Top Ten Worst Times for the The Doorbell to Ring

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1 You're all cozy and warm in bed

The perks of not having a doorbell.

It's hard for me to get out of bed.

Definitely, it took me forever to get all comfy for bed until the doorbell rings

2 While using the bathroom

And let's hope you don't make a mess on the person at the door; s/he'll be covered in either gold or chocolate (maybe even both). If it gets on the floor, then don't let the person inside.

Especially when you have to go to the bathroom bad.

It's just annoying. And super inconvenient.

3 During sex

Oh man, while I'm to young to have sex, I can only imagine how embarrassing it is. Either you ignore them and hope it is not important or you go and answer it with your genitals sticking out and hope the person is blind.

I guess you can always put your clothes back on and you will be in bed, but if your getting it on right next to the door, then let's hope that the person there isn't someone who is disgusted by nudity.

My God, that would be so embarrassing! It'd also make the people who knocked on the door think you're either a hooker or a person who does business with hookers...

4 You're in the middle of a really good dream

That happened to me, I was dreaming about me in a magical land until the nasty doorbell rang

5 In the middle of a really good part of a movie or TV show

Yeah! Then my mom thinks its OK to turn on her vacuum cleaner right at the exciting part!

That would be the worst then my dogs might distract me from the movie or TV show

6 When you're taking a shower

Your hair is wet and you're racing over to open the door with a towel around you. Awkward

That would be the worst then I wouldn't be able to answer the door

7 In the middle of an extremely exciting part of a book

This happens a lot. Or I'm watching my fave T.V. show, its at the climax, then my mom decides it's a great time to turn on the vacuum cleaner

It's ten times worse when you're WRITING the scene in the book.

That would be the worst if that happened if I was reading a book

8 Talking to your old friend that you haven't seen in forever over the phone

That would be the worst then it would be hard to hear them over my dog barking

9 When you're too tired to get up

That would be the worst if it happened when I was too tired to get up

10 While making a YouTube video

That would be the worst, then my dogs would ruin the youtube video by barking

The Contenders
11 When you know it’s someone you don’t like

I had this happen before when it was someone I didn't want to see, I didn't answer

12 When you're naked and can't find clothes

Why on earth wouldn't you be able to find clothes? And why would you walk around the house naked?

13 In the middle of the night
14 Talking to someone on TheTopTens

That certainly infuriates me, because it happens many times!

This happened to me once, well I was making a post, not talking.

We are like the Illuminati.

15 When you're in the middle of doing homework

I ll be damn happy! Who wants to do homework anyway?

16 In the middle of listening to a great song

That happened to me once! I was listening to my favorite song in the whole wide world. When the doorbell rings and my song was finished

17 During yoga
18 When fighting an enemy
19 In the middle of a conversation
20 When my little cousins are at my house

When my cousins are at my house and the doorbell rings it's usually means that my annoying great-aunt or great-uncle comes over and there will be baby talk 1000% guaranteed! :(

21 During a fight with the teacher
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