is planning to send people to Mars in a few years. That may sound like a fantasy, plus it takes logical use of resources and time involved to construct a rocket with astronauts. The traveling space crew will stay seated in the spaceship for not just weeks, months cramped inside. Once the crew members of SpaceX land on Mars, they will make their first footsteps on the surface. Later, the astronauts will take pictures, collect rock samples, and return safely on the ship returning back to Earth. Amazing, right?

Space travel is a dream many have, but very few have ever done it. Truth to be told, it's NOT as fun or easy as you think. Space travel involves lots of unrelenting studying & even relentless training & many have failed to qualify as astronauts. Space travel has been a way for people to explore places outside Earth, including the Moon (which the first people landed on 50 years ago). It involves rocket science, which is extremely hard for the most part, & the actual mission is even harder. Yet there are simulators to simulate the space travel experience & the real thing is no joke either. Rockets put severe stress on your body during launch & reentry & in space, while 0 g weightlessness seems fun to some, there's no pressure so you can't swim like you do in a pool & over time, the 0 g weakens the bones, tissue & organs, leading to atrophy. Plus, joint stiffness occurs as well due to 0g related inadequate movement & many come back to Earth in bad shape. Plus in space, you have to be the most competent ever or no one will ever save you if you mess up at all. Space travel is a dream many try to achieve, but it takes full knowledge & even discipline & the fact that ~1% of Earth's population ever went shows you it's not for the faint of heart. Thrill rides at amusement/theme parks are nothing compared to this (though Mission: Space at Epcot's a remote comparison).

3 Jobs

You though school was hard in your life? Well there are some jobs that'll put even school to shame. Jobs such as factory work, construction work, & even mail delivery are physically & mentally stressful & being done every day makes them put a major toll on your health & the mental peer pressure only adds to them. Plus, the anticipation of such jobs drives anxiety high. If you're doing a job for making the money you want for things, then it may be worth all the hassle, but if you can't take your job, just remember such jobs aren't suitable for the faint of heart.

4 Thrill Rides

Thrill rides are a staple in amusement and theme parks. They are defined by an uncontrollable sense of fear and panic that triggers adrenaline, usually caused by a lack of control in such environments. Roller coasters are the most famous examples of thrill rides. These rides take you up to extreme heights in open vehicles, and you go down multiple drops. Sometimes you go through inversions and loops. Each movement affects your stomach and heart, making them unsuitable for those with any weaknesses or heart problems.

Furthermore, these rides elevate your heart rate and blood pressure due to anticipation and the actual experience. Therefore, they aren't advisable for people with heart problems or high blood pressure. In addition, the fluctuating g-forces and motion make them bad for people prone to motion sickness, who are consequently prohibited from riding. The rides also have restraints, making them challenging for people with claustrophobia and likely to trigger anxiety. They are not for the faint of heart for any reason, although kiddie coasters are less intense and are designed for young children.

Another consideration is that these rides are known for long lines, and you stand in them for extended periods. The long waits, combined with the physical and mental stress, can build up anxiety but also make the ride experience more thrilling.

Other examples of thrill rides include drop towers, where you ascend on an elevator on a tower and then plummet. Some, like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World, even incorporate random drops to elevate the thrills. Simulators such as Flight of Passage, also at Walt Disney World, offer highly realistic immersion, making guests feel like they're flying uncontrollably thousands of feet in the air without enclosures.

Such rides also have psychological elements that contribute to the sense of thrill. They are designed to give riders the illusion of danger, impending doom, and even... more

5 Athletics

Athletics involve work that puts major physical stress on the body & many even sweat like crazy, increasing the risk of dehydration (remember always stay hydrated) & develop injuries that build up with time & become painful & torture. And as such work becomes repetitive, the toll it takes is usually huge & ever remembering. Things like marathons & even ultra ones pack an almighty punch & get one out of breath & their heart crazy as that's the organ that's most under such physical stress, making them bad for people with heart conditions. All of that proves this isn't for the faint of heart.

Actually, I run track and field as a distance runner! (not super long distance, just 800m, 1500m, and 3000m) I LOVE this sport! I just went to the Greensboro, NC AAU Junior Olympics for track and field, actually, and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Track should never be EASY for you...if it is, you're not trying hard enough. It needs to be challenging but fun, a healthy balance, and you do also need plenty of rest time. You need more on time than off, but can't work hard if you don't rest easy. You have to be on a good team with great people and coaches that really push you. I personally LOVE my track team. I think the experiences are really what make track, well, track! It's just amazing.

6 Rocket Launch Experiences

Rockets are known to be so powerful that they overwhelm everything even miles away. Some rockets do such that & their powerful flames can burn your eyes from miles away (just like staring directly at the Sun unprotected) & the noise & vibrations are indescribable & are even felt more than heard, causing not only severe ear pain & loss, but also violent vibrations that can get your heart out of your chest or even feel like a heart attack & rattle your bones & even teeth from miles away. People who have been a few miles from such rockets said there are no words to describe the power & experience, proving it's all more than overwhelming & thrilling. Heck people even compared them to violent wars & when rockets land (which SpaceX just achieved in the last couple years) sonic booms take place, which are likened to air strikes & nearly give people heart attacks & far surpass even the biggest firework displays you'll ever witness & all of this becomes part of your memories & haunts them ...more

7 Driving

Driving is known to be a major trigger for anxiety in many people. The thought & fear of getting into an accident or something tamer lime failing the driving test is a way to get all nervous & scared of the unknown. The fear of death springs into mind & that's an unknown that triggers anxiety towards lots of people. Driving also puts stress on the feet over time. Driving is certainly not for the faint of heart (or feet).

8 College

College involves 4 to 6 years of hard time-consuming work & studies & some exams can lead to all-nighters, which are crazy & whether it's peer or self pressure, it has an impact on your daily life & health. Though college helps you earn degrees & gain knowledge. That's after 4 to 6 years of hard work. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.

9 Horror Movies

Horror movies may be classic, but they're made for a reason. There's suspense & even scary scenery & jump scares. At home they may seem simple, but at a movie theater, they're a whole different experience. Movie theaters give people the real experience of watching horror movies. They're known to give guests a thrill & often haunt dreams afterwards.

Some are really disturbing to watch for me and I'm not the kind of guy who is easily disgusted or scared by gore.

10 The Dark Web

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? Game Shows

Game shows are known to be intense environments & while watching such shows on TV is something, watching them in person is a whole different level & participating in them is known to be a thrill you aren't prepared for. Winning $1M+ is a surprise nothing could ever prepare you for in life. You definitely shouldn't participate in game shows if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions or improper hearing protection. Yet it's even more ridiculous to host game shows, as all this is done every week during duty. Yet hosting Wheel of Fortune means spinning a heavy wheel every time during duty, which weighs a whopping 2400 lbs, which's around the equivalent to an automobile, meaning the hosts & players are strongmen with perceived superhuman strength.

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11 Conventions

Conventions are one of those things many think looks like fun. A world of all stuff to enjoy & get together to celebrate. While that stuff does happen, they're MORE than that. They're actually more about being in crowded & stressful environments where you're crammed in with a bunch of people, making them nightmares for claustrophobics. Not to mention they involve a series of extremely long lines & wait times to convention centers & other things within them are super long & often off the charts & especially the combination of queues will put severe physical & mental stress on everyone there. Like Disneyland, but worse, imagine wanting to do all the fun things & even go to the restrooms & you have to wait many hours for either of those things. Yet unlike Disneyland where you FastPass attractions, there's no FastPass for these or anything in them. Many even unfortunately miss out on many things due to long wait times & being in crowds, it's hard to control one's self & social anxiety's ...more

I hate the smelly weeaboos and bronies at conventions. They ruin everything for me. One time my dumb friend dragged me to this anime convention thingie, and within five minutes of arriving I saw some fat, hairy, smelly, greasy dude wearing worn down flip flops, ill fitting shorts, and a graphic t-shirt that looked like it hadn't been washed in decades. He also dragged his body pillow thing around with him and I almost threw up. And also I forgot to mention, this guy I described is actually my stupid friend. I hate that loser so much.

12 Fandoms

That depends of what fandom you're involved in.

Enjoy what you enjoy, fandoms can get toxic fast, especially if the fandom is for something extremely popular

13 Relationships

Seriously. They have struggles & sacrifices, & involve doing things for others out of love. Sometimes they let others go on thrill rides & sometimes scary movies & definitely tough challenges. It's not for the faint of heart.

I don't know if I'm ready to be in a relationship. It really scares me. I want to find love, have a family and share the rest of my life with the woman I love, but I just don't want to mess up or have my heart broken by the one I love.

14 Guns

Well we were supposed to use guns for defense, & they are powerful. Using black powder for energy to release bullets. The sound of a gunshot is loud & startling & a bullet hits you fast enough to cause an excruciating & nasty wound. The worst part though is nowadays people are using them to kill each other for no reason. Hate & terrorism have impacted our world & scared many lives, both normal & famous, & took away lives as well.

Guns were for defense in the Wild West era.

15 Vaccines

Vaccines go with doctors' appointments, which I put on the list. Yet I mentioned them on that item as well. Now the COVID-19 vaccines are especially not for the faint of heart as they're known to cause some pretty bad symptoms depending on the person & you have to get them twice in the same month/year. You have to wait a whopping 28 days (4 weeks or the length of February) for a booster shot from the Moderna vaccine though only 21 days (3 weeks) for the Pfizer booster shot, yet all in all those getting the vaccines also get the booster shots, meaning you experience them again. Yet Pfizer acquires annual shots like the flu vaccine does, all meaning torturous symptoms every year.

16 Concerts

Concerts involve lots of planning, expensive tickets + loud music, & crowds. Music can be catchy & keep one wanting to experience it, but loud sounds are also known to be painful & dangerous. It's been known that OSHA has laws on noise levels & that concerts are some of the things that put people at risk of hearing loss, as they approach high dB levels (typically 100-114 dB) & hearing loss is often permanent like a tattoo & once you lose your hearing enough, you can't get it back. Concerts are like drugs & smoking, they're addicting after time, but they pose hazards & dangers that sneak up even when you don't realize them. If you're concerned about safety, then you'll know they definitely aren't for the faint of such heart.

17 Hospitals

Hospital appointments are places where appointments like surgery take place. They're often known for giving people fear. Yet the most famous thing done there is surgery. The effects of surgery before, during & afterwards come quite a surprise. The 1st is fasting for much of your day, risking dehydration, famine & exhaustion. Anesthetics involve either drinking or injections, both of which are nasty surprises. Then the operation takes place. The aftermath can also be quite intense & not everyone is excited for surgery.

18 Doki Doki Literature Club!
19 Porn

I am a young teen girl who has watched porn, and believe me, it is harder than you think!

Porn is not good for anybody period & shouldn't be done.

Nothing wrong with porn, it is when porn controls you that it becomes bad, but that is true of a lot of things

20 Bungee Jumping

I accomplished my first 300 metre bungee jump a couple of months ago. I just wanted to see if I could push myself to do something I was so scared of trying. I did it! I found it a very scary, but incredible experience. Well worth it. I would definitely do it again. And again.

Basically that goes with thrill rides, except it's done on one's own rather than getting tickets to ride on a vehicle. The thrill can be extreme, yet involves daring heights & it's certainly not for the faint of heart.

21 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Donald J. Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, Donald Trump took charge of his family's real estate and construction firm, Elizabeth Trump... read more

What is he even doing on this list?

22 Dentist Appointments

Dentist appointments are known to be feared by many children, especially if they're getting their teeth replaced, getting crowns, or braces. The procedures & results can be somewhat intense & nasty & not everyone is looking forward to them. The fear of the unknown is generally the scariest part though as anticipation of that can be wild & make this not suitable for the faint of heart.

23 Exploitation Films

Films that employ very mature themes that aren't safe to talk about within our society, sometimes involves shocking images, or extremely gory realistic looking bodies.

The section of horror movies that most are afraid to explore, though not exclusive to the horror genre. Passion of the Christ is an excellent example of an exploitative film that isn't a horror movie.

Exploiting things like scary sights such as dead bodies is just downright disturbing & creepy. This kinda ties in with horror movies.

24 Bombs

Bombs are extremely powerful & violent & being near a bombing is just off the chart scary to witness. They have damaged buildings, cities & taken multiple lives. People are attacking each other with bombs. Like guns, they were made for defense, but are being used the wrong way. We had ISIS attack innocent lives with bombs & it was just pure horror. Bombs are definitely not for the faint of heart.

25 Autism

Yes as I am Autistic

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