Top Ten Ways to Control Internet Addiction

We typically spend more than several hours per day on our phones, computers, and other electronics. Whether it's for entertainment or social media, too much good can be a bad thing. Internet addiction can deteriorate your mental health and can be a struggle to deal with. It's not just shutting your electronics down and going outside, but other methods you should consider doing. Especially if you're aiming for a productive life, you may want to try these tips, depending of how you are living. As internet addiction can be sometimes finicky to tackle, some items on the list could require some will for some, but usually can be worth it.
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1 Try cutting out social media

Social media is one of the most addicting things you will encounter in the internet and takes a major part of our internet usage. Many people find it hard to back off social media since it constantly provides entertainment that keeps them hooked for hours, and it can desensitize as a result. Unless social media is an important part of your life. If you have social media accounts that are mostly useless, you might want to delete them, or at least lock them.

I'm happily not on any social media and I do not have internet addiction. I do find it ironic though that this very informative and helpful list can only be found on the internet...

2 Consider doing other activities

Some people's goals aren't really clear as to why they are quitting the internet, as some time they will get bored in the process and eventually will hop back into surfing. You don't just cut or regulate out your internet usage, but to ask the question why? Is it for a hobby, or something more productive? If so, then it is recommended to pursue one hobby or more if possible. Even though you haven't considered or haven't found the will to pursue a hobby, try exploring some hobbies that you can do offline. Basic hobbies such as cooking, writing, reading, trying musical instruments, you name it.

3 Get a "dumb" phone

Basically, a dumb phone is a polar opposite of a smartphone. Dumb phones are a cheaper form of phones that typically have limited use, with access to internet connection or no internet connection although limited to texting and calling, and have smaller size compared of that of an average smartphone. Keep in mind that they have a keypad instead of the mobile keyboard you see on screen, so this makes it longer to respond to texts and calling. If you find yourself surfing for hours in your smartphone, replacing to a dumb phone can be a good alternative due to the limitations.

4 Keep your phone away from your bed

Most people will leave their phones hanging close beside or around the bed, making it easier to grab and scroll through the internet. Notice how most people nowadays wake up, grab their phone and check through social media first, although that's not usually a problem. Especially when it comes to bedtime, consider leaving your phone in another room as it will be a bit more easier to sleep in without distractions. The closer your phone is to you, the stronger the urge you'll more likely to scroll through your phone while potentially disrupting your sleep.

5 Download limiting extensions

If you're having trouble curbing your addiction and at least want to regulate how long you use the internet, you can grab some simple web blocking extensions such as StayFocused, Blocksite, and DFtube. These are recommendations you should try considering. If you want to regulate your internet usage but still be involved in social media, you can also try more obscure extensions such as Minimal Twitter. Or if you want no mercy on eliminating your addiction, you can try going "Cold Turkey" which is an effective software that is even capable of blocking your computer if you are even more serious about letting go.

6 Track your Internet usage

This is another effective way to knowing how much time you spend in the internet. If you are going to track your internet usage, it's recommended to keep schedule of how long you are going to use the internet, and keep attention of that. Let's say you want to use the internet for at least two hours. If you first find yourself surpassing that goal, it's best to remind yourself not to keep passing that limit. If you are finding difficulty regulating your usage that way, set a timer and follow it.

7 Limit notifications

Ah yes, notifications. The most distracting feature of social media and apps that constantly depletes your attention. Some will check their phones for notifications, only to become hooked for longer than it should. If you find yourself in one of these people, try disabling them for a certain time whenever you are at work. You'd be surprised you could find yourself more focused on a task without a nagging phone beside you.

8 Schedule your internet usage

Set a specific time of how long are you going to use the internet, whether you plan to use the internet in separate times or a schedule such as 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Typically, 1-3 hours of internet time is recommended, depending on your lifestyle. It must be strict, and no surpassing that limit and you must stick to it. If you're having trouble regulating your internet usage and following your schedule, there are apps and extensions for that.

9 Explore the outdoors

Yes this is one of the cliche advices (go outside), but you'll get a huge refresh to what basic life really feels like, after all these months or years worth of scrolling

I'm Bear Grylls and welcome to jackass!

10 Reach out to a support group

Seeking out a support group can be generally better rather than seeking a therapist since it can cost heaps of money. Whether it's online or in real life, there are some online communities and websites dedicated to ridding off your addiction. Seeking a support group in real life can be also a good opportunity depending on your location, so don't miss out if you find one.

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11 Seek a therapist

If you have a severe case of internet addiction, you may try consider seeking a therapist to help you sort out the problem. This may not be the best advice for some as it can cost money, but it could be worth it in the long run.

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