Top 10 Worst Times and Places to Need the Toilet

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1 At Your Wedding

It is the worst place because everyone is waiting for your big moment.

2 In an Interview

You'd agree to work for nothing to get out of there.

3 During Sex

You should have prepared for it!

4 On Stage

Ha ha! I know the feeling. This happened to me today! It's especially bad when you're performing a long play like Hamlet, which I did today.

And it's quite the most common time!

5 Floating Through Space
6 In Mid-Conversation

When I was a young teen, I was forced to listen to two-hour-long boring lectures, and the person who was speaking to me would not let me use the bathroom in the middle of it, even if it was an emergency.

Especially if you're with someone boring who talks too much.

7 In a Long Queue

And then the line is even longer when you come back.

8 On a Bus

Motor coaches have bathrooms, but my parents don't let me use them. They say they smell and are unsanitary.

9 During a Meeting
10 In an Action Movie Film Shoot

En garde! Oh, wait, I just gotta use the can.

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11 In Bed

Thanks a lot, body. You ruined this moment. Now I'll never feel quite that cozy again!

You're warm, contented, sleepy... And then...

12 When Delivering a Speech to a Whole Crowd of People

Can you just imagine? You'd have to end your speech at once and then act as normal as possible while running to the nearest toilet

13 During Class

Teachers won't let you go, even if it's an emergency. This is why I think that wearing diapers to school should be allowed.

14 In the Theatre

I once drank a full 20 ounces of water in the first half hour of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Of course, the movie was three hours long! I kept thinking, "It's got to end..." but it didn't. Let's just say I was in quite a bit of pain for all of the action sequences in the mountains. By the way, those sequences were absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable. I have no idea why they were added to the film, as Tolkien had no such thing in the book. And then there was the riddle game.

Sorry about my brief rant. I got off track.

Well, imagine expecting to see a good part of a movie and suddenly you have to go to the bathroom, but when you come back, you've missed it.

15 In a Broken Lift

I do not EVER want this to happen to me. Why must I suffer?

16 During a Fire Drill at School
17 In Someone Else's House

Once at a family party, I needed to use the toilet but it was occupied by another guest. There was another one in the basement, so I used that one instead. While I was downstairs, someone locked the basement door and I ended up being stuck in the basement for about 10 to 15 minutes.

18 At School

The reason is that a lot of teachers will not allow their students to use the restroom during class, even if it's an emergency.

19 Asking a Girl Out
20 While Swimming

The gross thing is the fact that 40% of swimmers have admitted to relieving themselves in pools. That's one reason why I don't swim. Knowing that!

21 In a Large City

Once my family went to NYC and just before entering midtown Manhattan I had to use the restroom and we ended up parking near the Port Authority Bus Terminal so I could go.

Also once my dad and I were in Boston and he had to use the restroom so we went to a McDonald's, but it had a "restrooms are for paying customers only" policy so we had to buy gross coffee so he could go.

22 In a Dressing Room
23 During a Huge Exam
24 In a Police Car
25 On a Airplane

Airplanes do have bathrooms, but sometimes they are really tiny.

Only if it's experiencing turbulence.

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