Top 10 Things that Make Rage Against the Machine the Best Rap Metal Band

There are plenty of bands out there that combine elements from heavy metal and hip hop. Very few do it properly. However, Rage Against the Machine is a shimmer of light in a genre that contains much more negatives than positives. Here are ten reasons why Rage Against the Machine is far and away the greatest rap metal band in history.
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1 Zack de la Rocha is both a great rapper and a great screamer

Great list.RATM is the best! - DarkBoi-X

Most rap/nu metal lead vocalists are either good at rapping or screaming. Some like Fred Durst are good at neither. Zack not only has great flow as a rapper, but he has sheer power in his voice that no other rap metal vocalist can match. - phillysports

2 Tom Morello's inventive guitar playing

Most rap metal bands are confined to basic instrumentals and a lack of musical variety. A lot of the riffs and solos that come from Tom Morello's guitar seem like they're from another planet. In my eyes, he's one of the greatest guitarists ever and definitely one of the most unique. - phillysports


3 The influence they had on the genre

Before Rage released their debut album in 1992, rap metal already existed. Bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys had experimented with combining rapping with heavy guitar riffs previously. But after Rage burst onto the scene, tons of copycats came out trying to emulate their style. Their success is what ultimately led to the rise of nu metal in the late '90s and early '00s. - phillysports

4 Their socially conscious themes

A lot of rap metal bands either rap about nonsense, stereotypical hip hop clichés like partying, strippers, and alcohol, or general angst. Rage, on the other hand, had great meaning behind each of their songs that made them more thought-provoking and intriguing than any other band in their genre. They're probably the most overtly political music group in history. - phillysports

5 Tim Commerford's bass lines

Tim Commerford's bass lines were just as important to Rage's vibe as de la Rocha's vocals or Morello's solo work. Each song had infectious grooves on the bass that added a layer of funk to the band's music. For a lot of other rap metal bands, the bass is barely audible, but in RATM's case, it was at the forefront. - phillysports

Tim's bass and Tom's guitar really make RATM what it is. So many good basslines and solos from the two. - cjWriter1997

6 Their overall anger and intensity

A lot of rap metal bands come across as insincere or cringey based on the lack of perceived intensity in the music and vocals. A lot of rap metal vocalists have nasally voices and did not leave much of an impact. Whenever Zack de la Rocha would scream, you could practically hear every ounce of his soul leaving his body. That, accompanied with the band's abrasive and badass riffs, allowed the band to leave an immediate impact with each song. - phillysports

7 Their live concerts

In company with their intensity, the band's live shows were insanely intense and chaotic. The band had such a stage presence, and being able to see Morello's techniques in playing his solos is truly an amazing watch. The show they put on at Woodstock '99 is widely considered to be the festival's best overall performance. - phillysports

8 Two of their albums are among Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

In addition to having a large fan base and selling a lot of records, Rage Against the Machine's music was acclaimed critically. Of their four studio albums, two of them were rated as some of the greatest albums ever made. 1999's "The Battle of Los Angeles" was ranked #426 and 1992's "Rage Against the Machine" came in at #368. - phillysports

9 No crappy 808s, no autotune, and the members played their instruments

But you can't understand their lyrics. But we have websites for lyrics

10 Brad Wilk's pounding drums

Brad Wilk's amplified the power in each of the band's songs by containing numerous drum solos that brought levels of fury to the band's music. To my recollection, he's also one of the only metal drummers to frequently utilize a cowbell on his drum kit. - phillysports

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11 Most of their songs have solos in them

A main complaint that people have of nu metal is that there are barely any solos. Rage Against the Machine is the exact opposite in the fact that their songs contain some of the most unique and creative guitar solos in music history. Solos like "Bulls on Parade", "Know Your Enemy", and "Killing in the Name" are prime examples of this. - phillysports

They are not Nu Metal, they are Rap Metal (check also Rapcore). Look also up the definition of Nu used in music. What's next? Marilyn Manson is (subculturally) Gothic?

12 Rage Against the Machine are a Trump nemesis

Well they were not going to let Marshall Mathers take all the plaudits...not on my watch lol...

peace - espyorkshireman

13 Zack de la Rocha was featured on an amazing Run the Jewels song
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