Top 10 Dumbest Trends

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1 Twerking

Inappropriate dance. I hate it.

To be honest the toilet humour version it isn't as bad as the sexual version.

Even In the Nick show breadwinners(more like breadLOSERS) the ducks twerk. That's inappropriate for little kids! First that, and then SpongeBob watching porn? Are you sure Nick is a kids network?

So freaking disgusting and immature. I see kid's do cringe twerk videos on Tick Tok and it is so annoying.

Whenever I see a person twerking against a wall, it really looks like a whole chicken doing it

2 Deez Nuts

I remember when I was in year 5 people kept saying this and I asked what it was and I got in the trend too. At NINE!

3 Little Einsteins Song

A childhood show, but please renamed Little Einsteins to Little Snietsnie

4 Bae

Bae is a Danish word for poop.

We all bae a lot

5 Fidget Spinners

Honestly fidget spinners aren't that bad, but the trend is getting over the top. Everybody wants one, everybody has one,but me. People are addicted to a toy that spins and will 100+ dollars for one. I know a girl who payed 600$ for a fidget,and guess wut SHE LOST IT! I can't believe some parents give their kids all this money for fidget spinners and listen to their tantrums for one. I always see YouTube videos like "9999 mph Fidget Spinner vs Neck" or "Super Cool Metallic Fidget" or something with a million views? My friend collects fidget spinners and was talking about some golden fidget spinner or something he was saving up for him and his buddies were like "Dude, that's so cool I want one" and "Hey guys look it ma fidget." Do be honest I will soon buy a fidget spinner,but just one less than 10 dollars. And I won't be showing it off to the world!

Honestly, my mistake was going out to town and getting my own fidget spinner. Who DOESN'T own a fidget spinner these days? Honestly, someone in my class owns 20!
And I only "needed" a fidget spinner because it was trendy. Geez.

Originally for kids with ADHD, ADD, autism but of course idiots will muck around and get the spinners banned from their school which means people who actually need them can't use them.

What is the point? I understand that they were for ADHD and things like that, but some kids don't need them, but got them anyway. They should not have gone as viral as they did.

6 Fire Challenge

Can someone explain this for me please?

People get badly burned.

Suicide became a trend


Teens used it as an excuse.

8 Charlie Charlie Challenge

Tried it once.

"Am I tall? "
Apparently yes.

But I'm 150cm tall at 14 years old so everyone thinks I'm in 5th grade but I'm in 8th grade.

Inaccurate dumb waste of time.

You know the trend sucks when the name is the least intimidating thing ever.

And the laziest.

I once played it with some of my friends. We kept screaming, even though it's so fake.

The videos look so fake!

9 Sagging

I think it's when you pull your pants down to reveal your underwear. EWWW! Information for people that do this: We do NOT want to see your underwear! If you do this, you're gross!

10 Butt Songs
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11 Condom Challenge

NEVER DO THIS. It involves sniffing a condom up your nose and pulling it out of your mouth. It's a very stupid idea and NEVER do it unless you want to suffocate and die.

12 Planking

Someone did it on top of a building, and fell off and DIED. For a stupid trend!

13 Bakugans
14 Swag
15 Short Shorts

I think these are ugly.

I prefer wearing long pants. Long pants are more comfy and look better. Also the nasty popular girls in my grade wear these with their lame Adidas crop tops. YUK.

No one wants to see your ass.

16 Cinnamon Challenge

Good luck dying

17 Keep Calm Signs

There is no point in these. And for half the things you wouldn't even need to have someone to tell you to calm down!

I don't get this one. Wasn't they used for war signs? Keep calm and carry on? I LIKE THEM! Gees!

Keep calm and type this

Gives me bad memories from that "trendy" teacher in high school

18 Dabbing

So annoying...where did this trend come from?

19 Laundry Pod Challenge

This proves that whoever does it are the worlds dumbest,cool, suicidal people. Now I hope the universe ends because of this.

How dumb are people these days!

20 Don't Judge Me Challenge
21 Fake Glasses

It is already so hard to keep up with and deal with regular glasses. Now you want me to wear some with prescription and for "fashion"
No thanks.

22 Sports Shirts
23 Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
24 21
25 Duck Face
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