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1 killerBOY012

Kb shouldn't be #10 he's better than most on here.

Kb beat everyone that's Even in top 10

Jaytay4life where he at?

Kb is better then wing cause wing ass bck ass and kip ass brave n blaze ass and everyone else and kb aced wing and ninja,kb is #1 for life #LEGEND

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2 Omega413

Used to be my bud but I still can't deny he was a great guy and slapped.I beat him once though

Omega should be way higher on this list... At least in the top three

Omega pretty cool and really good

Never has beaten me

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3 WingNight22

He was a legend that had faded into the shadows from what I heard. I'm surprised people don't talk about him as much now.

Greatest Slapper in the history of the game. Hands down, nobody can comeback from games like him, nor ace people like he did.

I remember him acing me and then just kicking me because he said I was "a waste of his time"

Great, OG

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4 agentclank111

He is one of the best slapper I ever seen. He beat a lot of pros. He should be number 10 - xXTheKingOfSlapXx

He is one of the best slapper I ever seen. And he should be number 10! - xXTheKingOfSlapXx

Cool, friendly and king at slapping of course! - ThePlayer_No1

Fastest slaper in Lbp in my opinion.

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5 ThePlayer_No1

Jack is the best

Player is the best slapper in lbp2!

He is very good

Kratos4135 is better then the player no1 he aced him 9 times and proved it he almost beat kb by 1 point so I think this list stupid asf-Weedlover221

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6 bck-007

In all honesty I'm number one right now not trying to judge but wing don't even fight anyone plus he retired so that makes no sense laugh out loud

And another thing how isent blaze in the top ten? He's better than most of this noobs to -Kip

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7 ultimateninjaj

Ninja deserves way higher than this! He's the best back slapper I've ever seen.

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8 NightStroke12

NightStroke12 an awesome slapper. He's always training, and has taken on two or more and won. you should try fighting him, then you'll know what I mean

Sid you're amazing, you've always been so strong, and now you've exceeded your capacity and have become much stronger than you ever was. Its been an honour being your friend bro. You should be #1 anyways, you're better than most of the people here, I know I haven't been on in ages but hey, I'll come back sometime later... Continue to be the best Sid, you're #1. - Lildevontae

NightStroke12's an epic slapper, he's been improving a lot recently and I think he's the best. Go fight him now, he's way beast.

9 jelani2000

Jelani2000 is the master slapper he's the best why he #4

Lol I heard he beat kb in a chat is that true?

From personal experience jlani200 is the best no way should he be placed any lower

HE is the best definitely but I'll still fight him

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10 OrbITKASTER_9-2

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11 Lil_Man_the_4th
12 AtomicMurder_777
13 Torre911

Torre is awesome he deserves to be at least number 9 he's better than grand gamer to me

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14 OxX_Tobi_XxO

He so bad azz he dominated lots of slappers from this list he should be top ten! - ThePlayer_No1

He is pretty good

He so good he should be # 5

He aced xXThomas99Xx so he shouldn't be under him! - ThePlayer_No1

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15 djj14016

WHY IS DJJ number 15 come on people vote she deserves to be at least in the top 10 or at least number 12 djj could probably ace most people on here

Djj The Best I've ever seen, Best Female too and the 1st

She should have never left she's the best

She should come back to slapsters she's the best

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16 Justxxwin

This guy aced so many people and won a lot. I think he might make it to the top 1 day

This guy skills is amazing he can out rank all

He not like other slapers he don't back slap at all this is just a icon to regular slaping

This noob can only regular slap.. he should be 20 but I know peoples who are a way better.

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17 x-Grand_Gamer2k

Grand is awesome he backslaps really good I tried againts him at Airborn but he beat me

18 Killerboy-_-kb V 1 Comment
19 xXThomas99Xx

All he can Beat is my Grandpa

All he can beat is my grandma.

Thomas is very loyal to his clan he won't back down I can't beat him but it would be cool he is a legend he is not a jerk and if he looses he is just warming up so don't think it will be easy on him he is the best unlike a certain clan who uses him for fame yeah that's right if you want to be in the worst clan ever so be it you will just be used for who. You are join our clan and be loyal -Rarr

I am the Co_Leader Tuzin of the Ascended clan. Thomas is a worthy opponent. He shows prowess and wisdom, he will lead his clan well.

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20 Berzerker-_-Boy
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