Top Ten Metal and Rock Band Names with One Word Replaced with "Creeper"

I like metal/rock and Minecraft, so why not combine them?

The Top Ten

1 Megacreeper (Megadeth)
2 Creeper Corpse (Cannibal Corpse)

That sounds so creepy and scary! - Ananya

3 Kreeper (Korn)
4 Iron Creeper (Iron Maiden)
5 Iced Creeper (Iced Earth)
6 Creepers 'n' Roses (Guns 'n' Roses)
7 Creeperica (Metallica)

Sounds like a cereal company! - Ananya

8 The Rolling Creepers (The Rolling Stones)
9 Creeper Park (Linkin Park)
10 Creeper Day (Green Day)

The Contenders

11 Strapping Young Creeper (Strapping Young Lad)
12 Aerocreeper (Aerosmith)

Creeper in the sky? :P - Ananya

13 Def Creeper (Def Leppard)
14 Creepers of the Stone Age (Queens of the Stone Age)
15 Demons & Creepers (Demons & Wizards)
16 Creeper Guardian (Blind Guardian)

How about Blind Creeper?

17 Dead Brain Creepers (Dead Brain Cells)
18 Creeper Priest (Judas Priest)
19 Breaking Creeper (Breaking Benjamin)
20 Creeper Eat World (Jimmy Eat World)
21 Get Creeped (Get Scared)
22 Creeper Fear (Primal Fear)
23 Creeper of Bodom (Children of Bodom)
24 Creeperknot (Slipknot)
25 Nine Inch Creepers (Nine Inch Nails)
26 Red Hot Chili Creepers (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

They are not metal or rock... - soulard

27 Hollywood Creeper (Hollywood Undead)
28 Thin Creeper (Thin Lizzy)
29 EvanCreeper (Evanescence)
30 Creepergarden (Soundgarden)
31 Creeperwish (Nightwish)
32 Creeperstein (Rammstein)
33 The Butthole Creepers (The Butthole Surfers)
34 Creeperhead (Motorhead)
35 Creeper Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
36 Creeper Decapitation (Cattle Decapitation)
37 Twisted Creepers (Twisted Sisters)
38 The Smashing Creepers (The Smashing Pumpkins)
39 Creeper X (Symphony X)
40 Rage Against the Creeper (Rage Against the Machine)
41 Creeper Convention (Fairport Convention)
42 Creeperstorm (Alestorm)
43 Saint Creeper (Saint Asonia)
44 Black Creeper (Black Sabbath)
45 Creeper Factory (Fear Factory)
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