Top Ten Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

Men are a complete mystery to me. A wonderful one albeit but they baffle me and millions of other women alike.

Note to sensitive men: This is not a criticism of men, just an observation.

Who of you can offer an explanation to the items on this list? Myself and many other baffled women would just like to understand you better, that's all.
The Top Ten
1 You leave empty containers in the fridge

I am guilty of this. It's because there's a very long distance from the fridge to the recycling bin. It's 3 steps! 2 if you are lucky!

Unfortunately, this is not male-specific as it tends to be a trait of the lazy person and not just men.

Especially milk cartons! Do you realise how frustrating this is? When you finish it, why not throw it away?!

Okay not all guys do this. I have seen girls do this too. And believe me I have my sister as proof

2 You leave the toilet seat up

Women need it down, men need it up. Why don't women raise the toilet seat when they are done? How about some reciprocity? I'm not sure which is worse, the man who's too lazy to lower the seat, or the women who's too oblivious to notice it's up before sitting down? Maybe he plans to use it again next and just wants to be efficient.

Seriously they're strong and independent and don't need a man to put the toilet seat down for them!

We're just really lazy. I mean, putting a toilet seat down barely takes any effort I guess.

What's wrong about that? Honestly it's not like having a toilet seat up is a sin.

3 You never admit you are wrong

Outside public polling has shown that women lose respect for a man when he shows weakness (not vulnerability but other forms of weakness) and what's more weak than being wrong? I'm afraid women can't have it both ways. You can't ask for Prince Charming or Superman but not allow him to make human mistakes. Then, when he does and has the strength to admit it, you hold it over our heads like a trophy of our weakness.

Yeah you wanna know why? Because every dang time I do admit I'm wrong girls ALWAYS have to yell or make fun of me and put me down in some way shape or form! Do you think that I want to put up with that? I have two words: HECK NO! Maybe if you wouldn't rub my mistakes in my face I would be more open to admitting my mistakes

...Even when you've been proved wrong, your male pride will never admit it. Is it really that hard to say "You were right"?

If we do admit we're wrong, we'll get yelled and screeched at. Do you think I want to sit through that garbage?

4 Your obsession for video games

This, I'm afraid, comes from lack of milestones and rites of passage in our culture. Women have a defined, and physical, moment when they are considered "women". Men, no longer able to go on walkabout or the tribal hunt, have no more "moment" when they switch from being a boy to a man within the tribe or culture. It's an unfortunate effect of the modernization of society. What's left is males who no longer have a defined transition to adulthood, or a suitable outlet for their testosterone. Hence, violent video games and role-playing taking the part of the tribal hunt, beating, expeditions of our ancestral past.

Video games are fun and make me not stress about reality plus their kind of addicting, there are girl gamers who have a obsession for video games to.

Okay what is wrong with this? It's an interest. Also not every guy is interested in them.Why are girls so judgemental? Is video games a problem?

Who the hell needs a girlfriend when Fortnite exists!

5 Your need to scratch your "bits" in public

Men, having external plumbing, will always have moving going on in that region. Just as all people scratch and itch, men have a specific region that may itch that women don't. Hence women thinking it's weird because they don't experience it.

Have a good ol' scratch around, don't care who's looking. And also, why do you zip up your fly in public after using the toilet?

I've seen countless girls adjust their bra's in public.

Girls I know "rearrange" their bra all the time.

6 Your love for breasts

When we were young (babies), they were the answer to everything. :)
Beyond that, in a puritanical society that over-sexualizes breasts and nipples, it's no wonder men have the reactions they do. Ever wonder why women don't have the same reactions to men going topless? Perhaps it's because it isn't taboo and you've all become used to it. In cultures and countries where the female breast isn't shunned as a sexual object, people walk around topless and nobody (except visiting tourists) thinks twice about men and women going topless in public. Breasts are just anatomy.

That's a cliché. Some men prefer butts, legs, eyes. I don't care about breasts sizes in a woman ( exept I don't like silicon breasts or out of proportion breasts ) and I'm sure most men don't really care about their sizes. But I know every man who thinks that a small waist and large ( but not too large ) hips is very important. Also we love women for their inside beauty. Men are not only physic orientated.

I find this so amusing. Actually cute but they really aren't anything special.

It sucks having them, please understand.

7 You refuse to visit the doctor but you constantly moan how ill you are

Perhaps men are just being frugal or cheap, but I think this typically stems from the "weakness" argument. Remember when you were a kid and you faked being ill so you could both stay home from school as well as get some TLC from your parents? Sometimes men want some attention and affection but feel they need to have an excuse to ask for it. If they were REALLY sick/hurt as bad as they sometimes play it up, they'd be cutting in line in the Emergency Room.

Lol that's true, A classmate was always like that, he was like a pervert but was a good and a funny person, when he used to get ill then would moan about being ill but would never go to Doc, even after my reminders...such a stubborn person he was!

What can we do about it? Is it just the sympathy a woman can give you that a doctor can't prescribe?

I go pretty frequently

8 You can't multitask

As already stated, women can't multitask either. The studies that show that women "multitask" better than men is misleading in that what they studied is the ability to task-switch. The human brain cannot focus on multiple things with any real degree of efficiency but women DO have the ability to switch from one task to anther more seamlessly. So while women may ask why men can't multitask, men are asking why women can't stick with a task till completion before starting something else.

According to science nobody can really multitask, since when you "multitask" you are actually paying attention to one action and not the other.

If you have your mind on one thing it is almost impossible for you to concentrate on anything else.

How are men suppose to multitask when they can barely remember what they ate for breakfast?

9 You never manage to carry your dirty laundry to the wash basket

Also, not a trait inherent to men alone but more a sign of laziness. Tip: Never marry or date a man who hasn't lived by himself. I'm not talking about a college dorm or having roommates. I mean alone. Then his true traits rise to the forefront and if he's messy alone, hell be messy with women around. When there's nobody to blame, he just might be cleaner than you'd expect.

Again! Not all men are like this. There are actually men who aren't lazy! I know it's so shocking!

Why not tell us too?

10 You don't understand women

So I'm quite sure women don't understand men either, plus it's not like men are going to relate to the same things women do.

And you don't understand men. Thus why this list was created. Neither gender can really relate to the struggles of the other

What do you expect?! That men can read minds or something?! It's not like you understand men either!

And women do understand men? This list proves it!

The Contenders
11 You can go from being warm and funny one minute to being cold and distant the next

It's just mood swings everyone has them. Just like how come girls could be happy one second and then turn around in a split second and be upset?

This is more for women

12 You tell your ex girlfriend you don't want to have any contact with them and them call them up in "moments of weakness"

Not true. When it's over with a girl it's over for the rest of my life with that woman ( in my case anyway ). If I have a " moment of weakness " I prefer to talk to a confident ( which is always a girl ) who is strictly a friend. If a man had sex with a woman, that same woman would for some reasons never be able to be his confident because a confident has to be a neutral friend.

Hey, mermaids are very rich, that's why I called my ex.

Chalk this up to hormones.

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