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241 I Cross My Heart - George Strait

My boyfriend says this song says all he loves about me and all I have to do is listen to know how he feels about me. Very good memories with this song!

If you have ever heard this song, you know it HAS TO BE Number one! If this song isn't what love is then I don't know what would be.

242 She's No You - Jesse McCartney V 1 Comment
243 Out of My League - Stephen Speaks

Nico, if you ever read this, it's Kimmy. and I still listen to this song every night, I still listen to it. it got me crying sometimes. I missed you and this song will stay in my heart forever. It hurts to see you with other girl now, but our memories will always stay with me. I loved you but now I'm healing. thanks for everything we ever had.. - K.

244 When the Rain Comes Falling Down - Triangle Sun
245 Layla - Eric Clapton

this is the best song ever.. my boyfriend keeps singing it to me all the time. and we are getting married soon and are planning to dance to this. this song makes me smile and helps everytime I miss my boyfriend. coem back home my love I'm waiting for you.

246 Careless Whisper - Wham!
247 Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

such a cute song. it's in that diamond commercial where they are in the car at the light.

I put this song on my phone, ah I love it. My boyfriend set it as his Mysapce song just for me!

Best song ever by a pigg...

248 Making Memories of Us - Keith Urban
249 My Love, My Life - Abba

YouTube has the video of this song - Agnetha looks and sounds absolutely angelic singing this superb song on the video. - ekos

250 You are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker has one of the most beautiful voice in music plus the way he moves is just beautiful and compliments his music in an awesome way, any song from Joe Cocker has that feel good quality in it, his originals or any song he touches and covers just becomes magic. He still rocks today and by far one of the best. For those who haven't heard of Joe Cocker please listen to "With a Little Help From My Friends" live at Woodstock and you will become his fan, that's a promise.

All time great love song and favorite wedding song!

251 My Beautiful Rescue - This Providence

I love this song!
It like describes me perfectly.

I love this song!
it like describes me pefectly.

252 Fall Like The Rain - Jessica Andrews
253 Smooth Operator - Sade

This song illustrated the strength and the potential that women posses in within - jumzinaz

254 Ever Dream - Nightwish

Fantastic song, great lyrics by Tarja and a fantastic intro by Tuomas.
Ever felt away with me, just once thats all I need, entwined in finding you one day
ever felt away without me, just once thats all I need, everdream of me... - Psykosauron

255 I Miss You - Blink 182

One of the best songs for the cute teenage couple to the well-developed romance of husband and wife. Goes well with many different senarios too, such as a soldier husband going to defend his country, or a wife traveling for business, or just the couples that go through long-distance experiences. Still loving it for more than a decade now, since I first heard it, and it will definitely be one of my favorites for years to come...

Everyone knows this song, even if they don't the artist name... This song is beautifully written and composed, it has even deeper and heart-throbbing lyrics, which make it the best sad song ever written... Come on folks, you know it...

Not too many love songs where two guys are singing it. The song is so beautifully composed and very poetic. I love how this song really speaks to the listeners with so few lyrics. Great song!

256 The Way You Make Me Feel - Ronan Keating
257 Always - Bon Jovi

"I'll be there till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
I know when I die you'll be on my mind
And I'll love you always... "

Such heartfelt lyrics...

The interpretation of Jon and Richie live on this song emotions a lot, they play it with all heart and soul...

Jon ALWAYS the first, here and in my heart. An angel sent by God in this world, in the music. I love you Jon.

This is such a beautiful and underrated song

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258 Amber - 311

What a great melody. Either about a girl he can't get, or its about the energy thats in all of us, but I know its a good love song. - Lemonjelo

259 Dig - Incubus

I have listened to this song night and day, and I can never get bored with it! There's really good lyrics and I'll never forget them!

Everyone who has not heard of this song go listen to it on youtube. You'll see why it's the best - landocommando88

Brandon Boyd makes it possible

260 Kannalane - K.S. Chithra
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