Chester Bennington

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Chester Charles Bennington (March 20th, 1976 - July 20th, 2017) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known for being the lead singer of Linkin Park. He also has a few side projects like Julien K and Dead By Sunrise. He committed suicide in 2017 due to depression.


Chester has one of the best voices out there. His screams are amazing, something no one can repeat. Yet at the same time, he has one of the softest, most beautiful voices ever. His amazing vocals bring chills in listening to tracks on which he sings. Upon auditioning for Linkin Park, another guy just left after he heard Bennington sing, he knew he was that great. And his bandmate, Mike Shinoda says that Chester has one of the best voices out there; not just because he is in the same band with him, but he would challenge someone else to sing the things he does, as well as he does and his certain no one else could do it all. It is true, Chester Bennington has a very versatile voice and has amazing talent.

Chester Bennington is the best vocalist in this world. I love the vocal of him...His vocal is totally different than other singer. He should be in no. 1 position. I truly love breaking the habits, from the inside, the messenger, pushing me away, waiting for the end & numb songs. I am a huge fan of him, so, please guys come on Nepal for your concert... Love you chester so much...

He can scream like hell and at the same time his voice can melt you down. The most versatile singer in the world. Imitating his voice is impossible (try to sing the song crawling by Linkin Park). He is THE BEST!

Chester Bennington has the most powerful voice range, without really trying. He covers "Rolling In The Deep" beautifully.. with ease. Somewhere I Belong still has the most powerful chorus up until today. When Listening to Linkin Park, no one has control over drowning away in the emotion of their songs. He leaves me "Powerless".. Freddie Mercury will always have an edge over Chester, but in our generation the Linkin Park lead singer is the God of vocals. #Given Up

His versatality is incredible. He can do anything from "Rolling in the Deep" to Screaming to some classic rock. I'm so impressed. Another thing that's also amazing is the fact that after all those years he's screamed, his voice hasn't been ruined. Wow. Just Wow.

He screams using proper technique is why it shows just what an amazing vocalist he is - JESUSISKING

Mercury deserves top spot. but chester being at 5 is crazy. he is by far the best rock vocalists (ALIVE) Oh and brandon flowers isn't a rock singer! I really like the killers and has good voice but he's out of his depth

The immense range of his vocals from screaming to serenading is unmatched. Listen to Linkin Park if you have doubts, and don't just pick out one song that isn't your style. Linkin Park has a huge variety in their music and Chester proves that he can sing any rock song, with few if any that can sing all of his.

An amazing voice! Chester has the best voices out there. He has gifts from the heavens! He is defiantly underrated. He can put emotion in his lyrics, sing softly, and scream. Singing like an angel, screaming like a demon. There is no one else that can beat him. I will adore his voice for infinity.

Nobody can ever beat chester! His scream in A place for my head is the best. Even in his band Dead by sunrise he is really awesome. He rocks to the core. Linkin Park are really lucky mark wakefield left and he came in.

Chester has amazing voice... I think more words would destroy this description, but he has such a talent that he can mimic the voice from James Hetfield, across Mr. Lordi, to Axl Rose or Bon Scott... He can also sing so soothing too, and his voice when he is not imitating anyone is just stunning. So he deserves number 1

Simply, no one can match his vocals. How can be other guys be above him? These guys can sing only in one or two notes. He can sing in all notes. He can scream and go as high as mount everest, then drop his vocals to as low and deep as Pacific Ocean. None can match his wide range of vocals. Linkin Park are lucky to have him. The only guy close to him is Jared Leto of 30 seconds to Mars.

Reminds me a lot of Freddie Mercury though not as good as him Chester is still amazing, he's voice range is wide and diverse and transition is excellent. Though he has lost that growl and anger in his voice he has replaced it with a more smooth and calm voice which is equally great but I still miss the old angry voice of Chester

His voice is amazing soft and soothing when it needs to be and then extremely badass with his raspy otherworldly screams. He is definitely my favorite active vocalist. He is amazing and I look forward to the day I see him perform live with my favorite band in the world Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington is one of the best singers in the world, probably the best. He is so good singer and he is capable of singing not only rock songs, but also pop. There are no words that can describe how awesome and talented he is!

He is an inspiration and the most amazing vocalist alive. Not to say Matthew Bellamy, Brent Smith and Benjamin Burnley are not great. Chester is also a little lucky he has just about the best song writer ever in Mike Shinoda.

The Ultimate Vocalist! Go Chaz! From screams to singing this guy has it all! Truly the best! Deserves to be no. 1!

"One of the legend of all time! His voice is very amazingly powerful and you can feel the deep emotions, pain and struggle in every obstacles in life through his screams. And that is the reasons why I always to remember not to give up! Thank you for inspiring us, you're always be a legend in our hearts forever Chester."

He is the best and the most versatile rock vocalist the world has ever seen from given up to valentines day there isn't a note this guy couldn't hit perfectly... Chester forever!

The screams, the croons - it's all so amazingly beautiful. His range is amazing as is the emotion he manages to convey through his voice. All in all he's amazingly versatile and extremely talented!

SIMPLY THE BEST! WAY AHEAD OF OTHERS.. Who other can scream with so much rhythm?!? Has to be the #1.. Guyzz, vote for him.. - soudipanmaity

Chester can scream in heavy rock songs really well, as well as singing softly and loudly, hitting every note with perfection.

Don't tell me you don't envy his voice.

The best singer of all time, live and in studio. Jared Leto can't sing a note. - lukestheman4

Um why isn't Chester #1? Freddie Mercury has a beautiful voice but Chester beats everyone on this list with his beautiful voice and badass screaming! And I won't forget to mention he has a great heart too.

His screams made him the best. Vote this guy up! He's the best. His voice is crazy!

He's Tottaly had an amazing voice! His screams voice and also his soft voice make me melted. He always sing very well in all of the Linkin Park songs, also other songs like "Rolling in the deep" by adele... His voice is so damn Good!