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Everyone has a certain group of people who they strongly dislike.

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Disgusting, sick people.
I recently fought with my ex-friend, who was a disgusting, sadistic, twisted-psychotic wacko. Honestly, she’d always send me knives over and over and talk about how much she loves corpses and their dead eyes, and how blood dripping off people is beautiful, she told me she loves the sound of skin getting ripped off the human body (I wanted to throw up while typing that out...)
She’d always tell me she’ll turn me into a literal sandwich and sell me. I’m so scared. I’m so glad I blocked this disgusting person. I can’t believe she knows where I live, oh God.

I think it's disgusting that people seem to agree that murderers are the worst kind of person, however the comments against this one are far less severe than those of pedophiles and rapists, which go as far as saying stuff like "burn in hell", and "they should be hung by their genitals". It's quite frightening that people see murder as being more acceptable than anything else.

YES! Criminals are high on this list because they are the worst kinds of people on earth from ancient times! If you are a criminal who kills or steals stuff without paying, you would have to go to jail for the rest of your life!

Murders are idoits who want to kill people for fun, revenge, and kidnaped. I feel like I want to beat them up so bad to death, also serial killers. I think the most scary serial killer is JackTheRipper, he's super scary. If you don't know what he is, then look him up.

I wouldn't say idiots, many serial killers are very intelligent.


Terrorists are even worse than pedophiles and murderers. They claim a lot more lives than murderers, and stuff. They give religion a bad name (you know, religious extremists).

Terrorists should be wiped off the face of this earth. They do nothing but contribute mass deaths to modern society. It's a shame to see the entire Muslim community which is more than 2 billion people being discriminated against because of these animals. Especially when terrorists kill more Muslims than any other group. Disgusting.

They provoke violence in order to achieve a political goal. Examples of attacks caused by these people are: 9/11, 7/7 Bombings, OK City Bombing, 11/26 Mumbai Bombings, the Paris Attacks, and most recently, the Sri Lanka Bombing.

Whenever terrorism is brought up, everyone just focuses on Islamic terrorism, completely ignoring the fact that approximately 75% of terrorist attacks that have happened in the U.S. recently were cause by white supremacists, sovcits, and Christian fundamentalists.


THIS IS A TRUE STORY. So, there used to be this janitor at my school who always talked to the girls and they would talk to him about their classes and stuff. Of course, my friends and I could easily see that there was something seriously weird about him. One day, he didn't show up to school and nobody really thought much of it. I didn't either, until I was watching the news that night. I was sitting on my phone in front of the T.V. while the local news was on, and when I heard that a school janitor had been arrested I looked up at the screen and saw our janitor's mugshot. Apparently, he had texted some 15-year-old girl asking for sex. Everybody was shocked and it was the main conversation at my school for weeks. Let me just say, I'll never trust my janitors again. In fact our new one just sits around and stares at all the students during lunch, so I might wanna steer clear of him...

There are laws protecting kids from convicted pedophiles, but that doesn't always stop them from taking advantage of kids and mercilessly raping them thus making them traumatized. They're a parents' worst nightmare.

Pedophiles are worse than murderers could ever be. What kind of person rips the innocence away from a defenceless child for their selfish desires? They don't deserve to die. They deserve to be tortured with no freedom for the rest of their pitiful lives. They're selfish and cruel, and they don't deserve human rights. It should be legal for the other prisonmates to attack them as long as they don't kill them.

Hanging out with little kids and just talking with them is fine. I'm 16, and I like to get to know a little kid. I like hanging out with kids. Some are plain cute and funny. But wanting to have sex with one is plain disgusting, wrong, terrible, and awful. These people need to die.


Rapists have a right to be attracted to people, that's fine, but I don't want people who run around impregnating women for cheap thrills running around ruining more women's lives. The sadistic douche who does this should be hung by his genitals.

Somebody please tell me why these guys even exsist? They are nothing more but freaks who have sex with women just so they could fulfill their sexual desires, even if the women isn't willing to do it. Just like murderers and terrorists, these people deserve to be locked up behind bars.

Rapists are the worst type of people. Instead of just killing you, it is much worse. They force you to have sex against your will. I have no sympathy for any rapists. I hope they burn in hell forever.

Nobody deserves to have a stranger force themselves upon them and, if it is a female they are doing it to, get them pregnant. No genders should have to be taken advantage of like that.


Ok I'm not racist but I want to get a few things straight because some people are just not that smart calling someone black isn't racist that's so dumb say there are two people who work at your office or whatever both named Ryan one black and one white so you're trying to explain the black one so your telling your coworkers about how cool he is or whatever what better way to explain him than saying he is the black Ryan. Second off you know people say it's racist to say they all look alike to me that's complete bull t here's why I'll show you a picture of five black dudes specifically 5 black Africans could you pick which countries they're from could you tell me which one is Kenya or Ethiopian could you say you say one is Kenyan guess what you're wrong he's actually Ethiopian you're racist because you don't know which country they are from because they look like

I'm African American, and I'm tired of this crap! Since when do people think that we are the lowest class! I mean, Asian people, Indian people, all these people getting criticizes because of who they are! Some people are even bleaching their skin because of this! It needs to stop, now!

These people make Most Hated Countries, the #1 racist and idiotic list here. These people are so heartless they call Chinese cockroaches, Korean *insert bad thing*, list goes on. I sincerely hope racists die a painful death.

Racism is not just a black/white issue, there are many other races like Asians who are victims of racism, they need to be heard as well. I don't just hate black/white racists, but I also hate anyone who is racist...


Honestly They are worse than rapists, murderers, pedophiles, animal abusers, cannibals and terrorists.

I could see why this is below racists, since all the nazis are racists, but not all of them are dictators.

Nazis are SO much worse than Beliebers.

These guys need to be number 1.


Most dictators are evil people that abuse their power in cruel and selfish ways. Some of the worst dictators are Adolf Hitler, Josep Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, etc

These people are worst than rapist, beleibers, scene kids, and even BRONIES!

Should be higher

Serial Killers

I don't know why bullies are above people who murder people for no reason.
Also why is there a picture of hannibal lechter for serial killers and not for cannibals

Well executing a serial killer does not bring there victims back to life. I kind of agree and disagree with the deathpenelty. Because up here in canada death penelty is banned. Here is why I agree and diagree with the death penelty. Here is one reason. Why look after a loser who killed Inoccent people. And here is why I disagree with it. Executing a serial killer does not bring there victims back to life.

They kill innocent people, usually ones that they don't even know. Screw life in prison; they need to be taken out of the world altogether. They serve no purpose in life. All they do is murder.

They could of serves a better purpose than a person worshipping a screen

Lower than bronies and Justin Bieber lovers. The people voting on this list are idiots.


I used to be bullied, but a month later, I got the courage to stand up for my rights and I wasn't bullied. It was horrible during just that one month, and I can't imagine other victims. So I would like to say, stand up for yourself. Hold your head up high and walk with a straight back looking straight ahead. Most of all, BE CONFIDENT! Confidence is everything. If you are confident enough, the bully will be able to tell. If he knows that you are confident, he will back down. Even if you are half his size, if you act confident it will be alright. It might even be better if you are relatively weak compared to the bully because then he is going to get confused as to why you are so confident and be unsure. In fact, after I stood up for my rights, the guy stopped being a bully and now we are friends. Just be confident.

I am really short (the shortest in my year) and not really the sporty type. Two bullies just bullied me because of that. Once we were doing car safety in groups and guess what- I was with the two bullies. I asked, what about the air bag? And one of the bullies said' to smack your face because of how short you are! " Another time, another bully said at sport lets run slower than 'my name'. I was walking and one of the bullies said hurry up slowcaoch! Another time, I was just messing with her and pretended to scribble on her work. We both pretended. The other bully tried to actually scribble on my work but I was too fast. She then scribbled on my friends work with coloured pencil. So I guess there is another type of bully- The teasing one.

Bullying is basically the reason for some other crimes on this list. There is no point, you waste your lives beating up innocent people and possibly ruining them or maybe even scarring them. I'm sorry for anyone who is being bullied, I was a couple times and it changed me. This deserves top 10.

I think this should be above racists, racism is bad but bullies can ruin a persons life and make them want to take their own life or the victim has severe mental trauma, and most of the time teachers do nothing, some say to hit your bullies, but a lot of times that will just piss off the bully and make them beat you up even more. I'd much rather put up with some racist idiot than deal with a bully!

Justin Bieber Lovers

Um, excuse me, but this is not nice! You people are the cruel ones for judging people by who they like! Yes, that’s right. You’re judging people to like Justin Bieber. And this is a free country so we can like or do whatever we want (as long as it’s not cruel). This is hurtful to Justin Bieber lovers because you are judging them by their opinion. Never say stuff like this again. It’s hurtful and cruel. Please never do such a thing again. (This doesn’t mean I like Justin Bieber).

Who would love an underaged, pot-smoking teenage singer? And for the girls who love Justin Bieber, you guys should at least stop putting his face on everything you touch. It's just a picture and you will never touch his real face, unless you rip it off and post it on your bedroom wall, which I can see happening.

Literally NONE of that makes them being on the top 10 reasonable.

I used to get laughed at in school because I didn't like Justin Bieber. There may be sensible people here at toptens who hate Justin Beiber but there are a lot of crazy fangirls who think that Justin Beiber is one of the best singers on earth! I wonder why these girls still worship him after all the bad things he had done.

Best types of people hates Justin Bieber but the reason why Justin Bieber lovers is on this list is because his attitude is the worst.

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People Who Are Cruel to Animals

People who say that animals have no souls or feelings really need to hear just how stupid and screwed up they sound. Yeah, an animal isn't a human. So what? It's still a living, breathing creature, and it still has a soul and feelings, the same as a human. And it deserves just as much love as a human does. And if people are going to say that an animal is just an animal and has no soul or feelings, I think it's safe to say the same about a human- humans are just humans, with no soul, feelings, or conscience of any kind. Animals DON'T deserve to be mistreated, and those who do abuse animals should be treated the same way. It doesn't feel good does it? Now think about how the poor animal feels. Honestly!

I love animals but come on, eating meat isn’t bad, I’d never kill an animal in fact I try my best to not even hurt a fly
With meat the animal is already dead so you’re not doing a favor for the animal by letting people throwing away the meat because everyone is vegan when homeless people could eat food

But I have some morals I mean if you’re hunting you should do it responsibly I mean id only do it for food, clothes & shelter but not do it for fun I mean just killing for fun or overeating meat is just bad
Damn people who hurt animals are just terrible I mean I think their teeth & hands should be broken for animal abuse

Also rapists should have their hands & genitals cut off

Honestly, nearly everything on this list is terrible (I say nearly everything because of Bronies and Justin Bieber lovers, they aren't bad at all) But animal abusers are disgusting. Hunters can burn in hell too. Animals are living beings, and they can't speak their mind unlike us. We must respect and protect them!

Animals are technically people too. animal cruelty is illegal and you can be put on trial. Most of the people who do this kind of thing to their pets usually (I'm guessing) want power over something. I just can't stand people who hurt animals. Whenever I have to punish my dog for doing something bad, usually we have to bop her on the nose a bit and put her in her kennel, but when I put her away she looks out at me with those puppy eyes... then I melt and let her back out.


I think sadists have severe mental illnesses like being high on the psychopathy scale.
My own family tortured me when I was 10. Specifically my then teenage brother and sister. They pierced my nipples and belly button with safety pins and forced me to keep them in. That was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I can not process how family can do that to a little girl or in general being so insane to others.

Someone asked what a sadist is. To answer your question, it's someone who enjoys/ takes pleasure in the suffering of others.

No, a sadist is a person who derives mostly sexual pleasure from the pain of others. I think the correct entry (though this one is no better) to describe someone who enjoys JUST the suffering of others with no sexual pleasure is "sadistic people". Someone who is SADISTIC is someone who enjoys the pain and suffering of others.

Don't judge me please, but I am partly sadistic. Mainly it's when I'm reading or watching movies, I don't inflict harm on others.

That isn't sadistic. Actually hurting people and enjoying it is sadistic. If you enjoy the death of someone in a movie its 1/15th sadistic.

My classmate is a sadist >:( she picks on me a lot and she thinks it's funny and one time she said that her grandma fell down the stairs and she admitted that she "died" laughing at that, seriously?


I must wonder what drives these sick, sick monsters to devour the flesh of another human being. I have heard of so many cannibals in my short fifteen years of life so far, it's just... Awful. In fact, when I was on vacation to Florida, about four years ago, I was checking the news and found out that 80% of an innocent man's face was eaten off by a cannibal. When I heard the news of this, I was just horrified... It was so gruesome.

I honestly don't see the difference between eating an animal and eating a human. Praying mantis eat each other.

Guys, maybe it's part of their culture to commit cannibalism. Even though it is cruel, you can't get upset over other people's way of life. If you commit cannibalism for no reason than it's bad. Like I said, sometimes it's a cultural thing.

Well cannibals are bad people. But say like a plane had crashed in say like the carpatian mountians or alaska or norhern canada or something and you were starving and there was nothing to eat exept snow and there were no animals to hunt no where to go than you would have to survive on eating the flesh of another dead person.

Cannibals is the worst! But that's not the case, being a cannibal will make their body worse, because our body wasn't meant to digest in stomach.


Kids say, I'm not gonna get married, it's gross. MARRYING isn't gross. SEXISTS are. The bad thing is they say there not gonna get married.(good choice to cover up to avoid) But then later on they find a sweet girl/guy and date. THEN they (maybe) become SEXISTS.

Thank God that item is high on that list along with various kinds of killers, but speaking of sexism, please put "Prisses" on that list! Because looking all-around perfect is NOT everything!

Sexists are bad and I'm completely against sexism of any form, but why are Beliebers higher than this? I mean, this shouldn't be number one (rapists and murderers should be), but still.

What's the deal with these losers! Men saying they do all the work! (In my class anyway) not saying all men are like this. I know nice ones

Animal Abuser

Animals may not be humans, but they can still feel stuff, the same as a human. And they DON'T deserve the abuse they are constantly getting. They deserve love and respect. And people who abuse animals should not own pets and should be treated just as bad. It doesn't feel good, does it?

Liberals are above this? What the hell? You people have serious problems, even if they're annoying, there's no way liberals are worse than animal abusers.

How is someone who says "Swag" or "Yolo" worse than these people

They're so bad they're on the list twice!

Mass Murderers

Somebody at my school is a total hypocrite towards others. She always tells people to stop bullying others, and then she turns around and does it herself. How rude is that?

For example, some kids have strict parents, and they can be very hypocritical towards them by saying that they spend too much time on screens, when they do it themselves.

"You can't boss me around! " what do they do, they boss people around. They say you can't do this or that or wear that, but what do they do? They do it. It gets annoying if they make a crappy excuse like "I can't leave the house without my phone! " Please go to sleep and never wake up, it'll make the world a better place!

Actually, this whole hypocrisy thing is stupid. Sure, it might be annoying, but if someone tells you not to drink alcohol but is sucking back a beer, they're telling you not to be like them, therefore, they're looking out for you.

Child Abusers

The picture of this man is John Gacy. He did not kill children. He killed people from ages 14-21. But I guess before he did start killing people he abused and tourtered a kid and got away with it. The kid survived though he begged Gacy to kill him because that's how bad he tourtured him. So I guess he can still count as a child abuser. Still can't believe that this fat satanic clown killed 33 people and got away with it. What a loser he is. I hate his father John Wayne Gacy SR. most of all though. His dad is way more evil than he is.

Damaging or ruining a child's life in any way, shape, or form is never okay.

But I do feel at times abortion is necessary

Abusing and innocent child is awful

Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

I don't care if you like a show, but people posting pornographic pictures of MLP is awful because kids might find it if they search for MLP. Also, you're gonna have to expect to get made fun of if you are an adult and say you like MLP publicly. I agree that you shouldn't be, but you know some people will. - Unnamed Google User Remade

If you hate bronies, you're the bad person. To put in perspective, your technically a sexist. Regardless of gender, age, race, religeon, everyone should be interested in what they want to be interested in. Not only are your arguments making you look bad, they're not very good arguments to begin with. If you look in the top comments, you'll probably see an argument on how we should be put in a mental institution. For the person who said that, this is for you. The following is a list of reasons (that I know of) to be put in a mental institution.

Brain Damage


I don't see HAVING CERTAIN INTERESTS on that list. But keep in mind that was just that came off the top of my head, but it's still pretty descent. Seeing the comment section makes me think that this is just a competition to see who can be the most sexist dip. Brony haters are ruining the world almost as much as Donald Trump, and that's really saying something. Now THAT'S an argument. I hope that one day ...more

It's alright to like something. Yes, the show was meant for little girls. But people are allowed to have interests regardless of gender. You are sexist and disgusting if you think girls can't play with Legos and stuff (not the Lego friends crap, real Legos) and boys can't like dolls or ponies. It is, however, creepy to make porn and stuff out of an innocent show. Don't assume that all bronies are like this. Some are, but a lot are not. One of my friends is a brony and he just enjoys the show. That's it. None of your business.

Please read whole comment before criticising me.
Why should girls be allowed to like boys things, but boys aren't allowed to like girls things? It's not fair. Sure, the fanbase is kinda annoying, but they have to right to live MLP. Why is everyone in this world so SEXIST?! I used to love Sonic and people always used to tell me it was for boys. WHY?! Everybody likes something different. They aren't paedophiles, they aren't rapists, they aren't sadists. Just leave them alone!


Yeah! I am completely opposites to them! They only feels Anger! But not Empathy, Sadness, Happiness and they even think Love is pointless! It's only because they don't know how powerful Love can be, and how Sacrifical it can be. I am a Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP) and I really hated them that I want them to go to Hell!

But... you know... it wasn't their fault for being a Psychopath, they were just borned that way. But I still hated them, even with a very Sad tears, Depression, they feel... nothing, as if their heart is just a vessel to contain Anger...

Honestly I feel bad for psychopaths I mean it’s mostly society’s fault for that I mean most experience extreme abuse, trauma, genetics, bullying & all that but doesn’t give them the right to kill or that sorta stuff

I mean if scientists could work harder in finding a cure or treatment for psychopaths instead of finding ways how to grow seedless fruits

Most psychopaths aren't sadistic and just want to live a normal life. They feel.no remorse, but that doesn't mean that they'll go out of their way to hurt people. Most of them don't care. They aren't bad people for being psychopathic. They are either born with it or a traumatic event triggers it.

I am mentally ill and proud and this comment made me angry we are not violent nor can we help being ill in the brain/mind


And democrats are higher? You're kidding.

Fascists are really terrible people.

Abusive Parents

Some people should not be able to reproduce. And your parents are supposed to be the people who love and support you the most, not the people who abuse you most.

Any abusive parents should get their kids taken away, be locked up, and IF they come out, they need to get any kind of surgery that makes them infertile.

My mom is an emotionally abusive lying sociopathic scumbag.So I guess she is an abusive parent but she gets lot's of protection because she is a mom.-TheCoolGuy1

So loving Justin Bieber is worse than abusing your kid?


These people are literally sexually attracted to animals. That’s just gross oh my god. They are probably even worse than pedophiles if not just as bad

Zoophiles are sick people that want to hurt innocent animals, can even be worse than pedophiles

These people are below pedophiles?! I mean pedophiles are horrible but seriously?!?

How are they not in the Top 5?


Honestly, I am bisexual, but my whole life I have been afraid to tell anyone. At my school, a kid revealed on accident that he was gay and his life became hell- he lost his friends, he was bullied, heck, even the teachers made a point to avoid him.
I can hardly believe that people don't have anything better to do than ramble on that men and women were meant to be together, and that homosexuality is a sin. That is not true. Everyone should have the right to like whatever gender they damn please. Nobody chose their sexual orientation, and being a homophobe is judging someone for something they had no say in.

I wonder if these people will ever realize that people cannot control their sexual orientation and they are born that way.

Also, I would like to say that I'm taking about actual homophobes, not people who jokingly say "gay". There is a difference.

These morons clearly have no idea what LGBTQ people are like, that they didn't choose to be like that and that they can love whoever the hell they want. Obviously these people are too stupid to think for themselves, so they burry their heads in the bible (which by the way says absolutely nothing about homosexuality being a sin) and fill their previously empty heads with a sick and warped version of Christianity that is an enemy of progress in all of it's forms.

That's right, blame all the faults in the world on religion. You should blame everything that's wrong with this world on us humans, because that's our fault if we can't all live together and not hate each other, you being a perfect example (or even me for that matter nobody is perfect). Humans are the only species on earth that destroy their environment. Some would say it's only progress, but the way I see it, it's stupidity, greed and almost evil. People think they have free will and everything, but the fact is we are all just walking meat bags with desires we can't control.

I don't have an issue with gay people. If you like men, no problem here. However, my issue is how the media practically hates you if you're not LGBT or Q. Caitlin Jenner being "woman" of the year because she was "brave." Yeah, it's dumb right? So many woman who actually did something, and the media gives them a huge middle finger


For me it depends on the crime. There are a lot of stupid laws that exist (I'm pretty sure it's illegal to die in Buckingham palace). Also I believe the reason for doing something is more important than the thing you actually did. If you steal to survive, or kill a person in an act of self defense, then you've done nothing wrong in my opinion.

You're going to get caught sooner or later. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars?

Criminals and murderers. Basically the same thing.

What if you needed to break the law to survive

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