Top Ten Things Which Would Make Life Boring

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1 If we all had the same opinions

Well, now... Don't think we have to worry too much 'bout THAT.

Thank God it is not real. But if it happened, then how could I consider myself unique?

2 If everything was the same colour

Imagine if you lived in a dreary, one-colored world where your eyes could only detect one color. Everything would blend right in with everything else. Perhaps since we wouldn't know any different, it wouldn't matter much to us.

However, imagine if our eyes were opened to a world of many colors. It would be unfathomably astounding! We'd see things we never thought possible. Just think about all the colors in our world, how many different colors there are, and how many we probably can't even see. Color is such a beautiful concept.

3 If we all had the same sense of humour
4 If all men looked the same and all women looked the same

That would be boring because if they all looked the same, then people who only like others because of looks would start falling in love with literally the same-looking people. Cheating would happen more often than not. (Oh, and real-life harems could happen too.)

5 If we all didn't have access to the internet

This is another thing that's both bad and good. There's so much bad on the Internet, but it has evolved us as well. Many people, including me, wouldn't have anything to do during the day.

On the other hand, there wouldn't be trolls and vandals or porn sites. Still, our lives would get boring. I know mine would.

6 If all countries looked the same
7 If school continued till the end of your life.
8 If we met our soulmate

That also sounds horrible. Having the same interests would get boring.

9 If we all spoke the same language

This would be both bad and good at the same time. On one hand, there wouldn't be language barriers. You would be able to understand everyone.

But then again, languages are interesting, especially in foreign dubs of songs. Each time the lyrics are different, which gives a new meaning to the same song.

10 If there was nothing else
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11 If there were only one type of animal, insect, etc.

That would suck so much! Especially if the only type of animal was mosquitoes.

12 If we had more than 18 hours of school a day

Luckily I only have 7 hours. 18 hours would probably be a pain in the butt.

13 If we all had the same culture
14 If there was no sound
15 If we only saw in black and white

Then we would have the vision of dogs, and it would look like black and white TV shows.

16 If you were immortal

Being immortal sounds appealing at first, but at some point, you'll lose any satisfaction for living. Even when trying new things and embracing new experiences, you'll end up in mental torture.

Thank you to whoever added this item. I can't imagine just living on and on and on. I want the chance to be reborn to correct the mistakes I made in this life. Hmm, knowing my luck, I'd come back as me!

Imagine if you were 1,000 years old. You couldn't really do anything.

17 If music didn't exist
18 It there was world peace
19 If we all liked the same entertainment
20 If we all had the same sexual part
21 If there was an eternal afterlife
22 If everyone was physically attractive
23 If everything was neurotypical
24 If we all had the same accent
25 If the world was just one country
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