Top Ten Worst Times to Be Nude

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1 In a Blizzard

The others would be embarrassing, but at least you might not freeze to death. Geez, haha.

We'll have to make sure the man's most important organ doesn't get frozen.

I think this could suck more than being naked in a store.

2 In Court

It is a big embarrassment when I am nude at the court.

"Your honor, I have no idea what you're referring to as 'indecent exposure'."

And, you're guilty of public nudity.

3 At School

All the students and teachers will be talking about this for the rest of the school year!

There are more children out there, so it will give me an embarrassment.

That would be super embarrassing if that happened. You would probably get in trouble as well, and students would probably make fun of you or bring it up.

4 While Giving a Speech

This would sound extremely awkward. It's even worse because you have absolutely nothing on while standing in front of thousands of people. Nobody wants to see your junk, dude. Please put it away and put some pants on.

- KelseyPower

Just think they're in their underwear. That would solve anything, right?

I have a dream that one day I will find some clothes.

5 In the Grocery Store

Talk about everyone staring at you! And the police going after you!

Here we go with the customers staring at you and cops chasing you.

6 In a Church

If you're in a church, you have to respect yourself, the people surrounding you, and God, of course! You can't just be nude when going there!

7 Job Interview

I'd be worried if I were overdressed.

8 At the Beach
9 In Sleep
10 At The Doctor's

Well, sometimes you need to go nude at the doctor's. I'm not trying to sound creepy, but it's true.

Well, depending on what you're doing at the doctor's office...

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11 At an Amusement Park

Especially at Disneyland on a ride like It's a Small World, where there are several children riding.

12 At Your Ex Boy/Girlfriend's House
13 At a Funeral

Talk about being the most disrespectful and biggest jerk there.

This would definitely be worse than some.

14 On Webcam
15 At a Meat Processing Factory

Yikes! I can't help but think about what you would be doing there, and nude nevertheless!

16 In the Eighth Grade Hall when it's filled with 3rd graders
17 On The Streets
18 When Going for a Run

I could just imagine my mom. It would be embarrassing even when she has clothes on and is doing this. At least she doesn't drink beer.

19 Windy Weather
20 In a Fraternity
21 At a Public Park
22 In a store

You might need to buy some clothes while you're at it.

23 At a School Dance
24 In Saudi Arabia

Yeah, because it's illegal to ever be nude in Saudi Arabia... Of course.

Better this than North Korea, I guess.

25 In Hell
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