Top 10 Things Players Hate About, a free online game where you can eat players, split into 2 to 16,
tea and more. But things in Agario are so stupid, unfair and rude.
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The Top Ten

1 Lag

Well, congratulations AGARio, you are officially the Laggiest Game Known to Mankind!

Lag is bad. It's bad If your big then it started to lag.Then you get eaten because of the lag. Its making the game laggier. - Saturn300

2 Bots

Bots are blobs getting controlled. It's a bit of cheat. It makes people bigger and people are getting leaderboard fast.They Banned bots then they came back. It causes lag too. - Saturn300

3 Savages

Some People in Agario act like Lions killing a human.

Example A: The Biggest People come and eat the smallest people. You have like 250 mass and he has 5000 mass and split on you for your small mass.

Example B: A Opponent with the same size is chasing you and when he gets very close where they can't eat you then someone feeds your opponent on you to be in a team with the opponent.

Example C: #1 splits into 16 blobs for your 200 mass or a way smaller mass than him. - Saturn300

4 Fake Teamers

Fake Teaming is when you team with someone and after they eat you

Example A: You team with someone,then later when they are the right size to split on you,They split to eat you.

Example B: You Team with someone,then your teamer teams with someone else and either eats you or leaves you alone. - Saturn300

5 Facebook Bans

Sometimes users get banned on Agario on their Facebook for bots or other hack. It makes you miss out on the weekly new skins on Friday. - Saturn300

6 Some Skins

Some Skins are for noobs,noobs you the bad skins like fly or Venus. While Pros use the awesome skins like spy,evil and toxic

Examples of Skins that noobs use

Dust Brain
Tender Heart Bear
Earth Day
Ocolus Orbus

Also on one of the birthday skins was a birthday cake and you can't keep it. Thunderbirds skins like Sherbert,Alan and six other skins you could not keep too. You have to type the name to play as the skin only for a few days. - Saturn300

7 Rubbish Players

Some Noobs try to tricksplit or popsplit,but when they try they mostly fail and get eaten or loss mass. When they Team with you they go in to you to be eaten thinking that's teaming or they go on top the virus thinking "Oh Look What is this green thing should I eat it what's happen if I eat it" So they go and eat it making then divide into 8 - Saturn300

8 YouTubers Who Kill Their Fans

People like ArcadeGo kill their fans,which make the fan stop liking them and start to fan someone else. Sometimes even Sirius does kill TYT fans.

Example: Your name is ASH Fan and a real ash members divides to eat you that's called fan killing. - Saturn300

9 Viruses

If you get hit by a virus and you split into lots of tiny mass-packed blobs, everyone treats you like a stream full of FOOD when you're NOT FOOD.

Someone shoots a virus and a virus hits you you divide and then lots of players try to eat you cause. Also lag can make you hit a virus,Sometime you spawn on a virus it's is bad if you have 3x mass boost and you spawn on a virus and divide into 8 then come for you. - Saturn300