Top Ten Misconceptions About Metal Music

The Top Ten Misconceptions About Metal Music

1 Metal is satanist music

Just because a song mentions an evil figure doesn't automatically make it evil. Does this mean all gospel songs are evil then? The devil and hell is mentioned in a few of them. - Metalhead1997

This is such a nonsense - music can't be satanic, only lyrics can. But you can put satanic lyrics in a rock, punk or grunge song, even in a pop or rap song. Music will be the same - neither more nor less satanic. - Metal_Treasure

Actually if 5% of the metal bands are truly satanists and even that 5% are Black Metal bands. Even lot of black metal bands aren't satanists, the evil music is only for the effects. How would metal sounds with flowers,green fields and pretty animals in the lyrics?

2 The borderline between hard rock and heavy metal is very narrow

Yes it is, but listen to something by Yes and then a Bell Witch song immediately after and the difference in genre is obvious. - Metalhead1997

Actually, it's not really narrow. Hard Rock is blues based, while Heavy Metal is classical based. The difference is easily audible.

Yes. But like I said power chords were used by hard rock guitarists. No musicians could play metal music if they hadn't learn guitar from rock musicians. Again, they can't play metal on acoustic/classical instruments just from being inspired by it. Even though they weren't inspired by it but they can't deny blues and rock musicians did nothing. Classical artists didn't taught them how to play electric guitar. - zxm

3 Black Sabbath invented everything in metal

Nope. Only invented doom metal. People say SOTU invented thrash which is a pretty big stretch, and invented power metal with War Pigs which is false as something can be false.

@zxm yes, I said it almost 1 years ago, when I didn't know much about this...

4 Metal evolved from blues/psychedelic rock

Nope, it's only doom metal, not every metal genre.

But there wouldn't be any use of electric guitar if blues/psych rock didn't invent different techniques. I mean would metal musicians play metal riffs on acoustic guitar, sitar, cello? I don't know if you know but Deep Purple was a psych rock band before they got inspired by classical music. - zxm

5 Helter Skelter is the first metal song

Helter Skelter is closer to punk to be honest... Dazed and Confused is probably the first metal song

Heavy for the Beatles, but not metal.

I consider "Black Sabbath" the first metal song. - Metalhead1997

6 Motörhead invented speed and thrash metal

Motörhead is a fast paced hard rock/rock and roll band, not even metal, even according to Lemmy. He also said they are closer to punk than metal. Deep Purple invented speed metal with Hard Lovin' Man in 1970.

7 Slipknot's Iowa is the heaviest album of all time

Heavy, but not the heaviest. Any extreme thrash or technical death metal album ahead Iowa about heaviness.

No it's not, and Slipknot is terrible. - Metalhead1997

8 Speed metal is closer to thrash than power metal

No. Speed Metal is on halfway between thrash and power metal. Technically, speed metal played softer and a bit slower is power metal, and played heavier (with punk elements) and a bit faster is thrash metal.

It isn't like that thrash metal is faster than speed metal. But it looks like speed metal is just made from heavy metal while thrash metal was mixed with punk rock. When I listen those songs, I notice that speed metal songs more likely have alternate picking while thrash metal has downpicking. Both help to build speed though. (downpicking was massively used in punk rock). - zxm

9 Metal is based on only one genre

No, there's elements of classical in there along with blues and folk. - Metalhead1997

Believe me or not but metal isn't based on one genre. Only genre could never cover the definition of what metal is? - zxm

10 Core genres are metal related genres

They are punk related genres.

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11 Kinks' You Really Got Me is the first metal riff

No, it's a garage rock riff. Just because it's heavy for 1964 doesn't mean it's the first metal riff.

12 Black Sabbath was the first metal band
13 Ozzy Osbourne created metal

TECHNICALLY the sound was created by Toni Iommi, after he lost his fingertips in a work accident. He got prosthetic fingertips and downtuned his guitar so that it would be easier for him to play. The result is a lower-pitched guitar sound, and that set the standard metal tuning. Ozzy was the Prince of Darkness. - Metalhead1997

14 Metal is screamo
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