Top Ten Most Boring Topics of Conversation

Ah, you know what? There are just some topics which should be avoided at all costs. So so BORING!
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1 Insurance

Yes, perfect for my paper which will be so boring no one will ever read it.

2 Politics

Good political discussions are interesting. However, if people are not interested in it, don't force it onto them, especially considering how heavy some of this stuff can get. Not to mention how defensively or illogically some people can react, which can feel like you're talking to a brick wall. So, while politics is fine to discuss, you shouldn't be preachy about it to the non-converted, especially if your thesis is that we need a revolution and that we're all slaves. Hate to say that not only are you wrong, but the majority of people don't care about how wrong you are.

3 Celebrities

Unless they've died, are suffering from an illness, or something serious, I really don't care. There are far bigger issues in the world to be concerned with and talk about than Kim Kardashian's derriere, for Christ's sake. When we have a world and a press that will report for days over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up, but will not report on recent attacks and explosions in Malmo for a while, there's a significant problem!

For me, talking about celebrities is kind of boring. Famous people may be exciting and fun to learn about, but that's it. Overall, I think celebrities may be a bit too popular.

4 Mathematics

I already burn my brains out doing maths at school. Don't talk to me about this unless it's discussing the answers during a test.

No thanks. Math gives everyone headaches. The last thing we need is a conversation.

No! It hurts my mind when I think about numbers!

5 Facebook

It's super annoying when people ask if you've seen some random Instagram post or read some Facebook status complaining about the two options for the 2016 election or some other biased political article.

I used to go on Facebook for a week, got bored, and now my account is my sister's and dad's.

6 Sports

I think it's quite an exciting topic to center the conversations around, but only when the individuals involved share interests. Yes, the online talk gets pretty exhausting after a point in time.

I hate sports except tennis and cricket. But I never even watch them, nor the Olympics.

7 Government

Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?

Our government is already the worst. Everyone knows that. Why do we need to talk about it?

8 Physics
9 Glue

So exciting. Let's talk about some random sticky thing called glue for the next hour.

Deliver me a truckload of puns about glue and sticking. No thanks.

Why would you want to spend the whole day talking about Top Bond and Super Glue and their density?

10 Trapezoids

I just had the best idea for a conversation starter. Trapezoids are so interesting. The person I'm talking to is going to fall asleep with excitement.

They're a shape. Woohoo, so exciting.

It's so cool how trapezoids only have one set of parallel lines.

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11 Weather

"Hey, what's your favorite weather? Mine's sunny because I can go outside without any worry!"

"Rainy... it just calms me..."


Yeah. I don't really see how this helps in building a relationship with a person.

A good ice-breaker (especially for the British) but after 10 minutes of saying, "It's not what was forecast, is it? Still expect we'll get rain later..." Just stop. Oh my days.

It's -10 here in Minnesota, and cold everywhere else in the 0 degrees. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Arizona, it's 115 degrees. Oh man, get a tan there or die trying.

12 Rocks

Really? Unless you're a geologist, sure, but other than that...

I was forced to read about them in my geography classes, but I don't see it being useful. And that's despite my liking geography.

Really? People talk about this? In geography classes or science labs, I could understand why you would want to discuss that, but it's not very interesting to invest time in.

Oh naturally, the never-ending flow of conversation about rocks will make my eyes glaze over. I love this item. Haha. Rocks.

13 Twitter X (formerly known as Twitter) is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, also known as "tweets", restricted to 280 characters.

I don't have it, and I don't care about it.

14 Toes

Why would you want to talk about your dirty, disgusting toes and why you have not washed them in a week?

15 Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

This game is only for rich people who can afford those white shorts and polo. Super boring.

I don't play this, and I don't think I ever will.

16 Traffic

How can you sit in traffic and start talking about the spaces of the cars and how many white cars there are or what the red, green, and yellow lights mean? You would get bored because in this country, there is not a day you will pass the road without seeing traffic.

"There was a red car, a silver car, a gold car - "
I almost sleep bored.
" - And a car with some eyelashes and painted eyes on."
I gain a huge amount of interest.

17 Doors

Why doors? Imagine staying over at your friend's house and then all of a sudden, your friend talks about doors like: "Did you know doors can slap your face?" and "Did you know there are wood doors, metal doors, and jail doors?" Unless you have a door fascination, doors are quite boring to talk about. And I mean doors themselves, not anything else revolving around doors. Just doors themselves.

Haven't you heard of Doorz2u, the most famous door company in the world? Oh come on, it's interesting. Not.

Wait, what? People talk about these?

18 Baby Showers

I don't like babies to begin with, so why would I want to talk about them?

What would someone even talk about that is related to this?

19 What your neighbours are up to

No one should care about what your neighbours do. This is because:

a) They're not your immediate family.

b) If you don't get along with them, it doesn't matter.

c) You don't talk to them much in some cases.

Unless they're close to you or something, no one really cares about how horrible your neighbours are. Coming from personal experience, it is mundane to keep referring to them.

Gah! I don't care who is sneaking around with whom. I don't care about Mrs. Thing's dirty curtains at number 35. I don't care if "her round the corner" is claiming a benefit that she isn't entitled to. I don't care!

20 Work

Fine if you have an interesting job. But a meat packer, or sausage filler? It makes me cry.

21 Personal health issues
22 Old people
23 Dust particles

Dust particles are, in my opinion, one of the most boring topics of lemons, lemons being conversation.

24 Shopping

My family at the mall:

Mom and relatives: Macy's styles are so awesome, there's a discount on this dress, blah blah blah.

Me: I don't care. GameStop is better.

"Can't believe how much bread has gone up..."
Bad. Unless it's clothes or shoe shopping - then it's totally fine. But grocery shopping? Don't talk to me.

25 Taxes
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