Top Ten Worst Emojis

There's always emojis that are completely unnecessary or that you hate. So here's the list to vote on them.
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1 👙

I've seen this on a Pepsi bottle before. It disturbs me so much. Probably why I drink Coke more often.

Only one use for it: if you have a perverted boy who asks for pics (which means you're not lonely like me), just send him this emoji.

It is extremely disturbing on many different levels.

2 💩

Overused. I hate how they sell hats, pillows, and other accessories of this thing. It's just poop!

I miss the days when some people didn't need a smiling turd to communicate...

Jesus, the only people who like this one anymore are 8-year-old girls.

3 🚽

A toilet! Seriously? That's seriously disturbing.

Do I need to explain this to the ones who use potties?

4 卐

We use symbols in the present day, whether or not they were from 2 days ago, 2 years ago, or 2000 years ago. Everything gets updated, and presently this is not an appropriate symbol for everyone in society.

I can't even find this emoji in my list, but I hate it. It symbolizes something horrible. It should not be used unless being a complaint about it.

This is clearly wrong. The world evolves. I'm sure many people could use it in a very bad way.

5 📯

It's a French horn or something. Why would you need to use this? I'm going to band practice! Love to play my horn!

Hey, someone could play the French horn just like I play the piano! I use the piano emoji every time I tell someone I've got to go play the piano.

Can you tell me what exactly this is? Because I don't know.

6 🌽
7 😂

This emoji is most commonly used to mock people, to make it seem like someone's "crying laughing" at them in a condescending manner. I'd wager that behind the screen, they're not actually laughing in the slightest.

A laughing face used by 11-14-year-old idiots that think they're cute using it when they're not.

Ever see those cancerous "SAVAGE!" memes and they use like 20 of these? I'll use that squirt gun emoji and put it to my head.

8 🚬

Smoking is disgusting. Don't do it. Many people at my middle school smoke. They are all failing.

Smoking is stupid. Don't do it, and don't make a cigarette emoji. It's stupid.

This is disgusting. Why even make this emoji? I agree with the above.

9 🛀

A guy in a bath... That's not disturbing at all!

10 💉

It shouldn't have blood on it anymore unless you didn't update your device.

Oh, I'm going to get my blood drawn mom!

A needle with blood on it. Weird.

The Contenders
11 💊

A pill… nobody will ever use it, and just a reminder of something pretty tragic.

12 😍

It's so cringeworthy looking for me. Very immature, gives people who use that unironically a childish look in my eyes.

When people use this when commenting about Shawn Mendes, I can't stand it.

All emojis are horrible. Why not use actual words? But this... argh. People these days... emoji merchandise, ripped jeans, crap rap.

Let's go back in time to typewriters and platform shoes, bell-bottoms, and disco.

13 💣

The gun emoji got changed to a water gun. Why didn't this one get changed to a water balloon?

14 😘
15 📉

I think this graph emoji is so stupid! What on earth would you ever use this for? Ridiculous and tragic.

It's a graph of how much I care about sob announcements on social media... seriously.

I think this is a graph... I don't know.

16 👯

Just why! What is this even supposed to mean!

They look like Playboy bunnies.

In what situation would you use it?

17 🔪

They made the gun emoji into a toy gun emoji, but this is still a knife and not a toy knife? I don't get it.

It's like an emoji that is put before someone commits suicide.

One word and a punctuation mark: Why?

18 📍

Don't you want a balloon, Georgie?

19 😱

One of the most annoying emojis. Who would use this? Seriously, top 10 things sunscreen eaters would put in chat.

Exaggerated, stupid, and used when some stupid drama happens on Twitter.

20 🏂

I enjoy skiing better, although I still have respect for you guys.

21 🍆

I have nothing to say. The shape just needs to be changed.

I'm sure I don't need to explain this one.

It would be fine if it wasn't used to talk about a certain male body part

22 🎎
23 🥵
24 💦
25 📧
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