Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Guitarists Usually Make

No one becomes expert in one day. People learn by making mistakes. I did too. I have seen other people making these mistakes too. I faced it in many ways.

The Top Ten

1 Not tuning the guitar properly

Using an app works often. If your phone doesn't have any problem. I have compared my tuned guitar (with an app) with another tuned guitar (done by professional). It worked! - zxm

Most common mistake. It took me a lot of days to properly tune the guitar. - zxm

2 Blocking strings with fingers

When I was leaning chords, I noticed I was blocking strings with fingers. Especially with pinky finger, - zxm

Yeah! I have a problem with these stupid things too. - YanRocky

3 Not placing fingers properly on chords

Like, placing fingers lying on the strings. - zxm

4 Not holding the pick in proper way

Some hold it straightly. Holding pick with an angle is better. And another mistake is, some hold the pick with finger tip. - zxm

5 Not pressing down on strings hard enough

Don't bleed your fingers for it. But at least press with minimum requited strength. - zxm

6 Holding the pick too firmly or loosely

If you hold it loosely, it'll drop off of your hand. if you hold it very firmly, it'll break your strings. - zxm

7 Strumming the wrong way

Like not strumming all strings (where necessary). missing some strings. - zxm

8 Reading tabs the wrong way

Happens mostly, from where should I read it. from upside to downside or downside to upside. - zxm

9 Trying to learn harder chords

It depends on you. I was a dumbass. That's why I couldn't learn hard chords from the beginning. - zxm

It breaks your hope. Usually learning chords like D, E major, A major etc. I started to learn chords with all opening strings. That's why I started with E major and E minor. - zxm

10 Using very thick picks

Again, it depends on you. I couldn't make good sound by using a thick pick. Then I swapped with thinner picks. - zxm

It seems like kinda uncomfortable. - zxm

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