Top Ten Things We Seek Comfort In

The Top Ten
1 Music

Play the guitar, fingerpicking simple chords (with eyes closed) is really relaxing, especially if done in that colder part of the afternoon outside. Unless it annoys your neighbours!

Maybe not everyone does but I certainly do!

Music is my Heaven and my relaxation.

It's my way to be free and feel untouchable!

The Real world can take a break when I listen to my music!

I play the trumpet, not too good at playing it, yet. It's not too comfortable to play because you have to buzz your lips a certain way.
If you're talking about me playing the piano, I'm horrible.

Music is great whatever emotion you're feeling. If I'm feeling in need of love or comfort, Bing Crosby's voice is like balm to my wounded soul.

2 Films / Sitcoms

A really funny film or a comedy boxset cheers me right up and makes me forget that I needed comfort in the first place.

3 Old Photographs

I adore looking at old photos of my childhood with my family. The memories instantly lift me.

This list is spot on to what relaxes me, and what comfort is to me, especially this one.

I love my photos!

4 Soft Toys / Cushions

I'm forever cuddling mine. If my father's not around to give me hugs or I'm missing someone terribly, I hug my huge teddy bear and I'm Instantly calmed.

Nice thought provoking list britgirl! Anyways, I am 13, and I still sometimes sleep with a stuffs animal when stressed.

I like cuddling with my pillow - or punching at it! Laugh out loud.

I love my stuffed animals!

5 Food

Ice cream is the thing that can lift your moods instantly. If you're not allergic to milk, of course.

Comfort junk food... Burgers, chips, cakes, cookies... The more greasy and fattening the better ;P

6 Doing Nothing

My favorite activity!

7 Reading

Some of the lives of the characters in the book you're reading, make your own life seem bearable.

8 Watching Movie
9 Family

I'm lucky I come from a large family, I'm never alone. There is always at least one family member who I can turn to - even if it's my younger brother.

10 Writing

I agree that writing is a very excellent activity. I enjoy creating posts on this website as well.

I often take notes on things that are stressing me. Really helps.

The Contenders
11 Alcohol
12 Research

Distracting myself with an interesting subject. Excellent.

13 Memories

It's what I live off of! Memories comfort me!

14 People
15 Kindness
16 Love

My love comforts me, why not?

17 Watching Anime
18 Baby Blanket

I have 2 of them, and I wouldn't get rid of them for anything!

19 Religion
20 Someone You Trust
21 Memes
22 Jokes
23 Yagami Yato
24 Audiobooks
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