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41 Downfall - Children of Bodom

Pure melodic death metal Alexi voice was at its highest pitch ever in the songs. Also there is the fast double bass, a dual solo and a dark atmosphere. (Nearly melodic black metal)

I love the song! The Keyboard into with the guitar Riff is unbelieveble! That should be in the top ten for sure!

42 Maha Kali - Dissection

This is one of the top melodic death metal song for me!
Its truly amazing! It should be at top 10
Listen and vote metalheads!
By Astaroth Mort (Baphomet's Wrath)

For my opinion, this song is truly awesome!
I think that there are better songs in the album Reinkaos...
But this one is still good

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43 Murmaider - Dethklok

Blacker than the blackest black times INFINITY

44 Unsung - Insomnium V 1 Comment
45 Stabbing the Drama - Soilwork

awesome.. the vocals are super ragious

46 Hate Me - Children of Bodom

Has a melodious solo which is quite impressive and catchy, this song should be in top tens!

The intro is Sooo melodious (laugh out loud)!

47 Monochromatic Stains - Dark Tranquillity

I would like to know why lost to apathy, the best metal song ever made, isn't even mentioned on this list.

One of the best melodeath songs... Push

48 Lethe - Dark Tranquillity
49 We Will Rise - Arch Enemy V 1 Comment
50 Thank You, Pain - The Agonist

This band was awesome before alissa switch to arch enemy...

51 Funeral Thirst - The Black Dahlia Murder
52 Bullet Ride - In Flames

The solo followed by an absolute killer of a bridge with that riff rounds out an amazing progression of a song.

53 While We Sleep - Insomnium

Chorus and both solos make for an amazing, emotional song. Some of Insomnium's best

The song's too much underrated.It should get some respect...

54 Nothing to No One - Dark Tranquillity
55 Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom
56 Jotun - In Flames

OH MY GOD! This song is severely underrated! This song includes one of the greatest riffs in metal history!

This song is this in the 50s? It's got such an incredible riff, the drum-work is punchy and aggressive and the lyrics are stellar (a body of black that carried now reflection). One of the masterpieces of Melodeath, close to the heart of the original movement of the genre. Should be up higher than trigger in my opinion.

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57 Thunderhorse - Deathklok

The song only consists of 5 different words but is still more metal than your body has room for!

That riff kicks you right in the nuts. Literally. Just listen to it and bang your head

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58 Death and the Healing - Wintersun

Jari really redefines what melodic death metal is, with clean and harsh vocals, yngwie sweeping aparggio solos, melodic riffs, clean riffs... Should be in the top 5

Way better than many other songs and bands on
This list...

59 Embody the Invisible - In Flames

The people on this site are all morons. Sometimes I could swear they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a car and an apple. Half the stuff here is metalcore.

60 A Fallen Star - Norther
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