Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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41 Like a Flower

It's undeniably a good song but we should not be including unreleased and leaked demos on any lists here. I'm sure anybody who is a Madonna fan has looked into some of her leaked demos and thought "Why didn't she release this? " but we have to respect her choice and just keep these songs off the lists. I know it sucks because many of them are great, but it's the respectful thing to do. - theOpinionatedOne

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42 Act of Contrition

I don't think this should have been a single but it would sound cool if parts of it were worked into a remix of "Like a Prayer" like
"Like a Prayer (Contrition Mix)" or something like that. I do think they were meant to be a part 1 and part 2 type thing since it was the B-Side to the Like a Prayer single. - theOpinionatedOne

43 Incredible

This song had what it takes to be a hit... Beautfiul lyrics... A phenomenal beat, but sadly Madonna didn't release it as a single

44 I Don't Give A

It's the best track of MDNA. Don't understand Why Superstar was released instead...

45 Beat Goes On
46 Masterpiece
47 Nothing Lasts Forever
48 Crimes of Passion
49 Beautiful Killer
50 Something to Remember
51 Stay
52 I Want You
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