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41 He Argued With a Cameraman
42 He defaced public property in an attempt to support Chris Brown.

Don't punch Selena! - AlphaQ


So stupid. - DynastiSugarPop

Oh...he...supports...Chris Brown...makes sense. - WonkeyDude98

43 He said "F*** my little pony"

Pfft at least they sing better than you!

I don't like MLP, but does this guy hate everything?

How dare he say that. But, we all know he's already dead to us Bronies!

MLP sucks too. Same reflects on JB. - alazeemrasaq2005

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44 He Dissed Prince

Prince is now dead because of Justin Bieber! I have one regret alone that it wasn't Bieber who died taking those tablets because I would happily dance on his grave!

Bieber has just pulled of the sickest scam of his life. Not only did he say he was a greater living performer than Prince. He delivered painkiller tablets to his door and killed him in the process. What a vile sick bastard Bieber truly is.

Prince is so influential and paved the way for male singers who sing and dance. AND Prince writes his own songs. Why would Justin hate on such a talented musician? - ListElla

Uhh no problem Michael Jackson hated prince because he was rude. So this does not bother me

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45 He bit a stripper's breast

You dumb ass. That stripper is better than u...
Stripper 100/10
Justin -100/0

46 He supports trump

Okay can he please just die

Says it all about his stupidity, really. He's Canadian and he supports Trump. How more stupid can you be? But to tell the truth, I'm not even surprised. His knowledge about economy, politics etc... equals the IQ ( maybe he has actually a less IQ ) of his pet-monkey he left behind.

47 He refused to give a disabled fan an autograph

God He's Like Hitler. - kcianciulli

There were many tall people over there and took photos with all except the dwarf who was constantly saying please man I need a photo there is a reason of this when you give a young man unlimited powere with in a few years he can controll it with a good way justin gained worldwide fame before 18 and he was like an animal contructed in laboratories he was constructed for a reason in order people to get interested to him and not to real problems like the 2008 financial crisis occured a year after bieber breakthrough he knows that he is just a tool of the powerfoul men

He’s so selfish

48 He hates anime

Excuse me, did I just read that right? He hates anime!? He hates godsend art like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note and many more!? He's only jealous because a piece of art is better than that handicapped Canadian loser. I'm gonna make sure Deidara bombs your home, Beaver - DaTrueSwagLord21

Go back in time to 1994 and murder him at birth

He hates what?.. Why are you people even letting him live

Wow, I hate these kinds of people who should be making me hate this celebrity but are making me sympathize with him. Grow up. - SwagFlicks


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49 He Dissed Kurt Cobain

Oh no. No no no. You do NOT diss the deceased icon who influenced many other bands and was amazing himself. Like Justin himself is the better person here. - Songsta41

Kurt Cobain is a million times better than this piece of crap. So sad he died. He'll be missed by many. Justin Bieber won't be missed, though. Except by his stupid ass fangirls.

Kurt Cobain is a billion times better than Justin Bieber, how dare he disses one of the greatest rock musicians? - AnimeDrawer

Whoa whoa whoa. Dissing one of the most famous guitarist? Why Bieber? - VenomxShocker

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50 He drives a leopard print Audi R8

Now this list is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. What does driving a specific type of car have to do with the meanest things he has done? - Swellow

I really like Audi R8 so don't kill me or tickle me - AlphaQ

I think that's real cool

So? - alphadan12

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51 He lived

It isn't his fault he didn't choke on his own vomit. It isn't his fault that drugs haven't given him a heart attack yet. It's not his fault he didn't get shot by a fan yet. By this logic, everyone has done a horrible thing by living. - WonkeyDude98

The fact that many talented people are deceased and he's still alive is bull!

Chuck Schuldiner died at a young age and death is one of my favorite bands. Why is this douchebag still alive

Why! - micahisthebest

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52 He said that Prince was not "the last greatest living performer" hours after his death

I might not be a Prince fan, but that's just cruel! Who the hell does that?! - VeronikaHolm

Someone Get a Shovel

Like I said, he never directed the comment to himself. You could assume he was, but he could be referring to anyone. DEBUNKED! - WonkeyDude98

Metts is a Justin Bieber Fan

53 He said Calvin Harris was the worst DJ ever

He was also having an arch-rivalry with another charismatic DJ known as Zedd which is over Selena Gomez's heart. However, they broke up because Selena Gomez is needy, demanding and whiny towards boyfriends her age and Zedd/Justin Bieber beats up girls their age that are their exes. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Calvin Harris is a very good DJ! He really said that?!

Let me tell you something interesting.

In 2012, he put out the song As Long As You Love Me featuring Big Sean.

In 2017, Big Sean collabed with Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, and Pharrell (did I even spell Pharrell right? ) on the song Feels.

That makes Justin a hypocrite unless Big Sean and Justin had a beef or something. Don't hate him, but I thought it would be interesting. Also, I love Calvin Harris songs, especially Outside.

54 He slapped a 7 Year Old Girl

Who would want to slap a 7 yr old it's disgraceful but how hard did he slap her is the thing

Who slaps a 7 year old girl?! Isn't it illegal?

55 He hates rugrats

Seriously? Rugrats is great. And after reading this list, I hate Justin Beaver more than ever.


56 He's friends with Kim Kardashian

I dislike both, but how is this a bad thing? - AnimeDrawer

The two d-bags

Again, being friends with someone doesn't count as doing something mean. - alphadan12


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57 He's racist

What does a person's race have to do with anything? We are all human beings.

Put this at number one. - Anonymousxcxc

Can you state a specific time he was being racist? - alphadan12

How old are you gosh racist has nothing to do with racing racist is saying or calling someone the N word

58 He's friends with Miley Cyrus

Why surprised? He is Miley Cyrus twins

He's like the male version of her - lucianwyland

Being friends with a bad celebrity doesn't count as doing something mean, unless you did mean things with that celebrity. - alphadan12

Again, just because he is friends with someone you don't like does not mean he is terrible. - AnimeDrawer

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59 He Called Himself "The Kurt Cobain of his generation"

Whoa, hold on girl, he thinks he's Kurt Cobain?

*dies of laughter*

Oh, I Wasn't Expecting For One of Justin Bieber's Fangirls to Comment

He can't be Kurt Cobain he hasn't killed himself yet

No way, he is nowhere near as good as Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain has a unique voice, writes good songs, and can play guitar, JB has none of those abilities. - AnimeDrawer

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60 He stole a lady's phone

Poo you, idiot beaver


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1. He spit on his fans from a balcony
2. He peed in a mop bucket
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