Top Ten Biggest Problems with COVID Vaccine Mandates

NOTE: I am not an anti-vaxxer! So don't attack me just cause I made this list in order to act all crazy about it. I even got fully vaccinated this month so leave me alone on that. Anyways, I'm making this list due to some cities, businesses, as well as governments around the world deciding to mandate vaccines for everyone in certain areas. And there are some problems with it. DO NOT DELETE THIS LIST.
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1 They screw over those who have special health issues with vaccines

Good point. Another thing is that a lot of people have had weird reactions to the vaccine. Some women who didn't have a period in years had one after being vaccinated for example, or the opposite. There we're also many cases of blood clots of course. Oh and a guy felt pain in his testicles and lower abdomen. You know, it's understandable if people don't want the vaccine yet. Not to mention that different variants of the virus come out which will result in a different vaccine at some point, some people might want to wait for those.

Let's face it, not everyone has the ability to take the side effects from vaccines properly. Some, not many, but some, people have health issues which are already bad enough, but having to mandate vaccines is a hindrance to their already struggling lives. Since these people cannot take the vaccine for certain health reasons, these are going to make these people suffer the most, since they will be barred from going anywhere in some places.

There are only two reasons as to why someone won't get vaccinated for valid reasons, either for critical religious beliefs or having allergies or something like you said, special health issues. Almost everyone who are against it are cry babies for themselves.

This list was very much needed! This world has become so polarized that according to society, you're typically either an anti-vaxxer, or pro-vaxxer, no in-between. Great job!

2 They cause more distrust in the people in charge

So those people in charge can be whoever is doing the mandates. These people with all their money and power over all their constituents think that this will help their companies and such, but it's the opposite.

Most people who don't like vaccines based on incredible theories are big snowflakes.

It certainly isn't a good look for a minister or president to enforce the vaccines.

3 Certain businesses will lose customers if they mandate vaccines

The unvaccinated will be obviously not be allowed, but this still counts as a loss of customers for businesses and thus, a loss of revenue. Those who have friends/family of unvaccinated individuals will also likely no longer go to these places anymore.

Vaccine mandates already exist for diseases such as polio, mumps, diphtheria, hepatitis, influenza, etc. I see no reason why COVID mandates should be seen as such a huge issue in that regard if this stuff is nothing new.

Humanity sinks any lower to be so trigged by vaccines. People have trusted in them in the 1910s, and now many people are idiots for ignoring them.

4 Certain businesses will lose employees if they mandate vaccines

And then we have the matter of the employees in these businesses. It's already nasty enough that businesses would only allow vaccinated customers, what about the workers? Those who disagree will quit/get fired, and it still hurts the company as they still lose some staff. Probably even worse when you consider that if they're hiring they'll only be looking for vaccinated individuals which would limit their choices.

It's happening in real time with the hospitals in NY and NC. I don't believe every one of those doctors/nurses are unvaccinated but the mandate is killing their business and given that it's a hospital is gonna have more ramifications if more and more people get ill or injured.

In a pandemic, the doctors and nurses are supposed to be putting their lives on the line no matter what.

5 People protest in masses against mandates

Have you seen what's going on in France? Other nations like Australia and Germany also have protests in many places. Bottom line is that these people do not want vaccine mandates and are taking to the streets to protest against them. Not the vaccines, the MANDATES. Ask yourself why.

Yeah it's pretty clear people hate being forced. It's human nature.

6 Enforcement of the mandates look authoritarian

Well, this is my reason why. I am completely against any form of authoritarianism and after seeing a video of police in France just watching over people in a coffee bistro for their vaccine papers, I can conclude it's completely crazy. This is a problem for even the police too because they are too focused on this rather than going after other potential crimes.

Certain vaccines were implemented in schools before as mandates years ago. I've rarely seen any decry of these, and yes, the courts have clearly said they are constitutional, and that includes COVID. They are in their authority most of the time, and you are having very be weak arguments.

Why did Republicans support childhood vaccine mandates six years ago according to polling? They never thought it was untill now. Interesting.

It doesn't "look authoritarian" it IS authoritarian and it must stop!

7 The COVID vaccines aren't 100% effective

This is a very dumb statement, and these vaccines greatly prevent you from dying. Even if you got the virus as fully vaccinated, your risks from anything else are drastically lower. We can go back to normal if most of us really understand the basics of masks, social distancing, and vaccines.

How could so many Americans be triggered by a simple piece of cloth?

Kind of a minor one, but well you can probably hear about "breakthrough" cases of those who get COVID despite being fully vaccinated. I mean, the cruise ship that had 100% of its passengers vaccinated somehow had COVID cases. So mandating vaccines that aren't 100% effective isn't really sensible.

You can still carry the virus or be infected by it when vaccinated. You'll be less at risk yourself, but that's it.

Neither is literally every vaccine in existence, yet mandates still exist for those ones. Do your research.

8 It makes people and businesses flee to potentially safer locations

While this technically already happens in lots of locations for a variety of reasons, this does mean that some locations lose their populations or businesses cause of the mandates, and that's entirely on the city's decisions.

9 Vaccine mandates may cause vaccine shortages

This is assuming of course people will stay in the areas that are mandated, but it's probably not something that should be left out.

10 They could cause people to find counterfeit vaccine papers

If all else fails for some desperate people, they might resort to this. Somewhat unlikely, but still a possibility.

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