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201 Ed Kowalczyk

Sellind the drama, I alone, Lightning crashes, Lakinis Juice.. Just listen those song and you will never be the same, it will change your mind the way you listen in rock n' roll.. Damn! Why this guy is not in the list?..100 top vocalist (Edward Kowalczyk) not in the list.. You're not a rocker

202 Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye was an American singer, songwriter, and musician, and is regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time .

Marvin Gaye is amazing! Why is he so low?!?!?!

203 Ronnie Radke Ronnie Radke

Not because he is one of the best singers. He only has a limites vocal range. But because it is so fitting. There is such a certain desperation in his voice that perfectly fits the emo style he often performs, and at the same time he has that certain chuckle for the several humorous moments Falling in Reverse have to offer in their less serious songs. - Martin_Canine

Guys, he is so low on the list! Lets get him up where he deserves to be with his awesome voice!

204 Davy Jones

Daydream Believer; need I say more?

205 Claudio Sanchez

Great writing skills, great vocals.

POWERFUL voice, and One of the most talented writers of our age. Not the most accessible, but a mastercraft by all means. Good Apollo IV volume one is his magnum opus in my opinion.

206 John O'Callaghan

Amazing writer, versatile voice.

Love his amazing raspy voice!

207 Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orzechowski, known as Benjamin Orr, was an American musician best known as a singer, bassist and co-founder of the rock band the Cars.

From the Cars. The best sexiest lead singer looks and a very hot voice as well

208 Dan Reynolds Dan Reynolds Daniel Coulter "Dan" Reynolds is an American musician, most famous as frontman of the Las Vegas-based rock band Imagine Dragons. He has also released an Extended Play titled Egyptian - EP as a duo with Aja Volkman under the moniker Egyptian.

Imagine Dragons Is a great band. Dan's voice is great. he should be higher up on the list.

Oh Come on... Dan Reynolds's voice is plain awesomeness! You can't deny that!

209 Dan Smith
210 Jay Black

Jay Black has an incredible vocal range and voice quality. He is able to convey unsurmountable passion in his songs! (Think of "Cara Mia", "This Magic Moment", "Only In America" and "This Magic Moment".). Whenever I hear one of his songs, I have to stop everything and just listen, or sing along just as passionately!

Without a doubt top 20 or better and even in his 70's now still better than a ton of people in front of him. Cara Mia baby!

211 Tom Keifer

Most underrated rock vocalist of all time. Great blues, rock, metal singer. Just started getting into Cinderella. Best range in the industry.

Great lead singer! Top 7 rock vocalist behind Steve Marriott, Robert Plant, Axl Rose Brian Johnson til Emmett and Bon Scott.

Criminally underrated, just listen to Nobody's Fool

212 Damon Albarn Damon Albarn

Honestly I don't know if many people thought of him. Blur is an amazing band and his voice is honestly amazing!

213 Joshua Homme

Listen to anything live... amazing vocalist

214 Joey Tempest Joey Tempest Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson, better known as Joey Tempest, is a Swedish singer, lead singer, and main songwriter of the rock band Europe.

Joey Tempest in my opinion should be in the Top 3 best Rock singers of all time.

He Should Up In The List,One Of The Best Rock Singers, He And Europe better Than Bon Jovi.

215 Kevin DuBrow
216 Joe Lynn Turner Joe Lynn Turner Joe Lynn Turner is an American singer, known for his works with hard rock/metal bands Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple.

Over 70 album credits amazing vocalist formerly rainbow and Deep Purple. Over 40 years in the business. This guy has versatility and an amazing set of pipes. Should be in top 10

217 Al Jourgensen Al Jourgensen Alain David Jourgensen (born Alejandro Ramírez Casas) is a Cuban-American musician, best known as the founder and frontman of industrial metal band Ministry (a pioneering band in the industrial metal genre).
218 Zayn Malik Zayn Malik Zain Javadd Zayn Malk born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as Zayn, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, Malik aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The more.
219 Matt Heafy Matt Heafy Matthew "Matt" Kiichi Heafy is a Japanese-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Orlando based Heavy Metal/Metalcore band Trivium.
220 Joe Strummer Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor, known by his stage name Joe Strummer, was a British musician, singer, actor and songwriter who was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the Clash.
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