Top 10 Things Which Make You Cry Happy Tears

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1 Getting Married
2 Falling in Love

I just sobbed at my iPad for like five minutes after getting a message from my boyfriend. I think I love him.

Such a wonderful feeling, especially the first flush of romance.

This is the same thing for you or someone else.

3 Being Cured of a Disease
4 Reuniting with Family or Friends
5 The Kindness of Friends

Come on, romance, seriously? Friendship is WAY WAY MORE BETTER.

I've never had a true friend in life. And it's pretty hard to get one, harder to get than normal friends. Seeing how kind and happy they are with you is just...happy.

Thank you and shout out to Lily, Katja, Rebekah, Cala, and Bo for helping me through hard times, and congrats to Lily's mom because she's going to have twins!

So, I'm going to tell a story, and it's going to be long and weird, but just listen.
Me and friend: *talking about my sister*
Fatima: (friend) She once called me a b****.
Me: Why?
Fatima: Remember when Jean said horrible things about me? That was then.
Me: I remember when she did that. She's a backstabber.
Me: She told me you said I was like bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe. I know you didn't say that, but did she?
Fatima: Yeah. She said that. She told me you were clingy and that I shouldn't hang out with you...
Me: Haha. I'm the opposite of clingy.
Fatima: ...But I wanted to hang out with you. You're really cool and nice.
Me: *doesn't cry, but dies inside because I love being appreciated*

6 Having a Baby

I want to have a baby. I have to wait for seven years because I don't want to be a mom in college and high school.

Not really, what if you have a stillborn? And besides, even if your baby survives the wonder of birth, it will be painful.

That should be #1, with falling in love at #4.

7 Getting Good Exam Results

When you know all your blood, sweat, and tears weren't for nothing.

It's always so very satisfactory.

The only thing that gets me through test week is the thought of good grades.

8 The Kindness from Strangers

It's always beautiful when you find out that somebody actually cares enough not to judge you! Someone who's different and fun to talk to! Someone who's willing to sacrifice something way more fun than talking to a lonely, boring weirdo like myself!

Thank you to a wonderful girl named Tina!

This mostly happens when I wear band shirts. Like, I have 7 band shirts and I once wore one in public. So many people complimented me just because of that. I love that feeling.

It's absolutely magical when someone you've never met before and will likely never meet again shows kindness. Being kind is a wonderful feeling as well.

9 Your Favourite Uplifting Song

There's a song called The Mortician's Daughter and I love it so much. It makes me cry from happiness sometimes.

10 A Happy Ending to a Film

Or a book. I read this book and the ending was happy. I don't know why, but I got so angry. Like, it can't just end like THAT.

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11 Looking Through Old Photographs

This more likely makes me cry from sadness. Or maybe a mixture of happy and sad. That picture of you and the girl who used to be your best friend. When your parents were together. That one class photo from the year you absolutely despised.

I deliberately don't look at old photos until I feel really down or lonely. Then I take out all the albums.

Definitely. Really brings back old memories!

12 Looking Through Old Diaries

Sometimes I feel stupid. Other times, I feel nostalgic. At other times, I just feel sad and angry.

13 Thinking of Getting to Heaven

Eternal Happy Tears, because you meet the loved ones you lost, there's no pain and suffering, and you get to be with The Lord forever! Is anything happier? No more rejection, no more break-ups, no more guilt!

14 Getting a New Pet

I got Coca, my beautiful calico she-cat, with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This means her motor skills are such that she wobbles and likes yoga mats to straighten herself.

15 Winning an Award
16 Succeeding When Nobody Thought You Could

I promise that I will succeed and I will pass these tests, no matter how hard you say they are.

17 Meeting Your Favorite Celebrity
18 Saying Goodbye

Yeah. Saying goodbye to my favorite teacher in 6th grade was the hardest thing I have ever done. The moment I walked into her classroom that morning, she was like, "Why do you look so sad, Shea?" I don't think I have ever cried that hard before. I cried the whole day. So yeah.

19 Sad Scene that Turns Into a Happy Moment
20 Winning a Game
21 Getting a Dream Item

I requested birthday money from my relatives for my 26th birthday. I ended up getting over $500. I was so happy that I was crying tears of joy.

22 Discovering You Can Do It
23 Winning a Lottery or Sweepstakes
24 Eating Spicy Food
25 Having a Happy Dream

I once had a dream where not only were my favorite YouTubers in my town, but My Chemical Romance got back together.

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