Top Ten Most Sensitive Parts of the Body

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1 Genitals

Especially the penis. Getting kicked in the male genitals is the worst thing ever.

I always get kicked in the wrong spot so hard I feel like throwing up.

Remember that one King of the Hill episode, guys?

2 Eyes

You only know you're in love with her when you see her eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. And love is the strongest bond between two souls.

Eyes are the only physical, visible organs that can show you how you really are on the inside, which is what really matters.

Zechariah 2: Whoever touches you touches the pupil of my eye.

Having blood moving around inside the back of my eye is excruciating, with so many nerves in there.

The most delicate body parts are eyes, brain, heart, and spinal bone. But we should take care of all the body parts properly. This is not right that you will read someone's comment and only take care of the above-mentioned body parts. All body parts are useful to do some work. I have no intention to hurt someone.

3 Lips
4 Brain

The most fragile part of the human body. So valuable, complex, yet so frail. Mental illnesses, anxiety, stress, and even a light physical blow to the head that causes a minor concussion may cause brain damage that could be long-lasting or worse, permanent.

The brain indeed is the most sensitive organ of the human body. You can never deprive this organ of oxygen. It is very delicate and swells up in response to trauma. With swelling, the pressure inside your skull increases (ICP), and one gets unconscious.

5 Inner Thigh

Super ticklish there when my friends would constantly tickle me just to get truth out of me, even when I didn't want to. I can't sit still because I am so ticklish there, especially when my friends use electric toothbrushes.

I can't stop laughing when they put the electric toothbrushes on my sides, ribs, and underarms!

6 Heart

The heart is sensitive. It's tough to open up, but when you do, make it last!

BritGirl, it's already been said, but I think your heart is made out of gold!

My heart is a damaged one, not from a breakup but from dealing with a lot of stuff!

Passion is what is in my heart, and I will show my passion!

Hearts are sensitive to every emotion.

7 Nipples

Have you ever stayed in water so much that it turns red and sore? Is this normal?

Almost embarrassingly sensitive, especially in cold weather!

8 Hands

They get cramped easily, and carpal tunnel syndrome is not a pleasant experience.

9 Belly Button

My mom is a piercer, and her present for my 10th birthday was getting my belly button pierced. I think that's way too young now, but she really wanted to get my navel pierced, and I didn't have much say in it. She told me it would pinch a little and had the great idea to use an anesthetic injection to make it less painful.

She literally pricked the needle right in the exact middle of my belly button and slowly pushed the needle deeper in. Nothing in the world is more unpleasant than having something done to your belly button. It's literally part of the central nervous system. I almost fainted from the feeling of this needle slowly going into my belly button.

Nothing can convince me anything is worse than this experience. At least the injection worked, and I didn't feel much from the piercing.

10 Eardrum
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11 Fingertips
12 Neck

In fights with swords, most people would aim for the neck because it is easier to kill. You have little bone (thin spinal vertebrae) and your windpipe is facing the opponent.

13 Funny Bone
14 Anus
15 Shins
16 Spine
17 Head
18 Tongue
19 Soles of Feet

I am super ticklish on my feet, especially in the middle. My friends are really sneaky. They would try to get secrets by tickling the middle of my feet, and I cannot stop laughing! I cannot hold still when they tickle my feet, and my friends and cousins think it is funny that I am a big wriggle worm when they do!

Twice, I have kicked people in the face because they thought it would be fun to tickle my feet.

20 Pinky Toe
21 Jaw
22 Earlobes
23 Leg
24 Nose
25 Teeth
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