Top Ten Littlest Pet Shop Characters That Should Get Taken Off the Show

The Top Ten

1 Roger Baxter

How can you say Roger Baxter should be taken off the show he may be a clumsy parent but he has helped Blythe in a lot of things for example helping her with Mona Autumn

A terrible parent! Lazy and useless!

He is so stupid. They should take him off the show

2 Russell the Hedgehog

I hate Russell to

He ruined the show forever

3 Minka the Monkey

She is useless they should take her off and replace her with Sugar sprinkles

Why she is funny

She is a loser and not funny

Why is minka here she is so cute and adorable

4 Youngmee Song
5 Jasper Jones
6 Sue Patterson
7 Ramon


8 Josh Sharp
9 Sunil the Mongoose

Sunil is awesome this list is dumb

10 Vinnie the Gecko

The Contenders

11 Pepper Clark

Pepper needs to be replaced with a ferret, rather than a skunk.

She can get overhand with her jokes, and is a little mean

12 Mrs. Twombly
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