Top 10 Signs Someone is a Psychopath

Psychopaths by definition are "people suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior." They are dangerous and you need to be able to tell when you are in the presence of one.
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1 Manipulativeness

Manipulativeness is arguably the trademark characteristic of a psychopath, in my opinion. They can come off as charming and appearing to be nice, good people. It's all smoke and mirrors, of course. Manipulativeness can be honed to such an extent that very few people can see through the illusion of charm and politeness

Yes it's ultimate tool of psychopaths.

2 Violence

A lot of psychopaths have a bent to be extremely violent. This may not even be due to a specific trigger, like someone does something to harass or aggravate them. In fact, psychopaths don't often get violent during fits of rage. Instead, they deploy violence during a very clinical and calculated manner, getting some sort of release from torturing people and animals.

3 Impulsiveness

Psychopaths can be very calm usually, but they also have struggle with impulse that can lead to bad behavior, ranging from misdemeanors like shoplifting to problematic felonies such as murder. A psychopath has to find a grey area between wanting control and a the desire to get some form of satisfaction.

4 Excessive lying

It comes naturally to a psychopath to lie. We all know that, but why is that the case? Well, I got into my research, and it's partially because they lie so much that it comes naturally to them, but it's also because they take pleasure in seeing people buy into their stories. If you buy into their lies, it gives them power over you, even if it's to the mildest level

Too bad their noses can't grow too.

5 Lack of empathy

These individuals are extremely egotistical. In fact, they have trouble seeing the earth through other peoples' eyes, which is why they lack empathy within the primary place. Everything must to be the way they have it, because they think their way of thinking, acting and believing is superior to everyone else's.
Psychopaths lack the most basic understandings of feelings

Just because one lacks empathy doesn't mean they will go out of their way to destroy people's lives. Not all psychopaths are evil and can function in normal society without hurting anybody.

6 High sense of self-worth

Psychopaths see themselves as better people than they really are. They don't see themselves getting caught by someone any time soon. Psychopaths blame others for what they have done or caused. They hide their true motivations and project carefully formed personas to put an emphasis on their needs and expectations, and they zero in on people they could use.

Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Zedong, and Saddam were all psychopaths. They just had a greater place of power than most other psychopaths, which made them the mega narcissists.

7 Denial

They tend to do this form of lying all the time. They get so used to hiding big things that they deny even small things they did wrong.

8 Superficiality

Psycopaths are very secluded and not very emotional. They let others into their lives if and only if it serves for the betterment of themselves. They can pretend to care about what troubles you have, and create the illusion of kinship. It creates this false narrative that they're caring for you and creates this image that they're a good person, which just feeds their sense of self-worth

9 Intelligence

Psychopaths are very intelligent people. They frequently feed their intelligence by checking out different intellectual areas. This does not have to be academic in nature. Psychopaths are able to express their feelings on a quite a span of topics, even if they're not experts on said subjects. They also like to show off their brainpower by using a lot of technical phrases.

10 Faulty moral compass

Psycopaths don't think about morals like ordinary people do. When young psychopaths stalk people or torture small animals, it is their way of testing whether something that they've been told is unacceptable is unacceptable in their eyes. The dog is off the leash with the definitions of right and wrong. When what they say is right is actually wrong to the rest of the world, they believe those who don't agree with what is right or wrong should be punished.

To them, good is bad and bad is good.

The Contenders
11 Anti-Social
12 Hypocrisy
13 Rudeness
14 Obsession
15 Work or play late into the night

This may seem random, but supposedly if you play or work late into the night are more likely to develop the Dark Triad: narcissism, manipulativeness and psychopathy. It is inferred that people who have the Dark Triad got it because earlier in time, night was when criminals went out to do their crimes and use the darkness to cover them.

16 Irrationality
17 Fake smile
18 Bedwetting
19 Charisma
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